Christmas holidays mean celebration, family, food and free time to binge watch TV shows. So here are a few suggestions of old and new TV shows that will be perfect to binge watch this Christmas break. Weather you like short and sweet binge watch sessions or longer multi-day stints, you binge watch TV series alone or with family or friends, and weather your a fan of sci-fi genre or much more prefer crime dramas, in this list of binge worthy TV shows you will definitely be able to find a show, that will fill your free time during Christmas holidays. So click through the gallery below, and discover the next television show, that will make sitting in front of the TV much more fun.


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If you are in the mood for some action and good old ass kicking in space, then you should definitely check out Killjoys (SyFy). It is a show about a team of three space bounty hunters, called RAC agents, who are going on missions and eventually figuring out that their world is much bigger and more complicated than they initially thought. Right now there are 2 season out, so you can definitely finish this show during the holidays. And it will get you locked and ready to enjoy the show’s 3rd season come this summer.