Heartland season 12 trailer in here

We are officially one week away from the Heartland season 12 premiere on Sunday, January 6th. So we thought that it was time for one last Heartland season 12 update before the new season starts airing on CBC. And this update will be all about the Heartland season 12 trailer that recently got released. As well as will contain a few other tidbits about the upcoming Heartland season. So without further ado, let’s jump right in.

Heartland season 12 trailer in here

First and foremost, as the title of this article suggests, we have some very good news for you. Because recently CBC released a first-look trailer of Heartland season 12 consisting only from clips from the new Heartland season. Check out the Heartland season 12 trailer below!

The trailer is an emotional sneak peek at the upcoming twelfth season of Heartland. It shows our beloved characters continuing their journey that they started last season. From Amy and Ty rising their daughter Lyndy. To Tim grappling with the fact that he was given a second chance at life, Georgie trying to figure out what her future holds and Lou and Peter helping her. And to Jack and Lisa being their wise selves and helping others and each other to make sense of things that are happening around them. This Heartland season 12 trailer promises a season full of joy, sorrow and every emotion in between. But above it all, the season will be about family. Because that’s what Heartland is all about. Family and returning home to your family.

A few more Heartland season 12 tidbits

But since the Heartland season 12 trailer didn’t give us that much information when it comes to what the upcoming 12th season of Heartland will hold, here are a few more things that we have gathered thanks to the official Heartland blog and social media accounts.

First of all, we finally know the name of the premiere episode of Heartland season 12. As well as the title of Heartland season 12 episode 2. What are they? Well, Heartland season 12 episode 1 will be titled “Dare to Dream”. While the second episode of this new season, which will air on Sunday, January 13, has been given the title “Hearts Run Free”. On top of that, we also know who wrote and directed these two episodes. The mastermind behind the first two Heartland season twelve episodes is the series’ showrunner Heather Conkie. While her vision was brought to life on screen by none other than Chris Potter aka Heartland’s Tim since he directed these first two episodes.

And secondly, we can tell you that now you will not only be able to catch all of the new episodes of Heartland on Sunday nights on CBC but also stream them on the network’s brand new streaming service and app CBC Gem. Which means that you will now be able to watch Heartland any time you want and anywhere you want. How’s that for a post-Christmas miracle?

A look back at Heartland season 11

And finally, recently CBC also released a video featuring shots from the previous Heartland season, so you can look back on what happened on Heartland season 11 and get ready for the new season of the show.

And boy, how much happened on Heartland season 11. From Ty, Amy and Tim going to Mongolia and Tim finding out he might have a brain tumor. To Georgie confronting the man who killed her biological parents, Lou trying to balance her new business venture with her personal life and so much more. You can read all about it on our Heartland season 11 episode reviews. Or by just binge-watching the previous season. And we recommend that you do because Heartland is a show that likes to continue storylines from the previous seasons. Meaning, you will be glad that you know what happened previously once any of these past storylines come up in the new season.

So, what did you think about the Heartland season 12 trailer? Did you love it as much as we did? Sound off in the comments below and don’t forget to watch the Heartland season 12 premiere on Sunday, January 6 at 7:00 p.m. on CBC Television or on CBC Gem!

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