Heartland Season 14 Episode 10 Review

Here we are once again at the end of another season of Canada’s longest-running family drama and what a finale it was. We had triumphs and hardships, wins and losses. But most of all, it was just another amazing episode of Heartland that gave us that warm, fuzzy feeling inside that many have come to associate with this show.

So, if you want to find out how Heartland season 14 concluded, then keep on reading this recap of Heartland season 14 episode 10.

As always, a spoiler warning is in effect, since there will be a lot of them.

Help horses, help kids

Once again Heartland delivered that quintessential Heartland episode. Especially when it came to Amy’s storyline. Because in this episode Amy seemed to get back to her roots and help not only a horse but also the people around her.

Early in the episode, we saw Cooper Huse visit Heartland and ask Amy for help. Back in episode 6 of this season, he bought the five wild horses that were kicked out from their herd for his horse therapy center. And, although Amy’s recommended trainer had done wonders with four of the wildies, there was one that wasn’t really responding to the trainer’s efforts. So, Cooper hoped that Amy had time to take a look at the horse.

At first, Amy was a bit reluctant to agree, still not quite sure about taking on a client hose. But eventually, she gave in and went to visit Cooper at his center. And she was impressed at what she saw. The center was shaping up nicely and with any luck, it would be open soon.

Amy also took a look at the troubled horse, quickly and appropriately naming him Challange, and determined that he wasn’t letting the trainer near him because he wants to protect his herd. And after a quick session with Challange in the round pen, she decided to work with the horse. In short shifts and more often meaning that she will be coming around more often. Which was great because Cooper and Amy seemed to get along great, even chatting about why Cooper decided to move back to the country and start the center and Amy sharing that her mom did something similar.

Adrian Spencer as Cooper and Amber Marshall as Amy on Heartland episode 1410

Sadly, that all got interrupted when Cooper got a call during which he found out that he didn’t get the grant money he was so counting on to get the center off the ground. So, Amy decided to see if she can help save Cooper’s center by calling her clients to see if maybe one of them would be willing to invest. Yet all of them thought that it was too big of a risk to invest in a new business. And after hearing that the grants fell through Cooper’s donor pulled out as well, so it looked like the center was finished before it even had a chance to begin.

But Amy still went to Cooper’s to work with Challange, figuring that at least she could help him with the horse. And Parker decided to tag along. But unbeknownst to Amy and Cooper, Parker had an ulterior motive to visit Cooper’s center.

It turned out Parker really wanted to help save the center, and since she was good at raising awareness for the causes she championed, she decided to do just that. Especially since the future of the five wildies Cooper bought was up in the air. It didn’t look like Cooper could afford to keep the horses without the center and Amy and Jack couldn’t really take them in either so they might have to be sold or worse.

So, Parker set up a stand outside the arena where a big jumping event was happening and told people about Cooper’s center. And although there was a lot of interest from people it didn’t quite go so well when one of the onlookers, Emma Fitzroy, approached Amy and Parker and they only found out that Emma was Cooper’s donor after Amy said that it was a shame that the donor backed out.

But in the end, it all worked out. Parker not only managed to raise some money for the center. But it looked like something Amy and Parker said stuck with Mrs. Fitzroy because at the end of the episode we saw Cooper thank Parker for her help and tell Parker and Amy that Emma changed her mind and gave an even more generous donation to Cooper and his center.

So, it looks like Cooper’s center was happening after all. And, if we’re lucky to get more seasons of Heartland, maybe we will see Amy continue working with Challange and helping around the center in other ways, too. That would be great to see since it would honor not only her mother’s memory but Ty’s as well. After all, Amy’s mother had a long history of helping troubled kids and that’s why Ty came to Heartland as well.

We got this

Although most of Amy’s attention was focused on helping Cooper with his center, in this episode we also saw her revive the jumping course Ty made for her in season 1.

The episode kicked off with Amy riding Shadow and ending up at the course. And since it has been neglected for a while, it wasn’t in the best shape. That paired with the painful memories of Ty associated with the course made Amy quickly turn around and ride away. And later in the episode, she admitted to Jack that she couldn’t even look at Ty’s old jumping course. But that somehow she also couldn’t get it out of her mind.

