Supergirl Season 2 Episode 10 Review

This episode of Supergirl was all about forgiveness and confessions, since these themes were featured in multiple different ways on Supergirl season 2 episode 10. So let’s get on the review of this Supergirl episode titled “We Can Be Heroes”.

Warning, spoilers ahead!

Baddie of the weeks

This episode marked the return of a baddie that we already know and love, Livewire. But everything wasn’t quite as it seemed in this episode.

At first Supergirl along with all of us thought, that Livewire broke out of prison with the help of another inmate and a guard and started to terrorize National City again. But it turned out that Livewire didn’t pull a prison break, she was actually kidnapped by a mad scientist. It turned out that this scientist needed Livewire to create more soldiers like her.

And when Supergirl learned that, she realized, that maybe Livewire wasn’t the nemesis Kara thought she was. But Kara couldn’t rush to Livewire’s rescue just yet, because Winn lied about not knowing where Livewire is being kept, telling it to James instead to give him a chance to prove himself to Kara. So when James and Mon-El, who also went to save Livewire alone to redeem himself in Kara’s eyes, got captured by the crazy scientist, Winn finally looped in Kara and she rushed to the warehouse.

So Kara, with the help of Livewire as well as James and Mon-El defeated the scientists and his electricity-wielding solders and even let Livewire escape, because she spared Kara’s life.

This was an interesting take of the villain of the week, because instead of making Livewire the baddie again, they made her the victim, who Kara needed to save. It is great that the show is switching things up and keeping its viewers on their toes, because there is nothing worse for a show than having the same thing happen over and over again and it getting boring to watch.

The secret is out

Supergirl season 2 episode 10 also brought a very important milestone in our hero’s lives. Kara finally found out that James is the Guardian. But it wasn’t a told revelation as James had hoped for, because he chickened out from telling Kara the truth during their talk in his office.

Instead, Kara found out that her ex and the Guardian is the same man while fighting the Livewire-like solders that the mad scientist made and after he was knocked unconscious trying to save a civilian. However, I still think that James should have told Kara earlier. Who knows, maybe that would have changed the reaction she had about the whole thing.

Kara was furious with Winn and James for doing so, but not because Guardian was another superhero. Rather because they were just humans and putting themselves in danger with their superheroing. And although, I understand where Kara is coming from, she just want to keep her friends safe, I think that she should give Team Guardian a chance. They have the ability to do some good, and, since that is the same thing she herself if trying to do, they would make the ultimate team.

Relationships of the episode

This episode of Supergirl also showed some serious evolution in not one but two relationships of the show.

Firstly, we saw Mon-El confess to Kara that he not only remembers the kiss they scared on episode 8, but that he really likes Kara. After Kara saved him and James from the crazy scientist, he finally realized that if he really wanted to be a superhero and work alongside Kara, he had to be truthful. So he went to Kara’s apartment and told her everything.

But again Kara’s reaction, just like when she found out about James being the Guardian, wasn’t what I expected. Rather than saying that she likes him too, she just stared at him tiredly. I guess there is something holding Kara back from letting herself be happy. Is it because she doesn’t think that she can be, or that she thinks that it will interfere with her superhero duties? There are multiple possibilities, and I hope that this will be discussed in the future episodes. Maybe during a girl talk between Kara and Alex?

Secondly, in Supergirl season 2 episode 10 we also saw J’onn and M’gann finally mending their relationship after J’onn put her in a cell at the DEO. Although he didn’t want to save M’gann at first, J’onn realized that, even though she is a White Martian, she still deserves to be saved. So he performed the Martian bond procedure and convinced M’gann to come out of the state that she was in.

I loved the J’onn and M’gann relationship from the very beginning, because it would mean that J’onn also got some happiness in his life. And although, it is hard to tell if this Martian relationship will actually turn romantic or stay friendly, it is still nice to watch.

Last thoughts on Supergirl season 2 episode 10

Finally, I have to say that I absolutely love the relationship between Alex and Maggie. After last episode, where they almost broke up, it is nice to see that they are back to being their flirty selves. The Sanvers relationship is quickly becoming one of my all-time favorite ones on Supergirl. So here to hoping for that this relationship isn’t done anytime soon!

Episode highlights:

• Kara and Mon-El doing the superhero training
• Winn this episode
• Livewire not being the big bad of this episode
• Alex and Maggie’s relationship this episodes
• J’onn asking for Kara and Alex to stay with him while he helps M’gann
• J’onn forgiving M’gann
• the fight scene in the warehouse
• Winn getting yelled at by J’onn
• Mon-El confessing that he likes Kara to her

Episode let-downs:

• Kara’s reaction when she found out about James being the Guardian
• how Kara reacted when Mon-El confessed his feelings to her
• James not telling Kara about being the Guardian when he wanted

Quote of the episode:
Winn: “Did you get shot?”
James: “I’m a little shot.”
Winn: “Oh, that is it. That’s it, we’re telling Kara.”
James: “Would you please calm down?”
Winn: “No, dude, I can’t, I can’t do this anymore, alright? If there is a flaw your suit that means that the suit is faulty. Which means I have to go fix it. And that already on top of me having to make Mon-El a suit..”
James: “Wait, Mon-El?”
Winn: “Oh, yeah, didn’t you hear? He graduated from superhero kindergarten. So now I have to make him a suit, according to Kara. And then that’s just means more work for me!”
James: “Wait, so that frat boy wants to be a superhero?”
Winn: “Stay on point, alright? Winn, Winn is tired!”

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