Heartland Season 10 Episode 15 Review

After a short break, Heartland was back with a new episode. And although it was an interesting episode, it also felt like a filler episode to bridge the gap between the Mallory two-episode arc and the story that will play out over the last three episodes of the shows 10th season. Nevertheless, it was great seeing Heartland back as my Sunday night entertainment, so let’s get into the Heartland season 10 episode 15 recap.

Warning, spoilers ahead!

A blast from the past

This Heartland episode focused around two main things. One of them being a horse, which we have seen on the show previously and which holds a special meaning to our parents-to-be.

Do you remember how a few seasons back Amy and Ty encountered a horse that they dubbed Ghost, because of his tendency to appear and disappear? Well, on Heartland season 10 episode 15 Ghost was back. And since previously his arrival was an ill omen to Ty, it got Amy worried this time around, too. Especially because she was having a tough time with the pregnancy, seeing bad dreams about Ty and because she wasn’t able to contact Ty for a while.

Moreover, the second time that Ghost turned up at Heartland, he was injured, which sent Amy, Jack, and Cassandra on a mission to treat the injured horse. They, of course, were able to help him after Amy bonded with Ghost and after all that Amy was even able to contact Ty, who swore to her that he was all right. But maybe Ghost really does have a special connection with Ty, because, after the video call, Ty got sick, just as Ghost had turned up injured after being fine the first time Amy saw him on this episode.

I love how Heartland is incorporating this mystical element to the bond between human and horse. It adds an interesting tone to the show. And it also is a great tool to use to lead the show into its last three episodes of season 10, because it gives an edge to the usually very realistic and real-world-based show.

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Relationship troubles vol. 1

The second major plot point of Heartland season 10 episode 15 was the relationships of two members of the younger generation of Heartland extended family. So on this episode, we not only saw more of Jade and Clay’s relationship but also got to see Georgie going out with a guy, one that wasn’t Adam.

First of all, we finally saw more of Jade and Clay, since we hadn’t really seen those two together since their kiss in episode 12. Although their relationship what fine at the beginning of Heartland episode 15, by the end of it they went their separate ways.
At the beginning of the episode, we saw Clay telling Jade that he is thinking about going on the south rodeo circuit, which would take him away from Hudson and Jade for a few months. Jade being Jade made a snap decision to join him, after her dad canceled their fishing trip. Luckily, Tim and Amy were able to talk her out of it, which was especially great, because Clay hadn’t even entertained the idea for Jade to come with him on the road.

And when Jade realized that she dumped Clay telling him that she wasn’t about to wait for him to come back. Although I was happy when Jade and Clay got together, it seemed like Jade really needed this breakup, because she was finally growing up and figuring out her life after making the decision to break up with Clay. So it will be interesting to see how Jade’s character evolves because so far most of the time we have seen the hothead Jade not the mature version of her.

Relationship troubles vol. 2

But Georgie’s relationship seemed to go the opposite direction of Jade and Clay’s on Heartland season 10 episode 15, which was put on that path with the help of Clay’s cousin Wyatt.

So after George met Wyatt while out riding, Wyatt asked Georgie out on a date. At first, she told him no because she was still hurting from her breakup with Adam. However, after Wyatt’s repeated tries and a little help from Amy, Georgie finally agreed and the two went on a fun date which involved a cabriolet ride in freezing temperatures and an old-school photo booth completed with costumes. And at the end of the date, Wyatt kissed her.

But it wasn’t a bad thing because it caused Georgie to freak out and finally realize how much she missed Adam. So she called Adam to set up a get-together, which might lead to them getting back together. Of course, it was after Georgie started rambling about how cool Adam is to Wyatt while they were still on their date, but nevertheless, everything turned out for the best. And we even might get to see Georgie and Adam together again by the end of this Heartland season.

Last thoughts on Heartland season 10 episode 15

Lastly, I also wanted to mention how much I like Tim and Casey’s relationship. They seem like they are very happy together, while still maintaining their individual quirks and dreams. Which is how a relationship should be. And I hope that Casey’s decision to also go to the rodeo circuit in the south won’t change their dynamic.

Episode highlights:

• Amy during the conversation when Wyatt asks Georgie out
• Georgie and Wyatt’s cute date
• Cass being bad-ass with the tranquilizer gun
• Jade realizing that she shouldn’t go on the south rodeo circuit
• Amy, Jack, and Cass helping Ghost
• Jade opening up to Tim
• Georgie and Jade’s friendship
• Amy finally being able to contact Ty
• the cliffhanger of Ty being sick and Ghost showing up again at the end of the episode

Episode let-downs:

• Clay not even considering that Jade might want to come with him
• Casey and Clay possibly leaving for a while

Quote of the episode:
Casey: “You did say that you didn’t want to be the one to stand in between me and my dreams.”
Tim: “I said that?”
Casey: “You did and I love you for it!”
Tim: “I’m an idiot.”

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