Amber Marshall as Amy and Shaun Johnston as Jack on Heartland episode 1410

So, after figuring out that maybe the course is just another thing she needs to face to move on, Amy rode back there and decided that she would revive it. After all, as Ty said in the flashback we were treated to, when it comes to jumping, for Amy, it wasn’t about winning competitions, it was about the thrill of doing it.

Amy: “Seems like so long ago. It’s the first time I jumped Spartan on a course. Feeling how bad he wanted to jump was the greatest thing. It was so obvious he loved it.”
Ty: “Well, so did you.”
Amy: “I know.”
Ty: “You know, it’s not about winning, Amy, not for you, and I know that. It’s always been about the thrill of it.”

So, the episode and the season ended with a flash-forward to six months in the future where the course was rebuild just how Ty made it and Amy was jumping Shadow on it. And with one last flashback from season 1 of Ty and Jack driving past the course meshed with a scene of Amy playing back memory in the present, we knew that although Ty was gone, Amy is going to be alright.

Life’s too short

Speaking of being alright, we have to talk about Tim and Jessica. Because, if you remember from the last episode, after Tim made a grand gesture for Jessica by building her a darkroom she got spooked and took off leaving Tim quite devastated.

At the start of this episode, we saw Tim visit the dude ranch in search of a place to stay since the pipes in his RV were frozen and he didn’t have any water. However, since the people from the company Lou and Mitch are renting their wedding reception tent from were coming that day to take measurements and figure out how to hook up the tent’s heating system to the cabins, Lou didn’t want Tim staying there. So, that left Tim to either bunk with Quinn at the loft. Or make Quinn sleep on the couch in the living room and have the loft all to himself. Yet, since the latter meant that Quinn would be just a staircase away from Georgie’s room, Tim decided to bunk with Quinn.

And so started Quinn and Tim’s roommate situation that didn’t actually last that long. Because apparently, Tim is a snorer. Which left Quinn with a few sleepless nights. And since Quinn and Georgie had an important show coming up, the night before the show when Quinn couldn’t sleep again he told Tim that he would go to the ranch house to sleep.

But Tim didn’t want that to happen, so he decided to go sleep at the dude ranch. And that night just so happened to also be the night when Jessica returned to Hudson from Salt Spring Island.

At first, Tim was not happy about being rudely awakened for the second time that night. But when he realized that it was Jessica who awoke him it kind of softened the blow. So, the two ended up talking by the fire.

They not only admitted that they missed each other. But Tim also finally had a chance to let Jessica know that he didn’t have anything against her fulfilling her plan of traveling to make amends and take photos. He just wanted to be with her while she was there in Hudson.

Tim: “I texted you because I missed you. I didn’t expect you to fly back here.”
Jessica: “I missed you, too. I have to follow through, Tim. Otherwise, I’m gonna regret it.”
Tim: “Okay, so let me understand this. So you’ve flown back here just to tell me that you’re gonna leave again? If you wanna travel, then travel. I understand. You should travel. Just don’t travel tonight.”

And later, when the two were talking about Jessica’s travel plans, she suggested that if Tim wanted to get to know her better then he should tag along.

So, it looks like Tim might be going on an adventure of his own – traveling the world with Jessica for as long as she will have him. And since he has Caleb as his partner at the rodeo school and Jack surely can survive a few months on his own, Tim was free to take the leap.

Michelle Nolden as Jessica and Chris Potter as Tim on Heartland episode 1410

I’m so excited about this because I think Jessica and Tim are pretty perfect for each other. And like Amy told Tim when she was urging him to reach out to Jessica, life is just too short to let Jessica drift away like all the other women that came and went from Tim’s life.

Fill the void

Sadly, one relationship didn’t survive the episode. And it was one that seemed to be the most solid all season. Here I’m talking about Lou and Mitch because although at the beginning of the episode we saw them going full steam ahead with their wedding plans since the big day was just a month away, by the end of it they decided to go their separate ways.

The episode began with the two reading their wedding RSVPs and discussing the tent they were getting for their reception. However, one RSVP seemed to put a damper on Lou’s good mood.

Upon opening the envelope Lou learned that Peter won’t be attending her and Mitch’s wedding. So, she called Peter from her office to find out what gives. And Peter told her that his office had mixed up the dates and booked a business trip the same week.

