Heartland Season 11 Episode 2 Review

The latest Heartland episode was every bit as emotional and tear-jerking as the episode previews indicated. But more than that, it delivered a well-rounded lineup of stories that had us laughing, crying and just enjoying the show. Here is my recap of Heartland season 11 episode 2.

Warning, spoilers ahead!

A blast from Georgie’s past

The big storyline for Heartland season 11 episode 2 was Georgie dealing with her past. We all know how before Georgie came to Heartland she was in the foster care system because a drunk driver killed both of her parents when she was very little. And on this episode, we saw Georgie facing that drunk driver and dealing with everything that came out of that.

At the beginning of the episode, Georgie admitted to Jade that she looked up the man who killed her biological parents after her brother sent her a newspaper clipping reporting the accident. And afterward, Georgie told Jade that she is going to visit the man, even just to see him with her own eyes. Jade, of course, didn’t think that it was a good idea. But, since Georgie had her mind set on going, she did what any supportive friend would – went with Georgie for moral support. However, the visit turned disastrous quickly.

Not only Georgie didn’t tell Charles Thackery, the drunk driver, who she is. But, while bolting out of Mr. Thackery’s driveway she managed to damage his property. And in the evening on the same day, a deputy came knocking to the Bartlett ranch’s front door, informing them that Charles had failed an official complaint. So Georgie had no choice but to tell her family who exactly was the man whose property she damaged.

And everyone was shocked, to say the least. However, not angry, rather more concerned about Georgie’s well-being and state of mind. So much so that Jack even called Peter, who flew down to help Georgie deal with this situation. As well as went to Mr. Thackery to try to talk him into dropping the complaint and telling him who Georgie really is.

Past resolved

However, since this whole situation was very tough, it also took time for it to resolve. Because not only Georgie didn’t want to acknowledge that she wasn’t quite okay after going to visit the man who killed her parents. But Mr. Thackery seemed like he wanted nothing to do with this as well. Luckily, we didn’t have to wait until the next episode to see this storyline come to a beautiful conclusion.

Mr. Thackery was the first one to reach out, coming over to Heartland and asking Jack if he could meet with Georgie and make amends. And, after Peter lent support to Georgie and told her that Charles wanted to meet with her, she decided to do it. So with her dad by her side, Georgie sat down face to face with Mr. Thackery. She listened to what Charles had to say, as well as told him that she can’t forgive him for something she doesn’t even remember (her life with her parents in it) and made him promise to love his newborn daughter no matter what.

But the wisdom that Georgie demonstrated in that moment was not even the most beautiful part of the ending of Heartland season 11 episode 2. I think the best part of that talk was the moment when Georgie’s conversation with Mr. Thackery turned into her telling how much she loves and appreciates Peter. It brought tears to my eyes. And was an incredible ending to a very hard and emotional storyline.

Mystery flowers

While Georgie was dealing with her past, Jack was also facing a problem. At the beginning of Heartland season 11 episode 2 we saw Lisa being delivered flowers to Jack’s house. And with Tim in his ear going on about Lisa receiving flowers from French men, Jack made it into a bigger deal than it had to be.

Jack even retorted to having Peter look up the guy who sent Lisa flowers after he saw him calling her. However, in the end, it turned out that the guy was nothing more than Lisa’s real-estate agent. Yet the reason why Lisa needed to hire him was a huge deal.

Lisa confessed to Jack that she is almost broke. Which is why she hired the realtor in the first place. She was looking into selling her home in France, so she could keep her business afloat and not let go her trainers and stable hands. And on top of that Lisa told him that the reason for her not telling Jack about all this was because money had always been the biggest roadblock of their relationship.

Fortunately, Lisa decided against selling her home, opting to rent it out instead. And all was good in the Jack and Lisa relationship again, after Jack told Lisa that her doing everything she can not lay off her staff makes him proud. Which is great, because I have always found the relationship that Jack and Lisa have be not only sweet but very supportive and unique.

Hunting skunk

And I can’t forget to mention what Tim was up to on Heartland season 11 episode 2. It was a stinky situation that required a little help from his friends. Let me explain.

