The 26 Best Christmas Gift Ideas for TV Show Lovers

No matter if you are looking for Christmas gifts for her, Christmas gifts for him, gifts for family, friends, or co-workers, there are bound to be TV show fans among these people. And regardless if they view TV show watching as a hobby or they just are fans of a particular show, giving them a gift that is related to their favorite TV series is a great idea. It will show that you know the person well enough to know what they love. And will also show that you really put some thought into their Christmas present. So here are some Christmas gift ideas for TV show lovers and fans that will help you get your Christmas gift shopping done in no time.

Just a quick preface before we get started though, we will be dividing this Christmas gift guide into categories not by a specific TV show but by items. And then will feature a few original gifts in each category. But if you like the idea of giving someone a gift from one category but we didn’t feature a gift for fans of a particular show, you can probably find similar items that do represent that specific TV series. So just do a quick search and you are bound to find the perfect TV show-themed Christmas gift.


The first category on this list of gifts for TV fans is board games because there are a lot of special edition board games out there that are made in a specific TV show variety. Therefore if your gift’s recipient loves playing board games as well as likes a particular TV series, why not gift them a game that is their favorite TV show-themed?

Game of Thrones Monopoly

First, we have the Game of Thrones Monopoly because we all have that one friend who is obsessed with GoT. This Monopoly is fully decked out in Game of Thrones which means this board game will get your friends a full GoT immersion even when they aren’t watching the actual show.

The Office Clue

If you don’t want to gift Monopoly, maybe a TV show-themed game of Clue will be a more suited gift. And one of the coolest Clue board games is this The Office-themed one which will be the perfect gift for any The Office or board game fan.

Golden Girls Trivial Pursuit

For those hard-core TV show fans who would love TV-themed gifts that really test their knowledge of the particular show, there is nothing better than a game of Trivial Pursuit. And if there are fans of Golden Girls among your friends and family then this one will be the perfect gift for them.

Bob’s Burgers Jenga

And there even is Jenga that’s TV show-themed. And in this case, it’s in the spirit of Fox’s Bob’s Burgers. Decked out in the show’s signature colors and featuring its main characters this Jenga will be fun to play for both those who love Bob’s Burgers and those that just like playing Jenga.


Next up we have some gift ideas for TV lovers who also like to wear TV merch. Because what better way to represent your favorite TV series than to wear something related to the said show? So here are our top four picks of clothing gifts for TV watchers.

Riverdale PJs

If you know someone who would like to receive a TV-related gift but isn’t quite willing to wear it in public, a good option is to gift them some PJs. And this Riverdale pajama set is not only very stylish but also oh-so-very comfy.

The Flash Hoody

For that ultimate Barry Allen fan in your life, this S.T.A.R. Laboratories hooded sweatshirt might just be the perfect gift. It’s understated yet cool-looking. And will keep the recipient warm while also will allow them to show their love for The Flash.

Friday Night Lights T-shirt

Fans of the football series Friday Night Lights will really appreciate this T-shirt. To those that don’t know the show, the shirt will just look like a cool graphic tee. But for fans of the show, it will mean so much more than that.

The Good Place T-shirt

Ever since The Good Place premiered the saying “What The Fork” has become a popular substitute for the more coarser phrase. And this T-shirt represents that while also gives a nice nod to the show which every fan of it will love.


Although sweaters are also a clothing piece we thought that ugly Christmas sweaters deserved their own spot on this list of best gifts for TV lovers. And here are two great options that would also make for awesome gifts for TV show nerds.

Stranger Things Ugly Christmas Sweater

Stranger Things fans will love this upside-down Christmas sweatshirt that features the iconic Stranger Things alphabet wall, some Christmas trees, and festive colors.

Game of Thrones Ugly Christmas Sweater

While Game of Thrones fans will adore this GoT ugly Christmas sweater that features Jon Snow himself as well as the words “Let It Snow” and some holiday-appropriate coloring.


And to conclude this clothing-related portion of presents for TV lovers, here are two pairs of socks that any TV show fan will be able to relate and will appreciate.

The Walking Dead Socks

First off, we have socks that feature a phrase that every The Walking Dead fan has yelled out at least once. But with these socks, you won’t even have to yell anymore, just put your feet up and enjoy some TWD.