Lou, of course, understood why Peter couldn’t attend, but it didn’t stop her from losing sleep over thinking back to all the recent moments she has had with Peter. And the fact that she accidentally called Peter her husband not her ex-husband to Rick. And then Rick insinuating that Peter might be much more suited for Lou than Mitch, didn’t help either.

Rick: “I know Peter a lot more than I know Mitch. And, from where I stand, your ex is around was more than your intended.”
Lou: “Mitch is… busy.”
Rick: “Busy? Well, Peter, he took the time. Look at how he handled our evacuation. He was the picture of calm and stability.”
Lou: “He was amazing.”
Rick: “And most importantly, he brought out the best in you. I’m sorry, it’s just my opinion. I’m sure Mitch is a knight in shining cowboy chaps in his own right.”

On top of all that Mitch was also acting weird. Ever since their conversation about Mitch wanting kids of their own with Lou in the previous episode Lou has had a suspicion that him saying that it’s okay if Lou doesn’t want any more kids might not be true. And even if he reiterated it in this episode, seeing him hang out with Caleb and coo over Caleb’s son Carson told a different story.

And then Peter called Lou late in the evening to tell her that he lied about why he wasn’t coming to the wedding and that really threw Lou for a loop. Because it turned out that Peter didn’t have a business trip booked for the same dates. He didn’t want to attend the wedding because he still has feelings for Lou and he couldn’t bear sitting there and watching her marry somebody else.

Mitch also admitted to Lou that he actually wasn’t as okay with them not having kids as he said. And that he did want them to have a kid of their own. Which is when Lou realized that maybe they weren’t as meant for each other as she thought.

Mitch: “Lou, I have a confession I gotta make. Um… You know that I grew up as an only child. I had a cousin, Zack, he was more like a brother to me.”
Lou: “I know. And it must have been terrible to lose him.”
Mitch: “Yeah, it was. And I have to admit that I’ve had a hard time feeling like I’ve been part of any family since then. Then I met you, and your incredible clan and you changed my world. But I gotta be honest, Lou, I’m trying to wrap my head around this. I just… I feel like there is a void inside me and I have to fill it. And I saw you today, cheering Georgie on with Katie, and I want that. I want us to have that with our own kid.”

Lou thought that by marrying Mitch she finally would have a chance to focus on her career not on start another family. But now that that wasn’t true anymore and Lou realized that she still has feelings for Peter, she really started to doubt her decision to marry Mitch.

Kevin McGarry as Mitch and Michelle Morgan as Lou on Heartland episode 1410

So, the two decided to take a break. Leaving their future uncertain. Because although they didn’t exactly call off their wedding yet, it seemed to head in that direction. After all, Lou said that she wasn’t sure that she’s the person Mitch is looking for. And that Mitch shouldn’t be looking for Lou to fill the void inside him, he should do that on his own.

I know quite a few people will be happy to hear that Lou and Peter might be a possibility again. While the other half will want Lou and Mitch back together. Where do you stand on this divide? Let me know in the comments below!

For me, I liked Lou and Mitch together, and if they did end up married I wouldn’t be mad about it. But now that both Lou and Peter have admitted that they still have feelings for each other I think I’m going to go with Team Peter.

Concentrate on you

Last but definitely not least, Heartland season 14 episode 10 was a pretty big episode for Georgie as well because this was the episode when things were slowly aligning for her Olympic dreams one day becoming a reality.

At the onset of the episode, we saw Georgie training hard with Quinn for the upcoming show. And she was doing great, even with the distraction of Quinn talking to another jumper, Fiona. But when Quinn told her that there is going to be an observer from Equestrian Canada at the show, the same organization that decides who goes to the North American Yout Championship and therefore eventually the Olympics, it got Georgie nervous.

Jordan Burtchett as Quinn and Alisha Newton as Georgie on Heartland episode 1410

So much so, that she couldn’t really sleep because she was thinking of it so much. Luckily, with Tim being Quinn’s snoring roommate, he couldn’t sleep either. And seeing Gorgie’s light on he decided to go check on her. So, when Georgie admitted to Quinn that the observer coming to the show made her really worried, he assured his girlfriend that she has nothing to worry about.

That wasn’t the only thing on Georgie’s mind, though. She also didn’t like Fiona talking to Quinn, even if was just about him training her. However, when Georgie suggested that he should concentrate on her more, Quinn admitted that he can’t concentrate on anything else but Georgie. That and Quinn saying that the most important thing is to be together seemed to still Georgie’s anxiety about the horse show and her relationship with Quinn.

