Heartland Season 10 Episode 2 Review

This review contains spoilers!

A week has passed and we finally get another “Heartland” episode to find out how our favorite family is doing. And besides a goldfish mishap and a couple of lost nerve cells from worrying about different things, all is good at the Heartland ranch. So let’s dive into the review of episode 2.

I have always loved Amy and Ty as a couple, which is probably why the last “Heartland” season was my favorite one, because in season 9 we saw Tamy as strong, married couple figuring out life together. And this season is giving us that and more, since now they are on the road to becoming parents and all the cuteness that comes with that. For example, the episode opened with them both sitting in Ty’s truck and looking at baby names. However, it seems that Tim and Lou might be right and Amy isn’t quite taking the pregnancy thing as serious as Ty, as she mentions that they don’t even know what they are having – a boy or a girl. Or maybe that comment was preparing us as viewers for an interesting baby’s sex reveal later in the season? That would certainly be fun to watch.

But the episode wasn’t all fluffy for long, because the happy couple was soon interrupted to tend to Minnie, the mare that gave birth to two foals in the previous episode. And the problems with her played out all through the episode with first Ty saving Minnie with his vet skills and then Amy getting the foal to nurse. Besides that, the names Georgie though of for the foals, Theodore and Boone or Theo and Boo for short, after John Grisham’s children’s book series character Theodore Boone, were just adorable. Great thinking Georgie!

Speaking of Georgie, I really liked her episode arc with Sam and the extreme team, because it showed that telling the truth might not always be easy, but it still is the right thing to do. On top of that we also see the growth of the character and the lessons she has learned since the last season which is nice, especially if you remember the lies she told to Lou in season 9 that ended up with severe consequences.

The third storyline that weaved through this episode was Tim getting Katie a gold fish and Jack thinking that is isn’t such a good idea. The storyline not only sparked the ever so fun Jack and Tim bickering, but I think that it also had a valuable lesion for both the parents and the kids. For kids, it showed not only that you need to take care of your pets, but also that animals do die and that it is just a part of life. But I think the more valuable lesion in this episode arc was meant to parents and it was not only not to lie to your kids even about death, but also not to think that your kids are as naïve as you think, since just because you don’t talk about certain thing is your family, doesn’t mean that they don’t know about them.

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And last but not least we saw the long (or actually not that long) awaited Lou and Mitch relationship development and how circumstances just isn’t on their side at the moment. The scene of Lou washing the window and watching Mitch chopping the wood was the laugh out loud moment of the episode, followed by Amy mouthing Lou “Help me!” in the kitchen, but that wasn’t even the highlight of all this Mitch Lou ordeal. Their kiss was and later also their talk on the pear where Lou admits that there is something between them, but that she doesn’t want to make Mitch wait for her while she is done juggling Maggie’s 2 in New York and her home life back at Heartland. It was a bit of a resolution to their whole predicament, however, I have a feeling that this isn’t the last of us seeing those two together.

Overall, this was another great episode of “Heartland”, because it had laughing out loud moments, tense moments and valuable lessons to all generations. Also big props to the stunt team that make the trick riding practices look so good and exciting, because I don’t think that I will ever get over watching somebody do those kind of tricks while on a horse that is running in full speed.

Highlights of the episode:

• Tamy cuteness
• Ty falling asleep on Amy
• Seeing Ty being a knowing, confident vet
• Georgie doing the right thing
• Katie telling Tim and Jack that she wants to flush the dead fish down the toilet
• Lou and Mitch this episode

Let-downs of the episode:

• Georgie almost not saying anything to stay friends with Sam
• Lou and Mitch putting their relationship on hold

Quote of the episode:
Jack: By the way, I told you so.
Tim: What are you talking about?
Jack: The goldfish, I told you so. It is very satisfying to be able to say that, so I’m gonna say it again, I told you so. That feels good.

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