All Your Burning Private Eyes Questions Answered

Who doesn’t love a good crime drama, especially one that involves private investigators? There’s nothing better than watching PI’s solve cases and help those that are in need of their assistance.

And one such show is Global’s PI drama Private Eyes – a show about a celebrity hockey player teaming up with an experienced private detective to solve crimes.

So, if you’re a fan of Private Eyes or just want to learn more about this show, then keep on reading!

I do have to warn you that, since in this article we’re answering many different questions including ones on the show’s plot, this article will contain spoilers. So, keep that in mind when reading the article.

And without further ado, here are answers to all your burning Private Eyes questions.

General questions about Global’s Private Eyes

What is Private Eyes about?

Private Eyes is about a former hockey player Matt Shade who partners with private investigator Angie Everett to solve cases in the Toronto area.

The two meet when a young hockey player who Matt is shouting suddenly and suspiciously falls ill. While trying to find out what happened to him he meets Angie Everett, a PI that Shade’s dad hired to help him with the case. The two end up solving the case together and Matt asks to be her partner.

Over the seasons the two end up being part of many big and small investigations and grow closer as partners, friends, and maybe, eventually something more.

Who’s playing who on Private Eyes?

Canada’s favorite detective duo Angie Everett and Matt Shade is played by Cindy Sampson (Supernatural) and Jason Priestley (BH91210) respectively.

On Matt’s side in supporting roles are Barry Flatman (Fargo) as Shade’s dad Don Shade, Jordyn Negri (Dino Dan: Trek’s Adventures) as Matt’s daughter Jules Shade and Nicole de Boer (Haven) as Matt’s ex-wife and Jules mom Becca D’Orsay.

While on Angie’s side of things, Mimi Kuzyk (UnREAL, Shadowhunters) plays Angie’s mom Nora Everett and Ennis Esmer (Blindspot, The Flash) stars as Detective Kurtis “Maz” Mazhari who’s also Angie’s childhood friend.

And over the seasons more actors have joined and left the series. In the first two seasons, Clé Bennett (The Falcon and the Winter Soldier) played Maz’s co-worker and eventually Angie’s love interest Detective Derek Nolan.

At the start of season 2, Samantha Wan (Second Jen) joined the cast as Angie and Shade’s client turned quirky assistant Zoe Chow.

And season 3 of the show welcomed Ruth Goodwin (Workin’ Moms) as Detective Danica Powers taking over from Maz as Shade and Everett’s go-to detective.

Also in supporting roles are Jonny Gray (Ride) as Jules boyfriend Liam Benson, Linda Kash (Fargo) as Danica and Maz’s boss, Inspector Mathilda Carlson, Brett Donahue (Shadowhunters) as Angie’s love interest and Seattle private investigator Tex Clarkson and Supinder Wraich (The Expanse) as Danika’s wife and investigative reporter Kate Bashwa among others.

Is Global’s Private Eyes based on a book?

Yes, Global’s private investigation drama Private Eyes is based on a novel titled The Code by G.B. Joyce.

Much like the TV show, the book tells the story of retired hockey player Brad Shade whose a scout for a hockey team based in Los Angeles.

But unlike in the show, Brad was a private investigator for four years after his hockey career ended, so now he has to apply his PI skills once again when a hockey coaching legend Red Hanratty is murdered after an old-timers charity game.

How many seasons and episodes of Private Eyes are there?

Five seasons of Private Eyes have aired on TV. Which amounts to a total of 60 episodes.

Season 1 of Private Eyes had 10 episodes, season 2 – 18. While seasons 3 and 4 both had 12 episodes. And season 5 had 8 episodes.

Who sings the Private Eyes theme song?

The theme song for Global’s PI TV show Private Eyes is called Private Eyes. Originally performed by Hall and Oates, the cover is sung by Vancouver-based band Dear Rouge.

Are there other TV series like Private Eyes?

There are many private investigator shows about there. You can see our comprehensive list of the best PI TV shows here.

But some of the most similar might be ABC’s Take Two, BBC One’s Shakespeare & Hathaway: Private Investigators, and CBS’s Magnum P.I. reboot.


Private Eyes filming locations

Where is Private Eyes filmed?

Since much of the events of Private Eyes takes place in Ontario’s capital of Toronto, most of the show is also filmed in and around Toronto.

Which golf course was Private Eyes season 4 episode 7 filmed at?

Private Eyes season 4 episode 7 titled “Under Par-essure” which takes place during a celebrity golf tournament Shade plays at and was directed by the show’s star Jason Priestley was filmed at the Ladies’ Golf Club of Toronto.


Questions about the story of the series

What car does Matt Shade drive on Private Eyes?

On Private Eyes, Matt Shade, played by Jason Priestley, drives a silver 1969 Porsche 911 T.

Where is Private Eyes set?

Private Eyes takes place in Toronto, where the show is also filmed.

What’s the relationship between Angie and Shade on Private Eyes?

Ever since Angie and Matt met the two have had a flirty relationship. They constantly bicker and tease each other, however, deep down their relationship is based on deep respect, friendship and affection.

