Wynonna Earp Season 2 Episode 4 Review

The only way I can describe this week’s Wynonna Earp episode is shocking, because so many crazy things happened during it, that I don’t even know with which to start. But here it goes, this is Wynonna Earp season 2 episode 4 recap.

Warning, spoilers ahead!

Mission of the week

If in previous episodes Wynonna was chasing down some demon-like creature, then in Wynonna Earp season 2 episode 4 Waverly was doing the chasing. While Wynonna was tending to Dolls and assisting Waverly.

At the beginning of the episode, we saw Waverly volunteer to help Lucado retrieve a stolen BBD briefcase since Wynonna refused to help. And although Wynonna was not happy about it, she let Waverly do it, since Lucado promised that they will have a ton of backup. So Waverly infiltrated a club as a singer to locate and steal back the briefcase. But, when things went south and Waverly asked for the promised backup, Lucado admitted that there is none.

Luckily, Wynonna was there to save the day, because Jeremy told her that Lucado wants a promotion so badly, that she is willing to cut corners and risk other’s lives to get it. Which to Wynonna meant that her little sister was in a world of trouble. So Wynonna punched Lucado and went into the club to rescue Waverly. But unfortunately, they both ended up captured by the briefcase-stealing demons. And after some creative interrogation tactics which included one of the demons cutting Waverly’s hand off, it turned out that the briefcase belonged to a previous Earp heir – Edwin Earp.

The cutting of the hand scene was truly gruesome, as well as incredibly painful to watch, because of the look that was on Wynonna’s face when it happened. Nevertheless, I applaud the writers of the show for willing to go there, because it not only elevated the stakes of the situation but also revealed an important fact about the demon that is inside of Waverly – it can grow back human limbs. Okay, back to the story.

Doc to the rescue

After the demon cut off Waverly’s hand, it seemed that luck had run out for the Earp sister. Fortunately, Doc and his gun showed up at just the right moment to save Wynonna and Waverly from a certain death. Doc’s entrance was accompanied by some awesome shooting scenes. But probably the best part of it was the fact that Doc finally got his hat back by swiping a hat from one of the bad guys.

After the commotion that Doc created drew one of the demons away and Wynonna punched out the other, the two women made their way back to the bar. Doc assisted them with putting a knife through one of the demon’s chest. They discovered that Waverly didn’t lose her hand after all. And Doc and Wynonna returned to Shorty’s with the Earp briefcase in tow, dropping off Waverly at home.

Only to discover Rosita moving a slot machine in front of the door to Shorty’s basement, aka the room where Dolls is. And just as Wynona was about to go down to help Dolls, in walked one of the demons with poor Jeremy at claw point. It really seemed that this demon was not giving up on getting the briefcase, but lucky for our gang, Dolls was there to save the day.

Wynonna Earp

Dragon Dolls

A huge part of Wynonna Earp season 2 episode 4 was trying to save Dolls. And it wasn’t the easiest thing to do. Especially since from the very start of the episode it looked like Dolls is almost gone for good. What with attacking Wynonna and all.

Luckily that wasn’t quite the case. After Wynonna brought Dolls to Shory’s basement and Doc and Rosita strapped him down, he seemed to calm down a bit, becoming a version of himself. And eventually, with the help of Jeremy, Rosita even managed to reverse engineer the BBD drugs that helped Dolls control his inner beast. However, since Dolls snatched the syringe with the drugs from Rosita’s hands and took the full dose, not the recommended 1 milliliter an hour, at the tail end of the episode we finally got a glimpse of what Dolls really is. And I have two words for it – a dragon.

Dolls literally lit up the demon that attacked Wynonna and Waverly at the club, shocking everyone, including us, the viewers. And although afterward, we got to also see the Dolls that we know and love, the mystery of his fire-spitting abilities still remains. Hopefully, in the next episodes we will find out more about what exactly is he, and how does that fit into the team.

Gooverly and Goononna

For the first three episodes of Wynonna Earp, we have known that something isn’t quite right with Waverly. Ever since she touched the black goo in the season 1 finale, there have been signs that a demon has obsessed her. And finally, on Wynonna Earp season 2 episode 4, the rest of the gang including Waverly herself caught on, too.

Although Nicole was the first to notice that Waverly isn’t quite the Waverly we remember, this episode Wynonna confirmed, that she is finally noticing it as well. Well, I guess “sleep” walking, stealing shiny objects, memory loss and black eyes among other weird behavior will do that to you. But I think that the most interesting thing about this was that Waverly herself knows that something ain’t right. This means that the demon inside of her hadn’t taken over yet, it was more like co-existing in Waverly’s body, waiting for an opportunity to jump into another, less resistant host.

And this opportunity presented itself in the form of Wynonna, in whom the demon jumped into at the very end of this episode. And by the looks of next week’s promo, Wynonna really does pose much less resistance to the demon. Which means that we can expect Goononna full force on episode 5.

Last thoughts on Wynonna Earp season 2 episode 4

I absolutely adore the fact that Dolls is finally back on the show full force. On top of that, on Wynonna Earp season 2 episode 4, we also got some solid Dolls and Doc banter and a few Dolls and Wynonna scenes, which was just the icing on the cake. Hopefully, we won’t have to go any more episodes of just getting a glimpse of Dolls. And hopefully, the rest of the season Dolls will be back helping Wynonna kill demons and be a badass.

Episode highlights:

• Wynonna, Waverly, and Jeremy trying to figure out the markings on the seal
• Waverly finally getting to go on her first real mission
• Doc and Rosita working together
• Wynonna admitting to Nicole that now she sees what she meant before about something not being quite right with Waverly
• Dolls reuniting with Wynonna and Doc
• the creepy stuff that was happening to the Gardner sisters
• Jeremy smelling ammonia and saving Wynonna from burning alive
• Wynonna finally trusting Jeremy
• Waverly’s singing number (Dominique was amazing!)
• Wynonna punching Lucado for lying about backup and sending in Waverly alone
• seeing Jeremy team up with Rosita and Doc
• Earp sister heart to heart while they were tied up
• Doc and Dolls talking about Wynonna
• learning that the briefcase belongs to a previous Earp heir
• Doc rescuing Wynonna and Waverly and getting his hat back
• learning that Waverly’s hand is intact
• Rosita trying to flirt with Jeremy
• seeing Dragon-Dolls for the first time
• finally getting a glimpse of the real demon that is inside of Waverly

Episode low points:

• Lucado lying about there being back-up
• Tucker being creepy
• the goo demon jumping into Wynonna

Quote of the episode:
Wynonna: “Ass.. hollery?”
Jeremy: “That is totally not a thing.”
Wynonna: “Yahaa, asshollery. That seal is an asshole, broken by an asshole, who let an asshole crawl out of it. Asshollery.”

Promo for Wynonna Earp season 2 episode 5:

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