Supergirl Season 2 Episode 8 Review

This review contains spoilers!

The #DCWeek is officially under way, because at the end of the newest Supergirl episode we saw Berry and Cisco visit Kara, to ask for her help. But before we let loose with the excitement that this superhero crossover brings, we should really talk about the Supergirl episode itself. Mainly because, it was an amazing episode, and a lot of very important things happened in it. So without further ado, let’s review this business.

Event of the week

The big event of the episode, that Supergirl needed to solve, was Cadmus releasing the Medusa virus, which killed a lot of aliens and infected Mon-El.

At the end of last episode, we saw Cyborg Superman breaking into the Fortress of Solitude and asking about Project Medusa, which clearly meant that Medusa was supposed to be a closely guarded secret. Unfortunately, Cadmus somehow knew about it, and used it to achieve their goal, exterminate earth of aliens. Almoust.

Luckily, Lilian Luthor’s plan didn’t work out. But this time it wasn’t because of something Supergirl did. No, it was all Lilian’s daughter Lena, who sabotaged her mother’s evil plan, and even made sure that her mother is arrested. But it took some effort to get to that point.

Supergirl had to find out that her biological father created the virus, and get in an argument with Lena. Lena got to hear her mother say that Lex was Lilian’s favorite child, as well as act like she supported her mother’s plan. Maggie had to get shot. And J’onn had to turn into full on White Martian. And not even this stopped Lilian from launching the rocket.

It took Lena’s brilliance and skill to be able to fool her mother and give her the wrong isotope, so the virus turned inert not deadly. I loved the scenes between Lena and Lilian this episode. They not only highlighted how complex their relationship is, but also showed how truly different they are. And I am so thankful, that Lena turned out to be good, because I love her, and I love her interactions with both Kara and Supergirl.


Speaking of relationships, this Supergirl episode really outdid itself in this this category. We got everything from Alex coming out to her mother in a heartfelt scene, to Mon-El kissing Kara, thinking that he is dying, to Alex and Maggie deciding to try dating and kissing. Not to mention the funny and awkward scenes where Winn and James were stressing out about telling Kara what their night jobs is, Kara trying to get information out of Lena with her reporter skills and J’onn admitting to Kara that he is turning into a White Martian.

It was a real Thanksgiving episode, with family get togethers, family drama and some good old awkwardness. And I feel like I should thank the writers for giving us this Supergirl season 2 episode 8. So thank you, and keep up the amazing work you are doing with Supergirl this season.

Last thoughts

Over all, I couldn’t be happier with this Supergirl episode, because it was so amazing. You couldn’t really call it just an introduction episode for the CW superhero show cross-over event. It was definitely a stand-alone episode, and will go on my list of favorite Supergirl episodes.

But I thought I should address a couple of quick things. Firstly, the Kara and Mon-El situation. From very early on I thought that they would be a great couple, and I am glad that writers are making it happen, at least for now. Although, I am not quite sure what the whole aliens looking for Mon-El tidbit was. I guess they will be introducing a completely new and fresh story line soon. And I hope that doesn’t mean that Mon-El is leaving the Supergirl world.

Then also I knew, that someone at the DEO will find a cure for J’onn, so he can get back to his Green Martian self. I liked, that it was done. However, they could have played with this storyline some more, because I thought this situation was resolved too quickly and too insignificantly.

And did anyone else got teary-eyed when Kara was questioning her believes, because her birth father created the Medusa virus? It was some amazing acting from Melissa Benoist, and showed us how little Kara actually knows about her real parents. It gives us food for thought, and maybe some of us can use it to look at our parents and see them in different, more human light.

Crossover segway

And I cannot forget to mention the ending of the episode, when Barry and Cisco comes to Supergirl and asks for her help. It definitely got me even more excited for the three crossover episodes to come, and the little portal bits during the episode and ruining Alex’s speech was a really nice touch. So get ready, get excited, the Dominators are coming, and the CW superheroes are assembling for a fight.

Episode highlights:

• the Thanksgiving dinner scenes
• Kara trying to get information from Lena with her reporter skills
• the show letting us believe that Lena is actually bad and it turning out to be the opposite
• Mon-El being upset that he couldn’t save all those aliens
• Kara and Mon-El playing Monopoly
• Lena’s character this episode
• Alex coming out to her mother
• Kara going through the revelation about her parents
• Mon-El kissing Kara
• Alex and Maggie getting together
• Barry and Cisco surprising Kara in her apartment

Episode let-downs:

• the J’onn turning into a White Martian story line being resolved too abruptly
• Winn and James not telling Kara about their secret
• both Mon-El and Kara not admitting the kiss

Quote of the episode:
Kara: “What’s this?”
Mon-El: “Oh, that, you asked for stuffing, so I ripped open my mattress and pulled some out.”
Kara: “Ou..”

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