Heartland Season 10 Episode 9 Review

Did you watch Heartland this Sunday? I sure did, because it was Heartland mid-season finale. And if you know the Heartland series, then you also know, that this show’s 9th episodes always end with a cliffhanger. And what a cliffhanger it was! So buckle up, folks, here is the review of Heartland mid-season finale.

Spoilers ahead!

New places

One of this episode’s main story lines took place in an unfamiliar place. To us at least. Usually on Heartland episodes the Heartland ranch is the star of the show and epicenter of our characters’ lives. But this time three of our characters veered away from the familiarity of Heartland.

Amy, Georgie and Tim drove up into the mountains to attend a Horse Clinic that Amy’s friend had organized. Of course, Tim being the overprotective father he is, didn’t let Amy do it alone, so he and Georgie tagged along. The horse clinic went great, Amy along with Georgie seemed to be on top of their game, but the fun started after the clinic.

As our trio was about to leave, a hysterical woman showed up, claiming that she had missed the clinic and that Amy just had to look at her horse. Amy being Amy, decided to help the woman, but it backfired big time. Not only the horse went crazy when Amy lead his out of his trailer, resulting in Amy falling again, but the woman left the horse with them without saying a word and drove away.

All things considered, Amy, Tim and Georgie handled this unexpected turn of events very well, because they decided to take the horse with them to Heartland. But, unfortunately, that’s what also led them to getting stranded on a remote road with no cell service and injured.

I have to say, this is probably one of the most intense cliffhangers Heartland has ever had. Amy having contractions, Tim having a concussion or worse and them being in the middle of nowhere. January 15, when Heartland is back on our TV screens, can’t come fast enough!

Adventures abroad

The other big story line of this Heartland episode was Ty and Bob hunting down the cub of a killed Gobi bear mother. Yes, you read that right, this episode Ty was finally back on our screens big time. And we also finally saw his and Bob’s Mongolia adventures.

These Mongolia sequences were great, because we got to see Ty in action and we got to experience Mongolia a bit. I loved the scenes of them driving and then climbing the Mongolian terrain in search for the bear cub. It showed us how beautiful and exotic Mongolia is. Not to mention the men with guns, which added a more action to this Heartland episode (not that it was lacking in that department) and helped us better understand the dangers of a remote country like Mongolia.


Lastly, the remaining Heartland family members also had their own troubles back at the Heartland ranch. Peter came home to find that Georgie is away, Katie has taken to Mitch and Lou isn’t back yet, to sign their divorce papers.

That caused some severe awkwardness between Mitch and Peter as well as conflict in Peter himself. I loved him admitting that he had never felt more alone to Jack. It showed that Lou is not the only one who is affected by their divorce, and maybe, just maybe, it could mean, that there is still a chance for them to work things out. Wouldn’t that be great? Or are you team Mitch?

Additionally, we also got to see Lou back in Heartland, even if it was just for a second. And it is always nice to see Lou back with her family in the place where she truly belongs.

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Last thoughts

Sadly, mid season finale means, that Heartland season 10 is halfway done, since this season of the show, like most others, is 18 episodes long. But we should look from the bright side, we have 9 more fabulous Heartland episodes to watch in 2017 and much to look forward to. Ty coming back, Tamy having a baby, Lou’s love triangle with Peter and Mitch, Georgie’s relationship with Adam, bickering between Jack and Tim to name a few. So let’s end this last Heartland review of 2016 on a high note and see you in 2017, Heartland fans!

Episode highlights:

• seeing and experiencing Mongolia with Ty and Bob
• seeing Amy back in her element
• Georgie teaching Katie liberty horse training
• Mitch saving Monty
• Amy missing Ty
• Peter this episode
• awkwardness between Peter and Mitch
• Lou being back in Heartland
• the cliffhanger at the end of the episode

Episode let-downs:

• Tim still being overprotective of Amy
• the woman leaving the horse with Amy
• Tim not saying that he is hurt

Quote of the episode:
Amy: “Thank you, you two, but you didn’t have to do this. I’m not an invalid. Can everybody, please, remember that?”
Tim: “Yeah, you’re not an invalid.”
Amy: (groans in frustration) “Dad, really, four hours of this?”

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