Heartland Season 11 Episode 6 Review

This past Sunday Heartland was back with a brand new episode. And we got everything from race horses and unexpected friendships to relationship twists and a Maggie’s event. Here is my Heartland season 11 episode 6 recap.

Warning, spoilers ahead!

Clones and unexpected allies

The big storyline for Heartland season 11 episode 6 was Amy working with one of Lisa’s racehorses named Fairfield Flyer. And it had some interesting surprises in store for us.

The episode began with Lisa asking Amy to work with her one of her horses that she is trying to sell. And it was a racehorse who apparently wasn’t performing anymore. So Amy agreed, bringing Flyer to Heartland and getting to work. However, after trying everything Amy just couldn’t understand what was wrong with the horse. So with Georgie’s help, they tried to figure the animal out. And what they uncovered was pretty shocking.

It turned out that Flyer was a clone of another horse by the same name. Which not only explained the horse’s problems but also put Amy and Lisa at odds, since Amy is strictly against cloning. Yet, when Jack told Amy about Lisa’s financial struggles Amy changed her mind and decided to continue working with Flyer. On top of that, she even went as far as to arrange a meeting with Flyer’s potential buyer Nathan Stockwell, who she knew, to try and convince him to actually buy the horse.

In the end, Amy figured out how to get Flyer to relax. By accident really, because, when Jack brought home a stray goat, Flayer made friends with it and finally calmed down. And because the horse was finally calm and focused, Amy won the race she arranged Stockwell’s other racehorse. Lisa happily sold Flyer and saved Fairfield. And Flayer’s new owner got a two-for-one deal, a horse, and its goat friend.

I love how even in its 11th season Heartland continues to explore different aspects of the equine world. It only goes to show how dedicated and good this show really is!

Fights and romantic gestures

Speaking of Lisa, this episode continued to explore her and Jack’s relationship and hardships that their marriage was facing.

In episode 5 we already saw that Jack and Lisa living together wasn’t going. What with Jack nagging Lisa about every single thing she did. And by the end of the last episode, their relationship wasn’t in a good place.

Unfortunately, the situation wasn’t much better in most of Heartland season 11 episode 6. Mostly because Lisa was stressing about her business. While Jack promised Lou to look after Katie over the summer without asking Lisa about it and told Amy about Lisa’s financial troubles without asking Lisa if he can first. And it all culminated in Lisa moving back to Fairfield saying that them living together wasn’t working for her right now.

Luckily, it didn’t mean the end of their relationship. After talking to Lou about Lisa, Jack realized that Lisa moving out of the ranch in many ways was his fault. So he decided to make it up to her. And he did so by organizing a romantic dinner for the two of them. During which Jack apologized for saying anything to Amy about Lisa’s troubles. And Lisa apologized for overreacting. So by the end of the episode, all was well again in the land of Lisa and Jack.

Which I am so grateful for because their solid, loving relationship really is the backbone of the show. And I couldn’t stand them being at outs with each other. Hopefully, from now on them living together will only bring funny and cute moments!

Happy and then not

But Jack and Lisa weren’t the only ones who were experiencing some relationship twists and turns. Because on Heartland season 11 episode 6 we saw both Lou and Mitch and Georgie and Wyatt go through some things.

Let’s start with Lou and Mitch. On last Heartland episode, we saw them get back together, and that continued this episode. First Amy caught them “catching up” aka making out in the barn. And afterward, they even had a conversation about where their relationship is going, during which Mitch confessed to Lou that he is in love with her. Yet, by the end of the episode, the happy couple wasn’t so happy anymore.

Even though Lou promised Mitch that she would be back from New York all the time, Georgie helped Mitch realize that in reality that probably won’t be the case. What with Maggie’s 2 opening in a month and talks of a third location in the air. So Mitch made the decision to put their relationship on hold until Lou figures out what was more important to her – her life in Heartland or business in New York. Because the reality is that Mitch couldn’t do long-distance and he would never be happy in New York.

