NBC’s The Irrational: Premiere Date, Cast & More

Way back in November 2021, NBC issued a put pilot commitment on a new thriller series titled The Irrational.

A put pilot is essentially a guaranteed agreement that a project will be picked up and broadcast, and this guarantee came in February 2022 when the pilot order was officially given.

Filming for the pilot began in May/June that year, in Vancouver, following the casting of Jesse L. Martin (The Flash, Rent) and Maahra Hill (Delilah, Black-ish) in the central roles and several other talents in supporting roles.

Although the series faced uncertainties towards the end of 2022 (kept in contention, although several commissioned back-up scripts kept the hope alive), it was eventually picked up to series in December.

Who’s in charge?

Under an overall deal with Universal Television, Arika Lisanne Mittman (La Brea, Paradise Lost) is on the project and brings in a lot of previous experience as a writer and executive producer.

Alongside her, also in an executive producing capacity, are Mark Goffman (Umbrella Academy) and Samuel Baum (Lie to Me).

Dan Ariely, who wrote the book Predictably Irrational, which the plot of the series is loosely inspired by, will serve as a consultant on the series.

Universal Television, under the Universal Studio Group, is the studio behind the show.

What’s it about?

The book plot centers on an expert in human behavior embroiled in an intellectual battle with someone suspected to be a domestic terrorist and discovers that this is his most challenging case yet.

The series centers on a professor of behavioral psychology, Alec Baker, who has a unique knack for and approach to understanding human nature.

Known for his expertise, Alec is often asked to assist with “high-stakes cases” involving high-level government organizations and other corporations.

However, he eventually crosses paths with a female domestic terrorist, and his entire world changes.

Who should we expect to see on The Irrational?

In April 2022, it was reported that Jesse L. Martin would not be returning to his regular role in the DC universe series The Flash but had closed a deal to headline in the lead role as Alec Mercer for The Irrational. He also produced the pilot episode!

Soon after, Maahra Hill was tapped for the role of Marisa, a passionate and talented FBI agent who often teams up with Alec on his cases.

Travina Springer (Life in Pieces) was later added to the cast to play Kylie, Alec’s free-spirited younger sister who he currently lives with.

Molly Kunz (The Wolf and the Lion) will play Phoebe, a student pursuing a Masters degree in psychology and Alec’s protege, and Arash De Maxi (New Amsterdam, Modern Love) will play Rizwan, another psychology grad student.

Jesse L. Martin as Alec Baker, Molly Kunz as Phoebe and Arash Demaxi as Rizwan On The Irrational season 1 episode 1

Brian King (Chicago Fire) has been brought in for the supporting role of Jace Richards, another FBI agent who Alec often disagrees with on how to approach an investigation – and who has also been involved with his ex-wife.

The Irrational is set to premiere on NBC on Monday, September 25, at 10 pm ET.

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