All Your Burning Chesapeake Shores Questions Answered

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Part soap opera and part family drama, Chesapeake Shores hails from the Hallmark Channel and has all the makings of the network’s originals: drama, romance, family ties, beautiful scenery, and all the feel-good scenes to fill your heart.

Chesapeake Shores premiered in August 2016 with their two-hour pilot, reaching an impressive 1.942 million viewers! Throughout the first season, it became Hallmark’s “most-watched in the network’s history”. According to episode data from ShowBuzzDaily, the show has maintained its viewership volume over the succeeding seasons, leading to its continual renewal.

In this article, we tackle all of your pressing questions about Hallmark’s Chesapeake Shores – including an exciting announcement about the show’s future!

General questions on the series

What is Chesapeake Shores about?

Chesapeake Shores primarily follows the O’Brien family: matriarch Nell, her son Mick and his estranged wife Megan, and their five children Abby, Kevin, Bree, Connor, and Jess. Their eldest child, Abby, is at the center of the show as she suddenly returns to Chesapeake Shores after receiving a panicked phone call from her sister. She leaves her high-powered job in New York to return to her hometown to help her sister recover from potential bankruptcy.

Not only does Abby have to contend with the complexities of her family’s dynamic after being away from them for so long, not to mention navigate her recent divorce and two young daughters, but she must also deal with coming face-to-face with her former high school sweetheart and first love, Trace Riley. Chesapeake Shores wasn’t the only thing she left behind all those years ago, after all.

Who stars in it?

Abby O’Brien is played by Meghan Ory while her siblings are played by the following: Laci Mailey as Jess, Emilie Ullerup as Bree, Brendan Penny as Kevin, and Andrew Francis as Connor. Rounding out the O’Brien family are Treat Williams as patriarch Mick and Diane Ladd as his mother and family matriarch, Nell.

Abby’s childhood love is played by the ever-handsome Jesse Metcalfe. His character Trace Riley is a musician, which is fitting for Metcalfe as he’s a musician and songwriter, too.

In recurring roles close to the family include Abby’s daughters Caitlyn and Carrie, played by Abbie Magnuson and Kayden Magnuson respectively, and Abby’s ex-husband Wes Winters played by Michael Karl Richards.

Is Chesapeake Shores based on a book? Who wrote the books?

Yes, Chesapeake Shores is based on a series of novels of the same name written by Sherryl Woods, who has more than a hundred romance and mystery novels to her name!

In her Chesapeake Shores series, the first novel was published in 2009 and the last in 2017, with 14 novels in the entire lineup.

What is the Chesapeake Shores opening song called? And who sings the theme song?

In the first season of Chesapeake Shores, the opening song was “Coming Home Soon” by Adam Woodall Band, a song from their Silver Ring album first released in 2005.

Did they change the intro song?

They did change the intro theme song and from the second season onwards, the show’s opening credits played out to “Home” by Daughtry, from their album of the same name released in 2006.

Why did they change Trace’s dog?

In the pilot episode, Trace establishes immediately that he has had his dog, Axel, for at least 10 years. However, eagle-eyed fans noticed that Axel changed breeds from a beautiful golden retriever in the pilot to a (equally beautiful) German shepherd from the second episode onwards.

There was a lot of speculation like that Trace had suddenly needed to get a new dog, but it was actually more of a behind-the-scenes issue that led to the change. In a Facebook exchange on the show’s official fan group, executive producer John Tinker (under his online pseudonym Nunnaya Beeswax), gave this statement:

“Sweet dog that it is, the Golden was not very attentive and was easily distracted and so was replaced when it came time to do the series. Ace (Axel’s real name) is a wonderful, alert, intelligent German Shepherd. He’d have to be; when he’s not acting on CS, he’s a working, bomb-sniffing canine!”

Does Jesse Metcalfe really sing on Chesapeake Shores?

As previously mentioned, Jesse Metcalfe is a bit of an accomplished musician like his character on the show. He did, in fact, write a few of the songs used throughout the series, and even performs some of them himself!

Is Chesapeake Shores a real place? And where is it supposed to be located?

Not to be confused with Chesapeake, Virginia, or the Chesapeake Bay, Chesapeake Shores is actually a fictional town that’s supposed to be on the east coast in Maryland.

