8 Most Mind-Bending Time Loop TV Shows

Welcome to the both fascinating and terrifying world of TV shows featuring time loops!

These mind-bending tales show what happens when one is forced to relive the same moments repeatedly.

What makes time loops so compelling in TV and movies is watching characters grappling with the repetition of events, navigating the consequences of their actions, and unraveling the mysteries behind the loop itself. The prospect of being trapped in an endless cycle, unable to escape or change one’s fate, adds a layer of existential dread to these stories too, and let’s face it: that creepy chills on the back of your neck feeling is something we all have difficulty staying away from!

So, get ready to embark on a thrilling journey where time can be both a friend and a foe.

Russian Doll, Netflix (2019 – 2022)

Russian Doll follows Nadia Vulvokov, a software engineer, as she repeatedly dies and relives the night of her 36th birthday party in New York City. Each time she dies, she wakes up at the same moment, forced to unravel the mystery of her perpetual time loop.

As Nadia navigates the chaotic and surreal events of the night, she encounters Alan Zaveri, who is also stuck in a time loop. Together, they explore the bizarre and interconnected nature of their experiences, attempting to break free from the seemingly never-ending cycle while confronting their own personal demons and existential dilemmas.

Season 2 continues in a similar theme, but with Nadia experiencing a form of time travel mixed with body-jumping!

The Lazarus Project, Sky Max (2022 – present)

This sci-fi action thriller series has a pretty interesting and rare premise.

It follows George, who is one of just 0.00001% percent of the population who is able to tell when a time loop is happening. Because of this, he is recruited to the Lazarus Project team that works to identify apocalyptic threats and events, trace their causes, and intervene in any way possible to prevent them from occurring.

Their interventions start small, but they have also sometimes resorted to sacrificing the lives of a few to prevent the apocalypse. Eventually, George’s personal life gets tied up in the Lazarus Project missions, and one choice made to save a loved one leads to a domino effect of grave consequences.

Day Break, ABC/TV One (2006 – 2008)

In Day Break, Detective Brett Hopper finds himself stuck in a time loop after being framed for the murder of the Assistant District Attorney. Each day, he wakes up to the same moment, forced to relive the day and untangle the conspiracy that put him in this predicament.

As Hopper navigates the repeating day, he tries to clear his name, uncover hidden agendas, and outsmart those plotting against him.

Originally, he is the only one retaining his memories and injuries with each iteration, but things get more complex when both his girlfriend and his partner begin to change in every loop as well.

Reset, Tencent Video (2022)

Chinese series Reset begins with Li Shiqing, a university student who rides her regular bus one day, only to fall asleep and wake up right as the bus explodes. However, instead of dying, she gets sent into a time loop that resets every time the explosion happens.

After a few rounds, she accidentally brings fellow passenger Xiao Heyun into the loop. First, they try to disembark the bus to save themselves; when that doesn’t work and involving the police turns out to be a mistake as well, they realize the only solution is to find out which of the passengers is the bomber.

Together, they work to save all the other passengers by preventing the explosion from ever happening again.

Tru Calling, Fox/Syfy (2003 – 2005)

In Tru Calling, Tru Davies is a medical student who takes a part-time job at a morgue. However, things get seriously weird when the dead bodies start talking to her.

Tru discovers that she has the ability to relive the day and must prevent tragic events from occurring. Each episode presents a new corpse with a tale of woe, and it’s up to Tru to figure out how to change their fate.

As she juggles her normal life with her newfound responsibility, Tru faces moral dilemmas and uncovers the mysteries behind her unusual gift.

Worst Year of My Life Again, CBBC (2014)

In Worst Year of My Life Again, our unlucky protagonist finds himself trapped in a Groundhog Day-esque time loop.

Just when he thought things couldn’t get worse, he’s forced to relive the same year of high school over and over again. From embarrassing moments to epic failures, he has to navigate the challenges of adolescence on an endless loop.

With each repeat, he tries to make better choices and avoid the pitfalls that led to his initial misfortune. The show combines humor, coming-of-age struggles, and the sheer frustration of being stuck in a perpetual loop!

Looped, Teletoon (2016)

The only animated show on our list is Looped!

The show revolves around two friends, Luc and Theo, who accidentally discover a time vortex in their school’s basement. The mischievous duo ends up stuck in a never-ending time loop, reliving the same day over and over.

Throughout their looping adventures, they encounter quirky characters, face amusing challenges, and attempt to make the most of their repetitive situation.

Luc and Theo navigate the challenges of the loop with wit and creativity, making Looped an entertaining animated series for viewers of all ages.

12 Monkeys, Syfy (2015 – 2018)

12 Monkeys is a wild ride where James Cole gets sent back and forth through time to prevent a deadly pandemic (that, in his original timeline, wipes out the majority of the population in 2017).

The world’s on the brink, and the only solution is James and the rest of the Project Splinter team. Cole teams up with a brilliant virologist, Dr. Cassandra Railly, and they’re on a mission to stop the apocalypse.

Along the way, they face all sorts of obstacles, meet eccentric characters, and uncover mind-bending conspiracies. It’s an exciting rollercoaster of paradoxes, twists, and a race against the clock!

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