Heartland Season 10 Episode 6 Review

This review contains spoilers!

Ah, Sundays! My favorite days with my favorite family drama. I love to enjoy my evenings with some Heartland, because it makes me feel so warm and fuzzy inside, while also going through a roller-coaster of drama worthy emotions at the same time. And this weeks Heartland allowed me to do just that, to see the characters happy, and sad, and laughing, and angry, and to also feel these emotions for myself as I sympathized with the characters and their journeys. So let’s get into this review, so we can find out what happened with our beloved “Heartland” characters this episode.

This week we saw four main plot lines play out on our screens. Let’s start with the older generation of Heartland family. So we saw Lisa continuing to help with Katie and other chores around the ranch while Lou is away. But sometimes, you can do some harm, even if you have the best intentions at heart. And that is what happened with Lisa, because we saw her almost throw out the jar, that Jack uses to make his famous stew, while cleaning and decluttering the kitchen. These scenes gave us some nice and funny moments between Jack and Lisa and Katie and Lisa, where Jack tried to make the stew without his jar and failed and Lisa discovering, that in the end Katie had taken Jack’s jar for her paint brushes. After the intensity between Jack and Lisa in last Heartland episode, these lighter scenes were welcome. And can I just say how hilarious it was, when Jack took away everyone’s dishes when he realized that nobody liked the stew that he made, using one of Lisa’s new recipes?

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Now let’s move on to the middle generation of the family, where both sisters, Amy and Lou, go their story lines this episode that were though, emotional and showed how strong of women they are. But, first things first, I just need to express how glad I am to see Lou finally back in Heartland, because it just seemed not as interesting without her there. And since Lou was back, Mitch was back, too, and their relationship was the main plot line for Lou this episode. We saw Lou getting back from New York, and basically inviting herself to Mitch’s fishing trip, by just showing up there. Although she, just like Lisa, meant well, because Lou really wanted to tell Mitch about her feelings for him, it wasn’t the best time, as it seemed like Mitch was dealing with some stuff from his past. We saw him holding his military dog tags and trying to let go of his past by throwing away said dog tags. But unfortunately, he wasn’t quite successful with that, and Lou being there didn’t help either. From the ending of the episode it seemed like again it just wasn’t the right time for their relationship, for Mitch at least this time. But the fact that Mitch wanted to make it all better makes me hopeful, that soon Lou will stop being upset with him and we will see some real romantic scenes between them.

While Lou was dealing with her love life, Amy was more occupied with her work life and the doubts that creeped up on her about her ability to do what she does, after a client bailed on her just because Amy is pregnant. Luckily, after some scheming from Lisa, a new client showed up on Heartland, who not only needed Amy’s help with a horse, but who also had just had a baby. It was a tough job for Amy, but in the end she figured out how to help the horse and its owner, and also realized not only why Spartan was acting out, but also that her pregnancy cannot take away her knowledge, her connection to horses and her ability to help others. It was really heartbreaking to see the scene with Amy crying in Ty’s truck about her doubting herself, as well as doubting her decision of letting Ty go to Mongolia while she is pregnant, but in the end I think she realized that she not only made the right decision about Ty, but that her pregnancy isn’t a roadblock for her work, rather it is an opportunity to explore new side of herself and a new side of understanding horses and their owners. One thing I hope for, though, is that in the next episodes we will see more confident Amy, despite the fact that she is pregnant, because we all know that the Miracle Girl in her isn’t going anywhere, and she should embrace her pregnancy and what that means in relation to her work with horses.

The younger generation also had a story line on Heartland season 10 episode 6. Young love is beautiful, but this episode we saw trouble in paradise as Georgie and Adam were learning more and more about what it means to be in a relationship. We saw Georgie asking for a bit more space and Adam being offended about that, and although to somebody like Adam it might seem like an outrageous demand, I really get where Georgie is coming from. I am a strong believer that even if you are in a relationship, you need space, because relationship shouldn’t consume every living second of your life, rather it should be something that adds another aspect to it and makes you better as a person. Unfortunately, Georgie didn’t do the best job at communicating her reasoning to Adam, and the whole Clay situation, where he started hanging out with Georgie, because he wanted to know more about Jade, didn’t help wither, since Adam saw it as Georgie replacing him with Clay. I hope that they will patch things up, but I am also glad that the show’s writers decided to show this plot line on Heartland, since young people in first relationships could really benefit from it.

Last thoughts on Heartland Season 10 Episode 6

And finally, I just wanted to mention how cool it was that they showed mounted archery on the show. I really love when Heartland is introducing its viewers to new and exciting horse related sports, because it just shows that there a lot other things besides show jumping and roping, that you can explore on horseback. Last season it was Medieval jousting, we have seen liberty horse training and trick riding, and now there is mounted archery, too. I wonder where they will go next..

Highlights of the episode:

• Lou is back
• Lisa throwing out Jack’s jar and all the shenanigans related to that
• Conversations between Amy and Lou
• The dinner scene
• The first two Lou and Mitch scenes
• Georgie learning mounted archery
• Amy being able to help the client after all

Let-downs of the episode:

• No Jack and Tim bickering
• Ty being shown for only a couple of minutes
• That horse instructor refusing to allow Amy to work with her horse, just because she is pregnant

Quote of the episode:
Lou: You know what, Amy, you’re right. I need to go down there and I need to tell him how I feel.
Amy: Well, are you sure?
Lou: Yeah! Cause if I don’t, maybe I never will. Thank you!
Amy: (whispers) For what?

First look at the new Heartland episode:

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