Conviction Season 1 Episode 9 Review

Wow! That is the only word that comes to mind when I think about Conviction episode 9, which sort of served as the shows mid-season finale, before we get to see the last 3 episodes in 2017. It was emotional, intense, heartbreaking and also showed that sometimes, even our best isn’t enough. It might be one of my favorite episodes of this TV series. So without any more raving about this episode, let’s just get into its review.

Warning, spoilers ahead!

Conviction episode 9 case of the week

On this Conviction episode we saw the CIU and Conner Wallace race against time to review a conviction of a man, Earl Slavitt, who is on death row. His crime? Allegedly killing federal prosecutor Tom Simon, who was also Wallace’s good friend.

This case wasn’t easy, but it was especially hard on Hayes, for two reasons. Firstly, it was hard, because she had to work alongside Wallace, who was helping the CIU with the case. Last Conviction episode we saw Wallace betray Hayes, by taking her parents offer just so Hayes won’t get in trouble. And, Hayes took this betrayal really hard. Secondly, Hayes also had only five days to figure out if Earl was in fact guilty of the crime and deserves to die. On top of that, she also got friendly with him, so she got a lot more invested in the case, than she usually does.

So Hayes, along with all her team worked around the clock to uncover truth about the murder. In the end, it wasn’t enough to save Earl, since Hayes literary was moments too late to stop the execution. And this news was hard on all of our characters, but especially on Hayes.

Hayes emotional side

Over the course of Conviction season 1, we have seen Hayes in many different emotional states, but I think this episode we saw Hayes truly experience regret, helplessness and sadness. After she rushed to the prison and found out, that she was too late to stop the execution, she went into a tailspin. She questioned her capabilities, she questioned her actions, but most importantly, I think she was truly devastated, that she couldn’t save Earl.

Luckily, she had Wallace to comfort her. Despite Hayes being mad at Wallace, he still knows and loves her, which was what she needed in that moment. And I have to say, both Hayley Atwell and Eddie Cahill did a fantastic job in that last scene. It was so emotional, and brought me to tears. I really couldn’t think of a better ending to this emotionally overwhelming episode.

Last thoughts

But Hayes wasn’t the only one who had a rough episode. Maxine also seemed to not cope well with this case and the fact that they were too late. Luckily, Sam finally caught on to what she was doing and stopped her, before she sent herself in even deeper hole of drug use. And it seems, that this could be one of the bigger secondary story lines, after the show comes back on January 1st.

Finally can we also talk about the fact that Hayes and Conner kissed, although he’s with Naomi? It seems like those two can’t live with each other, but also cannot live without each other. And even though I think that they probably won’t be together for real, there might be some more intense moments between Hayes and Conner in the last three episodes of the show’s season 1.

Episode highlights:

• Conner announcing that he is joining CIU for this case
• the debate about death penalty
• Hayes bonding with Earl
• Hayes and Conner scenes in the hotel
• Hayes telling Sam just how to argument their findings to the judge
• Hayes trying to get the prison warden to help her with the case
• Sam stopping Maxine from taking the pills
• last scene of the episode with Hayes and Conner

Episode let-downs:

• Earls ex-wife and son thinking he’s a bad man
• the team not resolving the case in time
• Maxine lying to Sam
• USA Bill Newton letting an innocent man die for his crime

Quote of the episode:
Hayes: I still loathe you for lying to me.
Conner: And I still find you abrasive, unforgiving and completely unsuitable for long-term adult relationship.
Hayes: Glad we are on the same page.

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