How many Chesapeake Shores seasons are there?

As of writing, Chesapeake Shores has four seasons under its belt, the latest of which premiered in August 2019.

But have no fear, the show has already been renewed for a fifth season, which is airing this summer!

How many episodes are there?

With nine episodes in season one, ten episodes each in both the second and third seasons, and six episodes in the fourth, the total comes out to 35 episodes so far.

Season 5 will have 10 episodes, bringing the series to 45 episodes in total.

What season is Chesapeake Shores currently on?

The Chesapeake Shores team is currently in-between seasons, having wrapped up its fourth season roughly a year ago. Season 5 airing this summer.

The future of Chesapeake Shores

Will there be season 5 of Chesapeake Shores?

In February of 2020, Chesapeake Shores was first reported to be renewed for its fifth season!

And in June 2020, Hallmark finally released the official announcement via Twitter, stating that the show was “heading back to shore with an all-new season”.

When does Chesapeake Shores return on Hallmark Channel? Will season 5 air in 2021?

It’s unsure how far along into the season production got before everything stopped due to the pandemic but the production of season 5 resumed in April with the new season coming to Hallmark this August.

It will consist of ten episodes.

Is Chesapeake Shores canceled or renewed? Will there be Chesapeake Shores season 6?

It’s official, Hallmark Channel has renewed Chesapeake Shores for a 6th and final season.

Chesapeake Shores season 6 will consist of 10 episodes and will premiere on Sunday, August 14th.

How to watch the show

Is Chesapeake Shores on Netflix?

Chesapeake Shores was removed from Netflix US, unfortunately, but is still available on the platform in other regions.

Is Chesapeake Shores on Hulu?

Sadly, Chesapeake Shores isn’t available to stream on Hulu.

Is Chesapeake Shores on Amazon Prime?

Luckily, it is available on Amazon Prime – and all four seasons, too! Amazon offers the opportunity to watch it via the Hallmark Movies Now subscription (that also has a 7-day free trial). Otherwise, you can purchase each season separately.

Where to watch Chesapeake Shores:

How to watch Chesapeake Shores in Canada?

Apart from what’s mentioned above, if you’re in Canada you can watch Chesapeake Shores on Hallmark Channel Everywhere, iTunes, and Vudu. It also premiered on Canada’s W Network.

Are there Chesapeake Shores DVDs?

Absolutely! You can purchase complete DVD box sets either from Amazon or from the Hallmark store itself.

Can I watch the show for free?

Wherever you can find Chesapeake Shores online, you’ll need to purchase a subscription (unless you can finish it within your free trial, of course!). However, it’s definitely a show worth paying to watch!

Chesapeake Shores filming locations

What town is Chesapeake Shores filmed in?

The primary filming location for the series is on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada.

Where is the Chesapeake Shores O’Brien house located?

According to the Vancouver Island tourism website, the O’Brien family house is located at Rathtrevor Beach, Parksville. It’s a beautiful location with both shoreline and forest and is home to the province’s park and campground of the same name.

Where else is Chesapeake Shores filmed?

The same website above lists several other filming locations across the island for some of the show’s most popular locations.

These include Smithford’s Gifts and Bailey’s In the Village in Qualicum Beach (Chesapeake Shores Flower Shop and the Town Square Cafe, respectively), The Nanaimo Arts Council and The Vault Cafe as the show’s Art Museum and Austin Street, and Vancouver Island’s very own Fairwinds Marina at Schooner Cove in Nanoose Bay as the Chesapeake Shores Marina.

Check out the Vancouver Island tourism website for more iconic Chesapeake Shores filming locations to drop by the next time you decide to visit the beautiful island!

Story questions

How did Chesapeake Shores season 4 end?

Even though it was the shortest season to date, the fourth season of Chesapeake Shores was still packed full of heartwarming family drama and ended on a somewhat high note for most of the O’Brien family, with major life decisions and changes coming in the near future.

Mick and Megan are relearning the ropes to navigate their rekindled romance and trying hard to avoid the mistakes they made the first time around. Kevin and Sarah also talk about their relationship and specifically, the idea of expanding their family with children.

Bree’s career takes off with a successful opening night and the news that her play will be making it to London as well, thanks to Brian, which makes her consider getting herself an agent. Even Connor will be starting on a new career path!

