FOX’s The Mick First Impression

The beginning of a new year is the perfect time for setting new goals, following through with your New Year’s resolutions as well as starting new TV shows, because what better time to get into a new show than on the first days of the new year. And since The Mick premiered on January 1, it is the perfect comedy to brighten your days and to add another show to your list of weekly entertainment. So let’s see what I thought of this new comedy show.

Background on The Mick

The Mick is a sitcom created by John Chernin, who has written for It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. So it is no wonder, that Kaitlin Olson, who also stars in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia plays the title character Mackenzie “Mickey” Murphy on The Mick. Alongside her Sofia Black-D’Elia plays Mackenzie’s niece Sabrina, Thomas Barbusca and Jack Stanton stars as Mick’s nephews Chip and Ben and Carla Jimenez plays the housekeeper Alba.

The show fallows Mackenzie, as she is suddenly trusted to raise her sister’s spoiled kids. And you can catch The Mick on Tuesday nights at 7:30 central on FOX starting today.

Initial thoughts

When I heard about this show and saw the first promos of it, I couldn’t wait for the show, because it seemed funny with the right amount of raunchiness to it. However, after the first episode I was a little disappointed. The promo clips seemed to show most of the best scenes from the first episode, leaving little to surprise.

Of course, that being said, the first episode also runs just short of 23 minutes, so hopefully the next episodes will feature less scenes that I have already seen and more that will be surprising to me. So I can say that initially, I have quite high hopes for this new FOX sitcom. Especially if I take into account, the funny and slightly brilliant marketing of the show with #KidsAreDicks and all.

The concept of The Mick

The idea behind The Mick is nothing new really. The hard-partying sister who can’t keep a job goes to the wealthy one to ask for money, but gets roped into looking after the children. However, the dynamics between the actors makes it all better, because between the party-girl daughter, the know-it-all, snobby son and the innocent youngest child there is much room for insanity to ensue. I just hope that the show will find its grove and will do a little less exaggerations, since those make it a bit taste-less.


Since this is a FOX sitcom, the humor of this show wasn’t that surprising to me. It was a bit more explicit than say that of Brooklyn Nine-Nine or New Girl, the other two well-known FOX sitcoms, but it still had the same feel. Overall, I’d say if you want to have a laugh and you enjoy the slightly cringy feel-good all-American sitcom jokes and humor, The Mick might just be your cup of tea.

The verdict

So in the end, I would say, that if you like sitcoms and are a fan of family shows, then The Mick is worth checking out. It is a good escapism show that will entertain you without giving you a lot to think about after the episode is over. And if you are on the hunt for a comedy to balance out your weekly dramas, then this Tuesday-airing show will help you achieve just that.

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