But before the moment could get any more heated the two heard the floorboards creaking. And thinking that it might be Jack coming to check on what Quinn was doing in Georgie’s room the two decided to table that moment for another time and place.

Georgie: “Jack’s downstairs and he has a shotgun.”
Quinn: “That’s a good point. I better go.”

The day of the competition came. And although the observer potentially being there still made Georgie tense, Quinn and her whole family were there to support her. So she ended up nailing the course. And by the looks of it also impressing the observer. Because after her turn the observer from Equestrian Canada, Phillip Dawson, approached her and handed her his card telling her to call him.

Right from the start when Georgie’s dreams of going to the Olympics first materialized I have been so excited to see her journey. And moments like these only affirmed my wish to see more seasons of Heartland so we can see Georgie continue to shine. And, since Georgie and Quinn decided to stay in Hudson for a while, if there is a next season I hope we will see more of the two of them as well.

Last thoughts on Heartland season 14 episode 10

Despite all the heartbreak we experienced this season over losing Ty, I think this has been one of my absolute favorite seasons of Heartland so far. In a lot of ways, it felt like it kickstarted a new era for the show. Many of the storylines felt fresh and new and also quite unexpected. So, I really, really hope that we will get a season 15. Because I would love to see how these characters develop as more time passes.

What did you think of the episode and the season as a whole? And how badly do you want Heartland season 15? Sound off in the comments below! And as always, keep an eye on this blog and our social media since I will be posting an update on the future of Heartland as soon as there is any news.

But until then, stay safe, and thanks for reading!


  1. i always wanted Lou to end up with Scott! he def gets her! but she is too selfish and Mitch doesn’t deserve that… Amy needs to find a new ‘love’ interest and i would love to see another season or 20 of Heartland! i am watching it for the 3rd time!

  2. I’m waiting for season 14 in May/2021 on Up Faith and Family. I don’t mind the spoilers. I loved what I read of season 14 episode 10 and I do want many more seasons to come. Thank you

  3. I am just heartbroken on Ty leaving. I agree with the ones who have said that killing him off is a bad idea. No telling how in real life things will go for Ty. If he has a change of heart and would want to come back, there is no opening for his return. I wish there would have been more thought put into this. Like ratings falling because of of Ty’s leaving the writers and producers could have worked with Ty on a part time basis so he could safely pursue other avenues and in the event they didn’t pan out he could return full time but killing him off was a show stopper for me. I have really no interest in watching it anymore and I am crushed.

    1. The thing is Graham Wardle chose to leave permanently. He had been doing the whole part-time thing the last few seasons (the writers/producers LET him do that for MULTIPLE seasons) and decided that Heartland is not his path anymore so having Ty’s storyline left open even though the chance that Graham would ever want to come back was slim to none (according to Amber Marshal’s interview for Maclean’s, Graham told her and the producers that he wanted to leave Heartland over five years ago and then two years ago he told them that he’s done for real!) would have just been bad storytelling.

      It’s okay to be upset about a character’s death but it’s not okay to hate on the writers and producers for a situation they handled the best they could since, frankly, they had no real control over Graham leaving.

    2. Yes Suzi just like most great series they just did not understand it was time to take a bow and leave while the show was on top and so loved by the fans. The fans deserved a happy ending to the Ty and Amy relationship even if it meant concluding the series. Heartland as we knew it really ended at the end of season 13 with Amy remembering her mom while working with Spartan and the new horse and most of all with the scene of her, TY and Lyndy at the closing.

  4. Loosing Ty was a hugh shocker, but they had to do something big to keep the story line from being too familiar.
    I live in Hawaii and I am waiting to see all of season 14 on Netflix and hope you will run with a season 15.
    Heartland got me thru the worst and scariest time in my life 2020…UGH!!! A fan XO

  5. I wish Lou would go away.. I agree w/ what someone said she’s a huge flake & IMO is too controlling and hypocritical towards Peter & Mitch!

  6. I am looking forward to Season 14 knowing it will be so sad to say goodbye to Ty. I am very hopeful for Season 15 and hope for more. Love this series!!! It helped me so much during pandemic.
    I want Lou and Peter to get back together. Mitch and Lou are not on the same page.

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