So now Lou has to decide either to make Mitch and her Heartland life a priority or to focus on Maggie’s expansion and losing Mitch in the process. Which I imagine will be something Lou will struggle with a lot over the next few episodes. I just hope it won’t be for too long since I would like to see Lou happy again. No matter if that happiness comes from staying in Heartland or going after her dreams in New York.

The beginning of a relationship

Now onto Georgie and Wyatt. Ever since Wyatt moved to Hudson, their friendship has been slowly burning towards a more romantic relationship. Wyatt knew it, even teasing Georgie about her wanting to spend time with him after she decided not to go to New York with Lou on episode 5. Yet, it seemed like Georgie didn’t quite want to admit it. Probably because of her failed relationship with Adam.

But on Heartland season 11 episode 6, we finally saw a turning point in their relationship. Because by the end of the episode Wyatt very publicly admitted that he likes Georgie by singing it from Maggie’s stage in front of everyone. And they even held hands. Though it didn’t come without the two overcoming some obstacles first.

At the start of the episode, Wyatt admitted to Georgie that he failed math so he wasn’t sure if he will be able to hang out with her as much. So Georgie talked Adam into tutoring Wyatt. And if at first Wyatt and Adam didn’t seem to get along, they bonded over their love for music and hung out all night, Wyatt blowing off his plans with Georgie in the process. Which, of course not only made Georgie regret her decision of involving Adam but also made her mad at Wyatt.

However, once she confronted him about it, he admitted that he had done it for her. He didn’t just hang out with Adam, but also studied. And it led Wyatt to pass his math retest and avoid having to go to summer school. So really, it all worked out and from now on we can expect to see more of the two together.

Last thoughts on Heartland season 11 episode 6

I loved seeing Amy talking to Ty again. Albeit it was via a video call. But nevertheless, seeing their family dynamic again was great. And hopefully, we will be seeing more of it soon, meaning that hopefully, Ty will be back in Heartland soon.

Additionally, how great was the Maggie’s 2 celebration party that Jen threw for Lou? Even though Lou hesitated to agree to it, it turned out great. And Jen got to prove her skills as a capable manager to Lou in the process. Which might mean that we will be seeing more of Jen throughout the season. And let me tell you, I’m all for it!

Side note: Did you see the interview I did with Lisa Durupt, the actress that plays Jen? If not, then you can check it out here! It’s a good read, I promise!

And lastly, I have to mention how bad-ass Amy looked racing that horse. It seems like there isn’t an equestrian sport that Amy can’t do. And seeing her as a jockey only solidified that. I wonder, what equestrian sport she will try out next?

Episode highlights:

• Amy catching Lou and Mitch making out in the barn
• seeing Amy raiding Flyer
• Georgie asking Adam to tutor Wyatt
• Jade raising a good point about Georgie asking her ex-boyfriend to tutor her potential new one
• Lou showing Jen the ropes of being Maggie’s and the dude ranch’s manager
• Lou’s talk with Katie
• Amy’s views on cloning horses
• Mitch telling Lou he is in love with her
• Wyatt and Adam bonging over music
• Amy deciding to continue working with Flyer
• Lisa apologizing Amy for not telling her that Flyer is a clone
• Jen proving Lou that she is really great at her job
• Mitch’s reaction to Jack leaving the goat with him
• Lou convincing Jack to apologize to Lisa
• Amy figuring out how to help Flyer
• that way being a stray goat
• Jen’s party turning out amazing
• Amy convincing Nathan Stockwell to take another look at Flyer
• Wyatt singing to Georgie
• Jack’s romantic gesture and Jack and Lisa making up
• Amy and Ty’s video call
• Amy winning the race

Episode low points:

• Jack telling Amy about Lisa’s financial problems without her permission
• Lisa overreacting about Jack telling Amy about her financial problems
• Lisa moving out
• Mitch deciding to pause his and Lou’s relationship until she figures out what she wants

Quote of the episode:
Lou: “And, listen, about Mitch..”
Amy: “You guys back on?”
Lou: “I don’t know! We haven’t really had a chance to talk about it.”
Amy: “Well, yeah, probably because of all that “catching up” (referring to kissing) you had to do.”

Bonus quote of the episode:
Lisa: “I’m wondering if I can come home.”
Jack: “You are!”

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