Heartland Season 10 Episode 12 Review

The newest episode of Heartland was probably one of the most dramatic ones of the season. But at the same time, it also featured one of the most heartfelt moments of the season. Which basically perfectly sums up the kind of show Heartland is. So let’s see what happened in Heartland season 10 episode 12 and get to its recap.

Warning, spoilers ahead!

The center of attention

This Heartland episode centered around one particular occurrence, and unfortunately it wasn’t a happy one. Do you remember how in episode 11 Tim helped Casey out, by finding a new place for the rodeo people to board their horses? Well it turned out that the new stables weren’t as safe as everyone thought they were, because there was a fire which claimed the lives of all but one horse, Tim’s new barrel racing horse Morgan.

That brought out sadness and pain in everyone, but it was especially hard for Tim. Not only he lost his other horses in the fire, but he also got blamed for the whole thing. Of course, in the end the accusations were put to the rest, when the Fire Chief told Jack that a faulty wiring was the cause of the fire. But it still didn’t prevent Tim from having a hard time dealing with the situation.

Luckily Casey and the rest of his family was at Tim’s side to help him through it. And at the end of the episode Casey even admitted that she thinks that Tim is the strongest man she knows, because he managed to create something beautiful regardless of his own devastation.

Despite the tragic nature of this episode, I really liked how Heartland writers decided to feature something so tragic in an episode and then turn it into a way to truly highlight the family that rodeo is. It teaches us that even the darkest clouds can have a silver lining, which, I think, is something worth remembering, especially with everything that is happening around us.

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Rodeo hopefuls

The secondary story line of Heartland season 10 episode 12 focused on Jade and Clay, as they were preparing for their first rodeo in the big leagues. But it wouldn’t be a TV show, if everything went down as planned. It was actually the very opposite of that.

Not only Tim, being too busy with the aftermath of the fire, sent Caleb to teach Jade and Clay their last couple of lessons before the big rodeo, but a few pro riders thought it would be fun to mess with the duo by getting them so drunk that they wouldn’t be able to ride the next day. And sure enough, Jade took the bait and ended up pulled from the rodeo by Tim, because he didn’t want Jade riding a bronco that hungover.

The one bright side of all this ordeal was, that Jade and Clay finally might be moving in the relationship direction, since they shared a kiss. This tension between the two characters was there from the very beginning, and I am glad that we might finally be seeing this tension turn into something more. I just hope that by the end of the season we will see Jade finally participating in a rodeo and fulfilling dream of being a bad-ass bronco ride. That really is an empowering story that needs to be told properly.

Relationship trouble

And then there were also the story line of Georgie and Adam, and how their relationship is seemingly headed downhill. In previous episodes we already saw their relationship taking a couple of hits, but it seemed to be on the mend. Well not anymore, at least not for Adam from the looks of things.

On Heartland season 10 episode 12 we saw Adam overreacting and getting upset about Georgie outing his secret that he has diabetes to Jade and Clay, and also assuming that there is something going on between Georgie and Clay, when in reality Clay is into Jade.

I am starting to dislike this whole Georgie and Adam relationship. It just seems like there is quite a lot of forced drama created between them. And I am not sure that this is the best way to portray two teens’ first steps in dating. So hopefully, this misunderstanding about Georgie and Clay will be quickly resolved and we will be able to see Georgie and Adam sharing more sweet moments.

Last thoughts on Heartland season 10 episode 12

Finally, I wanted to mention two last things. Firstly, I can’t get over how good Jack’s speeches are this season. From the one when he was accepted into the hall of fame to this one at the rodeo arena, they are just so heartfelt and on point, that I can’t not rave about them.

Secondly, how cute Amy and Ty’s video chats were this episode? Even though they are continents apart, they still manage to be there for each other and support each other. I think that is how relationship and marriage should be, and I am glad that Heartland shows such a good example to other young couples. And did you hear Ty’s comment about coming home? Let’s hope that it means that Ty will be back at Heartland sooner rather than later.

And I will end this Heartland season 10 episode 12 review on a very happy note. Did you hear, that Jessica Amlee will finally be back on Heartland to reprise her role as Mallory Wells? It was announced on the Heartland official Blog this past Wednesday, and I have to say, it has been long overdue. I am excited to see how Mallory’s character has changed over her time away. And I am also looking forward to her interacting with the rest of the characters after such a long pause.

Episode highlights:

• Amy and Ty’s video calls this episode
• Tim being devastated about the fire but pushing through to make the rodeo happen
• Georgie calming down Morgan
• Caleb teaching Jade and Clay visualization technique
• Jade and Clay finally getting together
• Jack’s speech and the whole ceremony at the arena

Episode let-downs:

• the reporter blaming Tim for the fire
• the cowboys getting Jade drunk and sick
• Adam being mad at Georgie

Quote of the episode:
Casey: “Thank you for helping me put everything together. You never lost focus even with everything you were going through. I think you’re the strongest man I’ve ever met.”
Tim: “I was crying like a baby out there during that moment of silence.”
Casey: “Especially because of that!”

First look at Heartland season 10 episode 13:

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