Grey’s Anatomy Socks

Along the same lines, these Grey’s Anatomy socks send a very important message as well. They state that nobody should disturb you because the show is on. And if you love the series then you know how crucial that is!


Next up, here are a few awesome pieces of home decor that not only look very cool but that would also all make great gifts for all TV lovers out there!

Stranger Things Artwork

Since Stranger Things is one of the most popular shows of the last few years we are featuring one more Stranger Things gift in this gifts for a TV lover list. And this time it’s this amazing-looking framed poster that will instantly make any room look that much cooler.

The Office Pillow

While this is one of the best and easiest The Office TV show gifts to give the show’s fan, because who doesn’t like a good throw pillow. Especially if it’s neutral in color but still packs a big punch with what it says.

Baby Yoda Night Light

Okay, this next one is probably the most unique gift on this list of Christmas gift ideas for TV lovers, because it’s a lamp of 3D Baby Yoda as well as other Star Wars-related character. So if you have someone in your life who absolutely love The Mandalorian or the Star Wars franchise in general we guarantee that they will love this lamp as well.

Supernatural Candle

And Supernatural fans will like this item because it’s a candle with a scent inspired by The CW’s Supernatural. This particular one is called “Grace of Castiel” which features notes of vanilla, chrysanthemums, and violets and is white with light blue sparkle.


Dishware is and will always be one of the easiest gifts to give. But why keep it plain and boring? Better gift your friends and family dishes that represent their favorite TV shows! Because mugs, glasses and other tableware make for the best gifts for TV addicts.

Scandal Glasses

First up we have Scandal-inspired glasses. They are wine glasses, of course. And feature Olivia Pope’s catchphrase “It’s Handled”, so your friend can relax with a nice glass of red wine at the end of a hard day just like Olivia so often does on Scandal.

Parks and Recreation Mug

Ron Swanson’s Pyramid of Greatness is only one of the many memes that emerged because of NBC show Parks and Recreation. But it is easily the most memorable one, so if you have a Parks and Rec fan in your life they will definitely love this mug with said Pyramid on it.

Friends Mug

Do you really think that we wouldn’t include a Friends-themed gift in this list of TV-related gifts? Not likely! Here is this beautiful and sweet mug with a phrase that any Friends fan will know and that will make for a great gift for friends and family alike.

Doctor Who Teapot

Doctor Who fans are hard-core, there is no doubt about it. So Doctor Who gifts need to be that way as well. And this Doctor Who teapot really checks that box. It’s both elegant and also so perfect to give as a gift for fans of this British show.


Then there is this NCIS mug that will no doubt be a great gift for any NCIS fan because it features all of Gibbs’ rules that have been revealed throughout the run of the series.

Suits Mug

And another mug that absolutely should be among these TV gift ideas is this Suits-inspired cup featuring a phrase that nowadays has become part of many Suits fans’ lexicon.


And we will finish this list of Christmas gift ideas for TV show lovers with some miscellaneous items that also will all make great Christmas gifts for that friend or family member who is obsessed with a certain TV show or who just would love to get a gift that is related to their favorite TV series.

Friends Tote Bag

If you know somebody who’s a big fan of Friends then this sturdy tote bag might be a great gift for them. Because it not only features imagery from some of the most iconic Friends moments, but it’s also a great way how to encourage that person to be a bit more sustainable and use a reusable shopping bag.

Breaking Bad Apron

Any Breaking Bad fan will know this iconic apron worn by Walter White. Which makes it an ideal gift for the show’s fans. And no matter if they use it while cooking or just leave it displayed in their home, it’s still oh-so-cool.

How I Met Your Mother Coasters

Want to gift the How I Met Your Mother fan in your life a show-related gift but don’t know what should that be? Why not go for these HIMYM wooden coasters? They look neat, are very useful to have and will remind your friend about their favorite show whenever they use them.

The Big Bang Theory Tissue Box Cover

And lastly there is this tissue box cover that on its own might not look like much, but any observant The Big Bang Theory fan will know it’s an integral part of the show because it’s part of Sheldon’s living room decor. And who wouldn’t love to be a bit more like Sheldon?

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