Heartland Season 12 Episode 1 Review

The wait is finally over. The new, twelfth season of Heartland is here. It might be shorter, ranking up only 11 episodes instead of the usual 18. And it might start later than usual. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that once again Heartland delivered us a beautiful episode filled with family and horses. So, what do you say we dive right into this Heartland season 12 episode 1 review and find out what this episode was all about? Let’s go!

Warning, spoilers ahead!

The dream is still alive

The episode started out with Amy working with a client horse. But despite the beautiful scenery and progress, she was making, we quickly found out that everything isn’t as rosy as it seems. Because while Amy is at home spending time with Lyndy, coaching Georgie and trying to get work done, Ty is at the clinic working. And it doesn’t sit well with Amy who wants to not only get some actual work done but also spend time with her husband and daughter. Add the injured horses Ty and Jack found o the equation and you have yourself a problem.

Luckily the injured mare and foal turned out to be more a blessing than a curse. Because while working with these two wild horses Ty realized that there was a way for him to spend more time with his girls, provide for his family and do some actual good. Once upon a time he and Amy had a dream of running a business together. Ty nursing the horses back to health physically. While Amy working her magic on any issues the animals might have. And so, a new plan was born.

Ty will cut back on hours at the clinic and he and Amy will build a business together. One that will let both parents spend time with their daughter and contribute in a real way. And with that decision, Heartland set up one of the big stories of this season. For a while now, I was wondering what happened to Amy and Ty’s big dream. It looks like life just took over and it got pushed to the backburner. However, now it looks like they decided to revive it. And I’m so happy they did because when it comes to Amy and Ty, they really do work better together.

Interview time

The second big storyline of the episode was all about Georgie and her jumping carrier. Because as it turns out ever since winning the Fall finale in the last episode of season 11 Georgie has been making a name for herself. What with winning competitions left and right. Yet, even big wins can’t erase the scars that were left there by the online bullies and their hurtful comments. So when a reputable equestrian magazine asked if they could interview Georgie for their article on future Olympians, she hesitated to accept the interview request.

Luckily, Lou was back from New York to lend Georgie some much-needed support. And after a talk between the mother-daughter duo about the real reason why Georgie didn’t want to agree to the interview, she decided to not give in to her fears and do the interview. And it turned into a beautiful montage of George showcasing her jumping skills and telling the interviewer about the long line of strong women of her family and the impact that they all have had on her life.

It looks like Heartland is slowly setting up Georgie on a path of becoming a real Olympic equestrian. And I think that’s an exciting route for the show to take. It still feels real and attainable. Yet it also inspires others to dream and reach for the stars. Which is a truly great message to deliver to the show’s younger audience.

Ring shopping

While the third storyline of the episode featured two of the show’s man shopping for jewelry and Lou somehow ending up in the middle of it.

Firstly, Heartland season 12 episode 1 saw Tim really taking his life by the reins and figuring out what is important to him. However, as per usual he did it in a most Tim way possible. By selling his ranch without a real place to live. And buying Casey a ring without a real plan on how he’s going to propose. And, of course, Lou managed to catch Tim right when he finally went to the store to pick out the ring. So, she helped her father to pick out a ring, and they commemorated the occasion with lunch at Maggie’s.

But what’s even weirder, Mitch was also at the store looking at jewelry. And since earlier in the episode we found out that Lou and Mitch have been keeping in touch, and that Mitch wants to talk to Lou as soon as possible, Lou, of course, jumped to conclusions. So, thinking that Mitch was buying something for her she went to her rendezvous with Mitch in hopes of rekindling their romance. Yet, it turned out that he just wanted to tell Lou that he is dating again. Which quickly squashed Lou’s hopes of getting back together with Mitch.

So, it looks like Lou really got the short end of the stick this episode. At least it looks like we will be seeing more of her this season since her business partner Nicole offered Lou to buy her out of Maggie’s franchise in New York. Which means that Lou will have plenty of time this season to not only be around more but to maybe even win Mitch back? Who knows what will happen!

Last thoughts on Heartland season 12 episode 1

Although this season we are only getting 11 episodes, it really seems that the writers have worked extra hard to make each episode as great as possible. Because as far as I can tell they have a clear vision for their characters. And that means that we can expect a lot of great storylines and storytelling that will move quickly and dynamically.

And for all you Jack and Lisa fans out there, don’t worry, they both were in this episode helping other characters out. And by the looks of it, in the next episodes, they might have a few great storylines on their own, too.

At the start of Heartland season 12 episode 1, we saw the couple plan a trip to Emerald Lake. But before you start worrying about not seeing these two on next Heartland episodes, don’t fret. Because at the very end of the episode we saw Lisa’s aunt Evelyn call her seemingly asking Lisa to visit her in Istanbul. And there already are so many different storylines I can think of happening with a setup like that. I guess we will just have to watch the rest of Heartland season 12 and see where the show takes us!

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Episode highlights:

  • Amy and Ty being parents to Lyndy (so cute!)
  • Georgie being confident in her jumping abilities
  • Tim being happy and in control of his life again
  • Jack and Ty working together to wrangle the mare and the foal
  • Amy giving advice to Georgie
  • Ty and Amy working together to nurse the two wild horses back to health
  • Lou and Mitch’s budding friendship
  • the family finding out about Tim selling his ranch
  • Lou supporting Georgie regardless of her decision
  • Tim buying Casey a ring
  • Amy and Ty deciding to go for their dream of running a business together once again
  • Georgie deciding to do the interview and what she said on it

Episode low points:

  • Amy and Ty not being on the same page on what their family life should look like
  • Georgie doubting herself

Quotes of the episode:

Ty: “Yesterday, when you and I were working with that foal bringing her back to health I realized I can make a difference right here on my own doorstep. Do you remember that dream that we had when I graduated from vet school? Why don’t we make that a reality?
Amy: “What do you mean?”
Ty: “I talked to Scott. I asked if I could cut my hours back so I could spend more time working with you and helping out with Lyndy. He agreed.”
Amy: “But, Ty, you’re going to take a huge pay cut.”
Ty: “No, I’m not. Because you and I are going to build a business. I want us to be partners. I want us to work together. Like we dreamed about.”
Amy: “Are you sure?”
Ty: “Yes, I’m sure. This is exactly what I want. We’re in this together, okay?”
Amy: “Yeah, okay.”

Interviewer: “Who would you say is your biggest supporter? Your role model?”
Georgie: “I could never choose just one person. My adopted family is filled with a long line of strong, independent women. My grandmother Marian was a renowned horsewoman. Just like my aunt Amy, who is also my coach. I couldn’t have achieved anything without Amy. She helped me though the good times and the bad. All these women are my mentors. And I know I have very big shoes to fill. And then there is my mom Lou. She’s amazing. She never gives up.”

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  1. I just love Heartland and living here in South Georgia USA we have to watch it on prime or netflix. Can’t wait for season 12 to come out on one of those outlets.

    1. You can either get a VPN and then watch the show of the CBC website, check if iTunes doesn’t offer Heartland season 12 or wait for Heartland season 12 to be aired on one of US’ cable networks like UP since it will be a while until season 12 will be available on Netflix or Amazon.

  2. I love Episode 1 of Season 12. For a starter all the main characters were given a time slot in the story. Nobody was left out. So family-oriented and the characters are so natural in their acting. Thumbs up for Heartland. Keep it up!

    1. Couldn’t agree more. It was a really great episode and hopefully the start of a really great season!

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