Heartland Season 10 Episode 10 Review

It’s a good day if it is a Heartland Sunday! This Sunday was and I couldn’t be more excited, because, after a month and a half long hiatus, Heartland was finally back on the air. Moreover, it was a continuation of episode 9 that left us on a big cliffhanger. So without further ado, here is the Heartland season 10 episode 10 review.

Warning, spoilers ahead!

Cliffhanger resolved

First things first, let’s talk about how they resolved last episode’s cliffhanger. December 4’s episode left us with Tim injured, Amy having cramps, the abandoned horse trapped into the busted trailer and over in Mongolia Ty and Bob trying to save an injured bear cub. Lucky for us, the faith of all these characters were resolved in this episode right away.

Although at first, it seemed like Georgie will ride right past Tim, who was lying in a ditch unconscious, Spartan saved the day by not letting Georgie walk further. So Georgie found Tim, although he wasn’t in the best shape and was hardly able to stand up. Meanwhile back in Heartland, Jack called Karen, the woman in whose ranch the clinic was held, and she rushed to help our trio, while Jack and Mitch drove up from Heartland. Karen ended up finding Georgie and Tim first and bringing Tim to the hospital while Georgie rode back to Amy.

A while later Jack and Mitch arrived at the crash site, too, released the horse and brought Amy to the hospital to be checked out. All’s well that ends well! That’s the only thing I can say about this whole situation because this storyline definitely kept me on the edge of my seat. But luckily everyone was okay and even the abandoned horse seemed to slowly come around after being trapped in the trailer for that long. Although it does seem that the storyline of the white horse isn’t quite over yet, so we will just have to wait and see how it plays out.

Ty’s adventures in Mongolia

The thing I liked about Heartland season 10 episode 10 was that it jumped between two places, two storylines – the Heartland ranch and Mongolia, where Ty was. And these jump cuts felt so organic, that there were times when I didn’t realize that a location jump was coming. These types of cutscenes aren’t anything new to TV shows and also to Heartland, but this time they felt very natural. This isn’t an easy thing to accomplish, so for that, I really applaud the Heartland editing, directorial and all other teams that made it possible!

Speaking of Ty and Mongolia, out there Ty and Bob were trying to save the bear cub that was shot. But emergency surgery without a proper operation room setting wasn’t the only thing they had to worry about. They also had to deal with Mongolians, who came to collect the reward that one of the veterinarians promised for information. And that really put Ty’s life in jeopardy, because not all of the Mongolians seemed to be that friendly if their guns were any indication.

In the end, Ty and Bob saved the cub and also reached an agreement with the Mongolians. However, the fact that Ty and Bob mentioned the man who shot the bear cub makes me think that in the upcoming episodes Ty might be putting himself in even bigger danger by going after that man. I just hope he will come back to Amy in one piece and in time for the birth of his child.

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Lou and Peter

The last big storyline of Heartland season 10 episode 10, of course, was Lou and Peter’s relationship because Peter was back in Heartland with divorce papers in hand. I have to admit at first I really hated the divorce storyline, but now it seems like it might actually bring both parents closer and will also switch up the family dynamic in Heartland. And, since change is often what keeps a show going, it is definitely a good thing for a show on its tenth season.

But back to the divorce papers. All through this episode, it seemed like Lou was really hesitating to sign the paper because in her mind they meant that they, Peter and she, will be on their own again. But Peter reassured her that the divorce won’t change anything, it will only make things clearer since they will know where they stand.

It really seems like their divorce will be a good thing after all, because from the ending of this episode it really seemed that they both were in a good place personally and as a couple. Peter strengthened his part in the Heartland family, while Lou is finally free to try a relationship with Mitch. And who knows, maybe this divorce will even bring them back together because those looks they shared at the end of the episode didn’t look like those of a divorced couple.

Last thoughts on Heartland season 10 episode 10 review

Finally, I wanted to mention how much I miss Amy and Ty together. The last scene between them was so sweet yet funny, that it made me really miss season 9 when they were together most of the time. So I really hope that soon Ty will be back from Mongolia and back where he belongs, in Heartland next to Amy, because these chats just aren’t the same.

Episode highlights:

• that everyone is okay after the crash
• Ty and Bob being able to save the bear cub
• Mitch trying to remove himself from being in the middle of Lou and Peter
• how Amy let Georgie work with the white horse
• Lou and Peter’s relationship at the end of the episode
• Peter finally getting his own stone
• Amy and Ty’s scene at the end
• the song at the very end of the episode (PJ Pacifico – All For Something)

Episode let-downs:

• Ty and Bob wanting to go after the man who shot the cub
• Peter thinking that he is replaceable in Heartland

Quote of the episode:
Amy: “Hi! Who’s that handsome fellow? Do I know you?”
Ty: “You wouldn’t believe the last few days I’ve had.”
Amy: “Oh, no you have no idea what my past few days have been like.”
Ty: “Okay, really? You first then.”
Amy: “Mm, actually I don’t know if you want to know all the gory details. They’ll probably drive you crazy.”
Ty: “Oh, you want gory details? I’ve got gory details.”
Amy: “Okay, spill, mister.”
Ty: “Where do I start?”

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  1. I don’t like Tim and Lou either and have wished for a longtime that someone would put both of them in their place. I really dislike the way Lou still seems to think she can just do what she wants when she wants how she wants to whom she wants. She’s truly Tim’s daughter. Poor Lisa (the wife of the matriarch) will never get to be the woman of Heartland as long as Lou is around. She is so overbearing arrogant and selfish.

  2. Maybe I’m crazy but I think Tom is one of the most maligned characters but behind the bravado he really cares. He may go about things a little unconventionally but his love for his daughters and even his son is so evident. I think he even cares for Jack more than their rough and tumble demeanor indicates. He just has a lot of past regrets but he is trying hard to overcome the mistakes. And that makes him human and loveable. I say give him a break

  3. I dislike Lou almost as much as I dislike Tim… Daughter like father… completely selfish, it’s all about me, me, me… what about me, what’s in it for me… drives me crazy.
    But it’s just a TV show right 🙂

  4. Does anyone else totally dislike “Lou”? She has to be the most self absorbed character on TV. Every decision is based on what makes her “happy”, which every adult understands is fleeting at best. There’ is absolutely no regard for what is best for her marriage or kids. Often leaving them all behind to be taken care of by other family members. Why in the world can none of her suitors realize this? I almost fast forward through any scene she is in. At some point I would love to see someone call her on it, maybe Peter and / or Georgie, because they’ve been the most hurt by her.

  5. They always name the horses……did I miss hearing the name of the white horse in Season 10, episode 10?

    1. No, Pat, you didn’t miss anything. The white horse in episodes 9 and 10 was the first big guest horse to not have a name.

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