Heartland Renewed for Season 12

The wait is over, Heartland fans because I can finally confirm that Heartland has been renewed for season 12. That’s right, Heartland season 12 is happening and CBC is giving another 11 episodes to Canada’s longest-running family drama. It will no doubt be a season of family, horses and coming together to celebrate this beautiful family-friendly show. Ain’t that a great way to ring in the weekend?

The announcement

If last year the announcement that Heartland has been picked up for another season was delivered by the show’s star Amber Marshall. Then this year the honor went to the Blog Whisperer. Who just put up the weekly Thursday blog, announcing the amazing news of Heartland getting a 12th season! You can read the full announcement in the picture below or by going to cbc.ca/heartland/blog!

Heartland season 12

What do we know about Heartland season 12?

So what do we know about Heartland season 12 so far? Well, to be frank, not much. Because the news that season 12 is happening broke just today. But we can tell you that Heartland season 12 will have 11 episodes. And that instead of premiering in late September or early October, Heartland season 12 will launch on January 6, 2019.

On top of that, we do know that all the lead actors will be back for Heartland season 12. Which includes Amber Marshall, Graham Wardle, Shaun Johnston, Chris Potter, Michelle Morgan, Alisha Newton and many more. And finally, we also know that the twelfth season of Heartland will go into production in about a month. Meaning that in a month we will start getting pictures from the set. As well as little more information on the upcoming season.

What do I want to see happen in the 12th season of Heartland?

Meanwhile, we can only talk about what we would like to see happen in Heartland season 12. And boy, there is a lot! For starters, I would love to see more of Ty and Lou, because this past season both characters were away quite a bit. I would also love to see more of Amy and Ty as parents and experiencing big moments like Lyndy’s first word and first step. Because those would definitely make for adorable scenes.

When it comes to Georgie, I would like to see her go further in her showjumping carrier. Because now that she won the Fall Finale in the last episode of season 11, she has definitely proven that she is a capable competitor. Additionally, I would love it if they did a bit lighter storylines for Tim next season. Because this past season Tim had a lot of hard and heavy scenes.

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For Lou, I think it would be really interesting to actually see what she has been up to in New York since we don’t get to see the commanding business-woman side of Lou that often. And as for Jack and Lisa… Since season 11 saw Lisa finally becoming a full-fledged member of the Heartland family. Her own fireplace stone and all. It would be great if in season 12 they would show Lisa really adjusting to her life at the Heartland ranch. And all the amazing storylines that could come out of it for her and Jack.

Now it’s your turn! Comment below and let me know how excited you are for Heartland season 12. And what do you want to see happen in it? Let’s celebrate the fact that Heartland is returning for season 12 in the comments!


    1. Currently, as of Heartland season 12 episode 3, he lives with Jack at the Heartland ranch. But previously he had his own ranch called Big River.

  1. I love Heartland I love horses and to see amy, ty work with them is so heart warming it is so family connected we need more shows like this and not all this conflict going on please never stop Heartland . all cast members have a safe and blessed day LINDA

  2. I was so excited to see there will be a season 12. I had heard Heartland was cancelled.

  3. Peter and Lou should date again. They need a fresh start and hopefully they both learned from their failed marriage. Because of circumstances they never really had the chance to grow as a couple.

  4. So so excited it is coming back!!!!!!!!!!! Wish Justified would come back to

  5. I have watched every season thru 9 several dozen times. Season 10 and 11 got way off base and lost Heartland theme. Lou’s terrible attitude, I thought, was great acting job until I saw her in a Hallmark movie and discovered that is just her style. I HOPE YOU DON’T SCRUB THIS BECAUSE OF MY COMMENT.
    I wondered why the writers made no mention of Tim’s son in 10 and 11. I only watched each season 10 and 11 once as they are boring as if every one decided to take time off. I do hope the producers wake up and get beck to the comments I have already read above. I agree Georgie needs to grow up or leave the show. I have never been on a ranch and live in south Texas but I live the cowboy life through Heartland .

    1. When it comes to the characters and the plot of the show, it’s up to the writers not the actors, so really one shouldn’t blame the actors if something happens on the show that they don’t like. As for Tim’s son, I think there was no mention of him because the story went in a different direction. There are only so many episodes each season and they simply can’t cover every single aspect of every character’s life.

  6. Does anyone know if George get back together with wyart I like to see more of him

    1. Not sure if they will get back together, but Wyatt will appear in Heartland season 12.

  7. I’d like to see way more of Lou this season. I find her to be an amazing actress and one of the most interesting characters on the show. It would be nice to see her settle down with someone who is her equal.
    Would be nice to see Ty actually home with his family and the two of them finally building their own home.
    Would like to see more of the family stories and relationships between the characters.
    I’d like to see Amy and Ty really build up their businesses and love the relationship between Jack and Lisa and perhaps expand on that.
    I would like to see less of Georgie. Story lines are not very enticing to the viewer.

  8. My husband and I love Heartland. It’s one of the few shows that we can watch together. I love Amy and Ty and love to see them get along instead of quarreling. Jack and Lisa need to settle down in the ranch house, and Lisa be more with Jack and drop the French Connection. She needs to feel accepted in every way and be a wife to Jack. I would like to see Ty and Amy build that house on the property that Jack gave Amy. I would like to see less of Georgie and Lou. Too much drama from both of them. I would also like to see Amy stand up for what she knows and thinks. She’s too much of a mouse. I agree with the person that said to expand the barn and the loft and build an indoor ring and Amy teach riding lessons and tie work with her and also have his Veterinary Hospital on the side of the barn. Let them work as a family. I hate the thought of waiting until the season 12 comes to the US

  9. I live in Scotland and happened upon Heartland while flicking through NetFlix. So glad I did. Love love love it. Watched all 11 seasons over the course of 3 months. So glad there is a season 12. Jack and Tim you guys are comedy gold. More of you two please and your one liners… so funny. No more Mongolia- strange storyline I have to say and less New York trips for Lou. Heartland not the same without you. More Lisa in the family storylines and just more of what you have being doing as it’s a winning formula. Keep up the good work.

  10. Please less of Georgie and more about Amy and Ty working together as in the first seasons.
    Amy as horse whisperer. Ty as vet.
    Amy in love with a new and challenging horse.
    Amy winning contests.
    Amy teaching Her baby girl to ride.

    1. Let’s hope we see more of Amy and Ty working together in the upcoming season, Lupita!

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