Meanwhile, though the arrival of city officials and a spat with the city hall almost completely derailed the grand opening of Jess and David’s new inn, it all works out – and ends with a marriage proposal.

And that’s not the only relationship that’s taken a turn: though Abby seemed to be moving on with Jay, and Trace with Emma, this finale reveals lingering feelings between the former lovers – feelings that manifest in a kiss!

Who is pregnant on Chesapeake Shores? Is Abby pregnant on Chesapeake Shores?

Abby the character isn’t pregnant, but actress Meghan Ory was! She was around in her third trimester when filming season 2, and her second child with fellow actor and husband John Reardon was on the way as season 4 premiered.

Does Abby get custody of her daughters on Chesapeake Shores?

Through grueling custody hearings and a slowly worsening relationship between Abby and her ex-husband Wes, Abby does eventually get custody of their two daughters.

The judge allows Abby to take the girls to Chesapeake Shores for the summer, and she and Wes must work out a visitation agreement between them. In the season finale, Wes decides the girls should live there and agrees to return to their old custody arrangement.

Does Kevin die on Chesapeake Shores?

Despite numerous deployments abroad as a former US Army medic – including one that involved a coincidence that ended with his best friend dying – Kevin survives to live out his life happily in Chesapeake Shores.

Why did Kevin and Georgia break up on Chesapeake Shores?

In season 1 we all met Georgia, Kevin’s then-fiancee whom he had met while in Afghanistan. Though she did her best to help him during his at-home recovery, their relationship eventually ended when Kevin realized he just wasn’t ready to leave with her to start the life they had planned in Daytona; that he wasn’t ready to be a husband.

Did Kevin and Sarah get married on Chesapeake Shores?

Thankfully, Kevin did eventually find someone he wanted to settle down with in Sarah. Kevin proposes amidst a beautiful backdrop in the season 4 premiere.

And despite the O’Briens’ (over)eagerness to help in planning the wedding, the couple surprises them a few episodes later with the announcement that they got married at city hall.

Who’s Uncle Thomas on Chesapeake Shores?

Played by Gregory Harrison (Reckless, Trapper John, M.D.) in a recurring role from the second season onwards, Uncle Thomas is Mick O’Brien’s brother who is an environmental attorney, and who Mick’s son Connor eventually works for.

As a conservationist, he often butts heads with Mick when it comes to the protection and preservation of the O’Brien Family Trust and how to proceed with the development of the 100 acres. The dispute even goes so far as to involve lawsuits, dividing public opinion, and a city hall forum. Luckily, the two eventually settle their differences, both personal and professional.

What happened to Jess on Chesapeake Shores?

Chesapeake Shores began all thanks to Jess! Always an energetic go-getter, she bought a beautiful inn with the intention of turning it into her own bed and breakfast. Realizing the financial burden was over her head, she calls on her older sister Abby to come home and help her out of her latest crisis.

Eventually, as we see in season 4, she does manage to get the B&B up and running, and we’re looking forward to seeing her further grow it into a successful business!

Why did Trace leave Chesapeake Shores?

It’s true, Trace Riley is leaving Chesapeake Shores. On March 31, 2021, the news broke that series leading man Jesse Metcalfe is leaving the show in season 5.

According to Hallmark Channel, Trace’s storyline will be concluded in early season 5. So, it remains to be seen why exactly Trace leaves Chesapeake Shores, especially, after rekindling his romance with Abby at the end of season 4.

However, we do know that the actor playing Trace, Jesse Metcalfe, chose to leave the series because he didn’t like the direction Trace’s story was headed.

As the actor explained in the comments of his Instagram post announcing that he has wrapped filming Chesapeake Shores season 5 and therefore his role as Trace, he wanted to leave while he’s on top. And although in his replies to fans he said that he wanted Trace of Abby to end up together, he also said that he wanted better for #Trabby, indicating that Trace and Abby might be parting ways permanently in season 5. So, it remains to be seen just how the show will handle Jesse’s exit and Trace’s absence.


  1. I’ve just started watching season 1 on Netflix after having recently read the first 6 books and find it extremely annoying how some of the characters have had their storylines completely changed. I thought if I could forget the book storylines then I might enjoy it as a different story but I see from some of the posts that other things will still annoy me.