Since Lou was still off in New York getting Maggie’s 2.0 up and running, Tim was put in charge of getting the Dude ranch in shape for visitors. But the already pretty difficult task was complicated by a rogue skunk taking up residence in one of the cabins. So Tim had to come up with a plan to capture the animal and get it out of the cabin. And he figured that it was a two man’s job.

Tim being Tim called none other than Mitch for help. Who wasn’t happy seeing that the big emergency Tim was describing and that made him drive down all the way from Calgary was a skunk. Nevertheless, the two men successfully captured the skunk, albeit nearly got sprayed by the animal. And Tim even vaguely admitted to Mitch that he wished he would stay because Tim actually liked Mitch. Which was a huge deal for Tim.

So I have to wonder. Does this mean that Mitch will indeed be coming back to Heartland soon since he clearly still is very much a part of this show? I would love that! But if that was to happen, I definitely am not looking forward to Mitch and Lou’s reunion scene. It probably will get crazy.

Last thoughts on Heartland season 11 episode 2

My favorite storyline of the episode had to be the Amy and Ty one, where they were deciding on who to name as Lyndy’s guardians if anything was to happen to them. Georgie dealing with her past made them think about their daughter and what would happen if they weren’t around anymore.

So the new parents weighted a couple of options. But they ended up settling on Cass and Caleb, after seeing them adopt a dog. Which I think was not only an extremely sweet but also a smart choice. And hopefully, this will also mean that we will be seeing much more of the newlyweds on Heartland season 11. Because I always love scenes with Amy and Ty hanging out with Cass and Caleb. And would not protest if there was more of them.

Episode highlights:

• Ty going back to work
• Tim snooping on Lisa’s flowers
• Tim’s reaction to the skunk
• Georgie telling Jade about her plans
• Jade supporting Georgie and going with her to see Georgie’s parents killer
• Cass trying to deny that she finds the dog cute
• Caleb babysitting Lyndy
• Mitch’s reaction to finding out that Tim’s emergency was a skunk
• Everyone being concerned about Georgie
• Peter flying down from Vancouver just to make sure his daughter is okay
• Jack asking Peter to look up the man who sent Lisa flowers
• Charles asking Jack if he could arrange a meeting with Georgie so he could make amends
• Cass and Caleb adopting Jasper
• Peter and Georgie’s heart to heart
• Lisa telling Jack about her financial troubles
• Peter supporting Georgie and being next to her when she met with Mr. Thackery
• Mr. Thackery and Georgie’s conversation
• Georgie telling Peter how much he means to her
• Amy and Ty asking Cass and Caleb to be Lyndy’s guardians

Episode low points:

• Tim convincing Jack that the flowers are much bigger deal than they actually were
• Georgie telling everyone that she is fine when she clearly wasn’t

Quote of the episode:
Tim: “I’ll do that.. look after her..”
Amy: “Yeah, I’m going to.. join you..”
Peter: “Wait..”

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  1. I joined UP Faith & Family, gave my E-Mail address, my credit card number for the $5.99 a month after my free trial. I watched Season 11 Episode 1, next night I watched Episode 2, now I can’t get Season 11 to come up to watch #3. I don’t know what to do. I have clicked on a dozen different ads and it just won’t come up. my free time will soon be over and I’m not paying for something I can’t watch. I need some help. I love Heartland and watched Season 1-10 on Netflix. does it still come on there?

    1. Season 11 should be on Netflix relatively soon. However, there is no concrete date as to when that will happen yet. As for UP Faith & Family, I suggest you contact UP about your problem. Hopefully they will be able to help you.

      1. Update: Heartland season 11 is officially available on Netflix US as of August 1st.

  2. My DVR did not record the first three episodes of season 11 so I’m glad I cam come here to get a rundown of what’s going on. But I disagree about Mitch. Lou and Peter should have worked out their marriage. They really could have too.

  3. Love this show , wish the stations would show current season. I’m keeping track of 11 by your posts.
    Thanks so much

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