Conviction Season 1 Episode 12 Review

Hello, mister President! On Conviction season 1 episode 12 we got to finally meet Hayes’s father, and it was about damn time, since only one episode remains in season 1 of Conviction. Beyond that we saw CIU tackle a terrorism related case and Hayes questioning her relationship with Wallace. It was a packed episode, so let’s get on with the review.

Warning, spoilers ahead!

Case of the week

This week CIU took on a case that was directly related to terrorism. They were reviewing the conviction of an assumed terrorist, Omar Abbas, who was declared enemy combatant, so he didn’t even stand trail and was put in Gitmo. Sounds complicated right? Well it was, especially since the case was given to Hayes by her ex-president father.

On top of that, this case also meant that Hayes and her team will have to go US military, Homeland Security and other agencies, to see if this man really deserves to be in prison. Which means a lot of secret information to cut through, to get to the truth. But that didn’t stop Hayes, since she took on the case anyways, and CIU got to work.

In the end they figured out who was actually to blame for the terror attempt and freed the Omar from one of the most notorious US prisons. After having to go against not the best odds, of course. But the ending of the episode was what shocked me.

Hayes’s father Ted Morrison, didn’t tell Hayes to take this case, because he believed that Hayes could solve it or to get Omar out of prison. No, he did it to get a new job. Which only shows us why Hayes is the way she is. Why she isn’t quick to trust people or doesn’t like to do things that others tell her to do. Combine that to what we know of Hayes’s relationship with her mother, and you will see, just what made Hayes who she is.

Fatherly advice

But that wasn’t the only damage Ted Morrison did this episode. He also went to talk to Conner as well as Hayes, seemingly to break up their relationship. This stunt of his was what confirmed my belief that, Hayes’s father actually cares only about himself and his agenda.
Even more so, he put doubts in Hayes’s head about how maybe she and Conner won’t work out. And that was the saddest part, since there is only one Conviction episode left and I really hope that Conner and Hayes will be together by the end of it.

Last thoughts on Conviction season 1 episode 12

Although this episode was focused on the case of the week and Hayes’s father, other members of the CIU also go their shining moments. From Maxine and her getting the evidence they need to Frankie, who helped Hayes with getting the cook to talk to them. They did their jobs and were phenomenal at them.

But sadly, we didn’t really see any of their back stories this episode, and since next Conviction episode might be the last, I hope their stories get some resolution, too. Because Conviction is not only about Hayes, but about all of the CIU.

Episode highlights:

• Hayes’s father’s entrance
• Sam teasing Hayes about her father’s nickname for her
• Hayes’s methods of getting people to talk to her
• Maxine getting her friend to help them
• Jackson this episode
• Hayes admitting that she loves Conner
• Conner’s excitement about getting Omar out of prison

Episode let-downs:

• Hayes’s father saying that their relationship won’t work to Conner and her
• how Hayes is staring to doubt her relationship with Conner because of that

Quote of the episode:
Ted Morrison: “So it’s been a while since your girlfriend’s dad caught you talking about sleeping with her?”
Conner: “If it’s happened before, I’ve blocked out entirely.”

Promo for Conviction season 1 episode 13:

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