Wynonna Earp Season 2 Episode 1 Review

As I already mentioned in my announcement, this summer is all about the SyFy. And to kick things off, let’s look at the premiere of Wynonna Earp season 2 and what the Earp sisters and their bad-ass team are up to this season. So without further ado, here is the recap of Wynonna Earp season 2 episode 1.

Warning, spoilers ahead!

Mission of the week

Although Wynonna Earp is not a procedural, to keep somewhat of a structure Wynonna and her team are still going on different missions each week. And Wynonna Earp season 2 episode 1 was all about saving Dolls.

The episode picked up right where the season 1 finale left off, which is great because we saw the direct aftermath of the events that occurred in the last episode of season 1. We saw why Waverly aimed Peacemaker at Wynonna and Doc. As well as got to experience some of the pain Wynonna was feeling, given that she had to kill her sister in the finale. But before Wynonna could process her feelings and have a little cry, first, she had to save Dolls.

After Wynonna, Doc and Waverly successfully killed the creature that attacked them and that Waverly was pointing Wyatt’s gun at, they decided to use that as a part of their way of getting into the top secret Black Badge building. The creature was their plan B. Plan A being using Eliza, another Black Badge agent and Dolls’s friend, to get into the Black Badge facility and free Dolls.

However, they ended up burning through both plan A and plan B, and even evoking plan C, which was for Waverly to try to sweet talk a lab tech, Jeremy, to open the doors, so Wynonna, Doc, and Eliza could get to Dolls and get out. But, unfortunately, even that plan went sour and they ended up captured by Agent Lucado and her Black Badge goons.

Luckily, before Dolls was put in a cell, he managed to contact the head of the Black Badge program, who swooped in, killed Eliza, made Wynonna, Waverly, Doc and Jeremy sign some mysterious contract and let them go.

What’s next

And that all ordeal left our characters back in Purgatory and back to protecting everyone in the Ghost River triangle from Revenants and any other creature. Wynonna, Waverly, Nicole, and Doc were back in the homestead. Dolls was back, too. And there was even a new addition to our growing Scobie gang, Jeremy. Time will only tell how well they all will manage to work together. My guess, however, is that there will be tension. There will be snark. And there most definitely will be badassery.

Wynonna Earp

Who is what?

I have a feeling that the big mystery of this season will not only be what Dolls is since we have already seen that he is not entirely human but also what Waverly is now.

At the last minutes of the previous season, we saw Waverly touch the black liquid and then her eyes went black. And on Wynonna Earp season 2 episode 1, too, there were multiple instances, where Waverly’s eyes went black. On top of that, we heard Waverly tell Doc, that she feels strong, so I have a feeling that rather than becoming something else, something has invaded Waverly’s body and soul. But that still makes Waverly something other than a human. So it will be interesting to discover more about this during this season of Wynonna Earp.

And, of course, it will also be interesting to maybe finally find out more about Dolls, Black Badge, the Earp curse, and how all of these things are connected. Because there has to be something bigger at play here for the Black Badge boss to make our team sign a contract and make them return to Purgatory to protect it.

Last thoughts on Wynonna Earp season 2 episode 1

I loved all of the scenes that happened after the team returned from the Black Badge building. From Wynonna asking Doc to come shower with her and him declining. To seeing Wynonna finally let the emotions in. Then to also seeing Dolls being back in Purgatory. And of course seeing the Earp sisters talk on the porch. All these scenes showed the various sides of the Earp sisters. But not only that, they also set up the season, since we heard Wynonna say, that her only job now is to keep Waverly safe.

And don’t think I forgot WayHaught since there were quite a lot of scenes featuring this fan-favorite pairing. From the looks of this episode, Waverly and Nicole’s relationship is off to a rocky start, since it seems that Nicole senses that something is not quite right with Waverly. I just hope that the show will still give the fans plenty of sweet scenes between the two women, because, their pairing is an integral part of the show. In more ways than one.

Episode highlights:

• Wynonna saving Doc and Waverly from the creature at the beginning
• Sheriff Nedley and Wynonna’s conversation
• Wynonna’s fight with Eliza
• Doc interrupting WayHaught’s make out session
• Wynonna being jealous over Eliza’s relationship with Dolls
• the teams Black Badge safe house infiltration
• Waverly’s execution of plan B
• Dolls taunting Lucado
• Wynonna learning that Dolls isn’t human
• Doc going after Dolls alone to protect Wynonna
• the Elevator fight
• Jeremy joining the team
• Doc missing his hat
• our team signing the mystery contract
• Doc turning Wynonna down, because he knows that she needs to finally let the emotions in
• seeing the toll that all the events of season 1 finale and season 2 premiere took on Wynonna
• Dolls being back in Purgatory
• the Earp sister’s conversation on the porch

Episode low points:

• Eliza getting killed
• Nicole being angry that Waverly told Black Badge that no one else knows about them

Quote of the episode:
Sheriff Nedley: “Black Badge showed up with the antidote. And then they stayed to clean everything up.”
Wynonna: “They got all of Dolls’s shit?”
Sheriff Nedley: “Well, I kept his mug. Deputy Marshall Dolls was too smart, too stubborn to keep anything truly important here, anyway. Where did he sleep?”
Wynonna: “Good question!”

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