  2. I loved the show including season 5! It is so nice to see positive family relationships in a tv drama! Great character development and storylines. I loved every minute of it and was disappointed to find out there wouldn’t be a season 6. I hope they change their mind.

  3. Can someone please tell me why Mick’s ex-wife Megan is ALWAYS at the O’Brien’s home? She’s there first thing in the morning having coffee or breakfast, she’s there’s all day, dinner. Has she moved in? I find her character annoying. And Jess even more annoying and is extremely immature! David is wonderful! I hope Bree finds love and is happy.

  4. I have just got watching all the series again from season 1 to now the beginning of season 5. I am devastated that Trace and Abby had have the strongest connection and the writer blowup
    everyone else relationships and they get into quick relationships and are onto happily married?!
    Very disappointing. Also, Bree I thought would reconnect in London with her Brit and that I agreed had no passion.
    Abby connecting with a billionaire makes no sense for someone that is such a passionate character.
    We all remember our first loves and she is emulating her parents
    So it makes this one again off again relationship make absolute NO SENSE !
    He needs to come back and she needed to get back together; season 4 had its moments but it was the perfect time he was begging all throughout the season and it really had a lot of down right flat points.. It was tough to watch I kept wanting to slap Abby that she did not recognize that he came back realizing he did not want to be on the road and she is not a stupid women. I just tugged at the TV that it was a dumb story line for Abby and Trace.
    Then at the very end and it is a cliffhanger almost and starts up with season 5 with him cut out and off the series. Couldn’t the writer have him jump in and since he is the only conractor carpenter in the storyline it could have been a great storyline that Mick allows his daughter to take over the business together and Mick retires.
    There was hope that storyline in hoping that it would happen season 4 .

    Season 5 so far is boring I have watched 2 episodes.
    I am truly hoping that Abby was pregnant with Traces twins .
    Who are these writers ? What are they thinking?
    I think you need to get the character Trace back on the show
    Asap and save this ship from sinking . 14 books not going to make 14 seasons .
    I thought a good clean show with
    A great storyline and poof all gone

    1. So totally agree!!!Makes me sad & sick. Just can’t watch anymore as they were my main reason for watching& also great story in the book!

    2. I agree 100%. Once again Hallmark ruins the fan favorite couple.
      I stopped watching after a few episodes of Season 5. The writing
      is horrible, slow and boring. Trace & Abby should be married.

  5. Will the show ever address why grandma ever left for the sudden and unexplained trip to Ireland?

    1. Right! I’ve been wondering that too… This show kind of leaves you with plot twists that either go unexplained, not explained well enough, or kind of don’t make sense whatsoever…

      1. Oh my god!! Tell me about it. I was wondering about this and tried looking this up online too. But no one knows anything I suppose. What was the ring that nana had…was it an old boyfriend? Why was she so sad before leaving. So confusing.

  6. Anyone knows the title of the piece of music playing at the end of the episodes? I couldn’t find it anywhere and it’s such a beautiful melody..

  7. Oh I love the relationship of Trace and Abby; it won’t be the same. Please I hope that something can be worked out that Jesse will come back eventually and he and Abby will be together and possibly marry. I will watch the new season however it won’t be the same and my favorite show like it was in the past! Please network managers work something out with Jesse!

    1. I am sorry to disappoint you; but it is evident that the producers and the writers at the end of season 4 has Abby passionately kissing Trace just to hurt him more, after all of his sacrifices giving up on his music career for Abby, then telling every woman interested on him that his heart belongs to Abby and he does not have room for anyone, and now in season five she stabs his heart again making him give up on his business, and leave town for good. She never loved him, she was just playing him along, just making sure she destroyed him so she could go and pray on a new person that may equally get hurt because of her sadistic mentality and her thinking that she is better than anyone else. It is sad to see Hallmark become a producer of movies of such diabolical shows.
      We saw this also in when calls the heart. It seems that it will be the trend from now on; HALLMARK became not the heart channel anymore, it is now the revenge channel.

    2. Yes I totally agree. From what Jesse has said It sounds like he would be happy to come back if he ends up with Abby as they do I’m the book

    1. After all the problems with Jess’s first Inn in season 3, in season 4 we see Jess and David looking for and eventually buying a new Bead & Breakfast. And they have a grand opening of the new B&B in the season 4 finale.

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