Do Angie and Matt get together?

There have been multiple instances where we thought that Shade and Angie might finally get together.

On season 1 episode 10 Angie and Shade did kiss but it was for the case since they were pretending to be an engaged couple.

Then on season 2 episode 12 while staying at a romantic lodge for a case the two spent more time together than with their partners who they were there with. So by the end of the episode, Matt and Angie were both single again for the first time in a while after being dumped by their significant others saw that the two PIs are perfect for each other.

In the season 3 finale, we again saw Angie and Shade share a moment together. Only to be disturbed by the arrival of a woman who claimed to be Matt’s daughter.

And at Danica and Kate’s wedding on season 4 episode 11, the two danced together and Angie even caught the boutique the two brides threw only to, in true Angie fashion, quickly throw it to the person behind her. 

So really, Private Eyes is full of will-they-won’t-they energy and it’s been near misses for Shangie all throughout the show.

And at the very end of season 5, literally the last minutes of the show, we saw Angie and Shade finally kiss, hinting that although the show is over, their romantic relationship has just begun.

Is Shade’s daughter blind on Private Eyes?

Yes, Matt Shade’s daughter Jules Shade on Private Eyes is blind. When Jules was 5 years old she got Macular Dystrophy which made her lose most of her eyesight therefore she is considered legally blind.

However, Jules can discern shapes and therefore avoid most accidents. You can often see Jules move around using her white cane.

The actress playing Jules on Private Eyes, Jordyn Negri, however, isn’t visually impaired. So as soon as Jordyn booked the role she knew it’s not going to a challenge. But as she told,  she’s “always up for it”.

Who’s Kurtis Mazhari on Private Eyes?

Detective Kurtis Mazhari or Maz for short, played by Ennis Esmer, is a detective with the Toronto Police Department. He’s also an old friend of Angie’s and thus often helps Angie and Matt with their cases.

Why did Maz leave the show?

In the 3rd season of the show, we started seeing less and less of Maz, when, eventually, in season 3 episode 11 we finally found out why.

Maz got assigned to a highly classified cross-border task force that’s trying to figure out how Blue Bliss, a new synthetic opioid that’s plaguing the streets of Toronto, is getting into Canada. And to do that he went deep undercover in a major drug organization.

Although it wasn’t explicitly said why we haven’t seen Maz on the show as of late, in episode 11 the local drug smuggling operation was taken down with the help of Shade and Angie, so we can assume that Maz continued working with the task force to fully dismantle the international drug ring.

But don’t give up hope of seeing Maz on Private Eyes again just yet. Maz (and Ennis Esmer who plays the detective for that matter) didn’t leave the show completely. The fan-favorite character was back for the show’s fifth and final season that premiered on July 7th, 2021.

Did Zoe and Maz get together on Private Eyes?

Ever since Angie and Shade hired Zoe as their assistant and she met Maz, there has been a strong attraction between the two. But the two didn’t do anything about their mutual attraction.

Sure they went on one coffee date but nothing after. So Matt and Angie decided to take matters into their own hands and, unknowingly to Maz and Zoe, set the two up on a second date.

On season 2 episode 12 we saw Zoe and Maz go on an escape room date. And although the adventure started out rocky, the two had a pretty good time and by the end of the episode the two even ended up sleeping together.

However, the relationship between Maz and Zoe was short-lived. They fought constantly and about everything, so, when they both hesitated to sign the lease of their shared apartment, Zoe and Maz realized that they would be much better off as friends.

Who did William Shatner play on Private Eyes?

Yes, Canadian acting legend William Shatner (the Star Trek franchise, Boston Legal) has appeared on Private Eyes. The two episodes he was in were season 2 episode 6 titled “The P.I. Code” and season 3 episode 12 titled “Glazed and Confused”.

On Private Eyes, William Shatner plays a fellow PI and Angie and Shade’s rival Norm Glinski.

He used to be a forensic accountant and after he retired Angie’s father hired him for a few cases. But since Glinski liked to cut corners, Angie’s dad fired him and Glinski’s been holding a grudge ever since.

But after Glinski helped Angie and Shade solve a case, Angie and Glinski call a truce. And in season 3 the PI duo even helped Glinski figure out who wants to kill him.

Cindy Sampson as Angie Everett, Jason Priestley as Matt Shade, and William Shatner as Norm Glinski on Private Eyes season 2 episode 6

Who’s Ken on Private Eyes season 2?

Doctor Ken Graham, played by Mark Ghanimé (The Bold Type), is Angie Everett’s ex-iancé.

Introduced in season 2 episode 7 titled “Between a Doc and a Hard Place” we meet Dr. Ken Grahm after his pro-bono medical clinic gets broken into. And over the course of the episode, we find out that Angie was engaged to Ken 5 years ago but she called off the wedding 3 days before the big event because she wasn’t ready to get married. Then Ken left for Nigeria to work with an NGO there and Angie started working with her father at Everett Investigations.

