SyFy’s Killjoys begins production for season 3

Praise the Trees and pass the hock! Production on season 3 of Killjoys has begun. Well pre-production for now, as the actual filming of the episodes is not yet underway. None the less, soon the principal photography should start and we should be getting more information of what is happening on Killjoys season 3 set. But for now, we have to relay on social media to keep us informed on all things Killjoys season 3.

What we know so far about Killjoys season 3

Firstly, the show’s star Aaron Ashmore, who plays John Jaqobis, tweeted that he just finished the read-through for episode 1. “Just finished the table read for the first ep of season 3. It’s going to be a great season!!! #Killjoys”, Ashmore’s tweet said. Which means that the filming of the show should start any day now, most likely in the next couple of weeks, if the actors are already brought in for a table-read.

Additionally, another Killjoys crew member, Lisa Rose-Snow, Instagrammed a picture of the set up for the previously mentioned table read. The caption read “Was so Happy to be back with my #Killjoys family yesterday for the first table read of season three! It’ already gonna be so epic, y’all”. And although none of the stars of the show were in the picture, or their names visible for that matter, what we did see in it was Killjoys logo for season three. And it looks great!

If both of these social media posts are any indication, it seems like the junior season of Killjoys is shaping up to be filled with excitement, new adventures and pure awesomeness. And those who want a little more on season 3 should read the interview Killjoys showrunner Michelle Lovretta did for SyfyWire before season 2 finale aired. In it she talked a bit about what season 3 might hold.

From this interview we learned that we will probably be seeing much more of Aneela in this upcoming season, and actually will get to know her and learn more about her. And Lovretta also teased that, although the season 2 finale might have seemed like a closure for multiple major story arcs, it also opened up new stories, that will be at the heart of season 3. For example, the whole Aneela story line, as well as Johnny leaving Dutch and D’av, stealing Khlyen’s ship and teaming up with Clara and Fancy Lee not being a Six anymore. 

So who’s excited that Killjoys season 3 is in production? And what do you think will happen in season 3? I know I am beyond excited and can’t wait to get some behind-the-scenes info and see pictures from the set. 

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