But after the break-in case was solved Angie and Ken got back together and dated for a while. Until Angie found her old engagement ring in Ken’s drawer and got spooked again. And while Ken claimed that he had no intention to propose to Angie, he did so on season 2 episode 12, and Angie turned him down. Ken left for another overseas assignment soon after.

Where to watch Private Eyes season 2:

Who’s Kate on Private Eyes season 4?

Played by Supinder Wraich, Kate Bashwa is an accomplished investigative reporter for Associative News Agency and Detective Danica Powers’ girlfriend.

Introduced in Private Eyes season 4 episode 3, we meet Kate as Danica’s girlfriend who helps Shade and Tex track down a kidnapped Angie and exposes a major coverup. And later on in the season, in episode 11, we see Danica and Kate get married.

Who’s Willow on Private Eyes season 4?

Willow Maitland, played by Elyse Levesque (Orphan Black), is an actress in the fictional TV show Lipstic Law and Shade’s love interest.

On Private Eyes season 4 episode 7 titled “Under Par-essure” we meet Willow, an up-and-coming actress who’s participating in the same celebrity golf tournament as Shade. They get put on the same team, Willow helps Angie and Shade solve a case that comes up during the tournament, and although their team doesn’t win the competition sparks fly between Matt and Willow.

Matt and Willow end up dating for a while, however, when Willow offers Matt to come with her to New Zealand to film her new movie, Matt declines, and the two part ways.

How did season 4 of Private Eyes end? Is Angie dead?

Season 4 was full of many exciting cases from celebrity golf tournaments to soap operas and the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). But it turned out that the most life-changing case came to them by accident.

On season 4 episode 12 we saw Angie and Shade investigate the murder of Rufus, a carnival worker, after the victim literally dropped from the sky in front of them.

The two went undercover as carnies and their investigation led Shade and Angie to three other carnival workers who were running a scam and robbing the houses of rich carnival-goers.

However, it turned out that they didn’t kill Rufus. So, the case continued and the private detective duo realized that the real killer is Earl Bear, a real estate agent who had a booth at the carnival.

Earl then tried to break into Rufus and his wife’s trailer. Luckily, Angie was there and she and Crystal escaped. But Earl chased them into the Hall of Mirrors.

Matt, realizing that Earl has a gun, rushed to the carnival and was about to get Crystal out of there when Rufus found them. Rufus pulled the trigger and luckily it was the reflection of Shade and Crystal in one of the mirrors. However, after Matt took down Rufus, Crystal found Angie bleeding out and unconscious on the other side of that mirror.

So, is Angie dead? I don’t think so, seeing how there is going to be a fifth season and the still image from the upcoming season down below shows Angie alive.

What is Private Eyes season 5 about?

According to Global TV, Private Eyes fifth and final season will see:

Matt Shade and Angie Everett doing some much-needed soul searching after last season’s harrowing cliff-hanger forcing them to examine what – and who – is most important to them. While working on a series of cases helping others discover their truths, Shade and Everett are left to wonder if their truths are ultimately intertwined. New romances and a busy workload will keep them occupied for a while, but will they be able to admit to their growing chemistry?


Questions about the future of Private Eyes

Will Private Eyes have a season 5?

If you’re a fan of Global’s hit private detective series Private Eyes then you’re probably wondering if there will be a 5th season of the show. Especially after how season 4 ended.

Well, you’re in luck, because Private Eyes has been renewed for season 5 which will also be the show’s last.

Is Private Eyes coming back in 2021? When does season 5 premiere?

The debut date for Private Eyes season 5 was announced at the start on June 3rd, 2021.

Private Eyes season 5 will premiered on Global on Wednesday, July 7th!

Jason Priestley as Matt Shade and Cindy Sampson as Angie Everett on Private Eyes season 5
Jason Priestley as Matt Shade and Cindy Sampson as Angie Everett on Private Eyes season 5

Has Global’s Private Eyes been canceled?

Although there will be a fifth season of Private Eyes, it will also be the show’s final season. So, yes, sadly Private Eyes is ending its run with one last season airing this summer.


Watching Private Eyes

What channel is Private Eyes on?

In Canada, you can watch Private Eyes on Global TV. While in the United States the show airs on Ion Television.

How can I watch Private Eyes? Is it on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, or another streaming service?

Although Private Eyes isn’t on Netflix or Hulu, there are several ways you can enjoy the show.

If you’re in Canada, you can watch Private Eyes on the Global TV App.

UK fans can catch the show on NowTV.

While for US viewers, Private Eyes is available on Amazon Prime Video as well as Apple TV.


  1. In the Billy The Kid episode did Rory tell how he got the scratches on his arm?

    1. The final dialogue between the two went a little like this:

      Angie: “Son of a bitch. Made me kiss you first.”
      Shade: “I guess I did. So, what do we do now?”
      Angie: “I have absolutely no idea.”
      Both at the same time: “Crap.”

    1. Shade is the last name of Jason Priestley’s character on Private Eyes (Matt Shade). As for 17, I’m not totally sure but it might have been Shade’s jersey number when he played hockey professionally.

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