The 19 Best Scripted and Non-Scripted TV Shows About Wine

As an avid wine drinker myself, it’s always a small delight to learn a new thing or two about the different kinds of wine through the media I consume, whether that’s in movies, podcasts, or TV shows.

I’m by no means a professional who is able to taste the subtle differences in notes or the like, but I’m definitely always up for a good wine-tasting session regardless (and I’m sure I’m not the only one!).

In this article, we visit the fascinating world of TV shows about wine.

These shows offer a delightful blend of education and entertainment, transporting you to picturesque vineyards, engrossing tales of vintners, and the complexities of the grape nectar that has mesmerized humanity for centuries.

Whether you are an avid wine enthusiast or simply fascinated by the art of winemaking, these programs – both scripted and non-scripted – explore the fascinating history and culture surrounding wine-making regions, uncover the secrets behind some of the world’s best wines, and bring to life the ardor and commitment of those who create the most exquisite elixirs.

As you embark on an unforgettable TV journey filled with seductive bouquets and palate-pleasing adventures, sip, savor, and immerse yourself in the world of wine like never before.

Cheers to an amazing journey through the best TV shows about wine!


The Kings of Napa, Oprah Winfrey Network (2022 – present)

The drama The Kings of Napa focuses on a prominent and powerful family that owns a renowned vineyard in the Napa Valley, the titular Kings.

As the family’s patriarch, Reginald is in charge of managing the vineyard’s affairs and making sure that it continues to be successful.

However, the affluent family’s wine empire is threatened by an unexpected and suspicious accident, which sends the Kings into disarray.

After the event that led to the death of the head of the family, the younger generation—which includes Reginald’s three adult children—takes over the vineyard’s management and investigates the incident’s cause, where every decision threatens to jeopardize their future.

Promised Land, ABC/Hulu (2022)

Like the previous show, the series Promised Land is a family drama that focuses on the life and decisions of a family patriarch.

This time, it’s Joe Sandoval at the center, the owner of a successful vineyard in Sonoma Valley, California.

As the head of two blended families, Joe is getting ready to pass on the management of Heritage House Vineyards to one of his children, but obstacles come in the form of conflicts with the daughter of the man he bought the vineyard from, as well as issues surrounding undocumented Mexican immigrants who work on the vineyard.

Under the Vines, Acorn TV/TVNZ (2021 – 2023)

Winemaking is no easy business – a fact that step-cousins Daisy Munroe and Louis Oakley are soon to discover as the central characters in the comedy-drama series Under the Vines.

Daisy is an Australian socialite, and Louis is a lawyer in the UK, but the two end up in the fictional wine region of Peak View in New Zealand when they discover that they’ve inherited Oakley Wines.

Neither of them has any experience in making wines or navigating the industry but become determined to make it work while overcoming their own financial and personal issues.

The Vineyard, Amazon Prime Video (2021)

La Templanza, or The Vineyard, is a Spanish TV series set in the 19th century.

It first introduces a wealthy businessman named Mauro Larrea, who leaves for Mexico in quest of a fresh start after a mining accident, determined to rebuild his fortune.

He meets Soledad Montalvo, a mysterious and independent young widow, and they embark on an unexpected partnership in the winemaking industry.

In an effort to achieve success and happiness, they work together to overcome personal obstacles, face the past, and negotiate the difficulties of the wine industry.

Thus, a story of tenacity, love, and redemption unfolds against the picturesque vineyards of Mexico and Spain.

Gran Reserva, La 1 (2010 – 2013)

Another Spanish series on the list is Gran Reserva, which spans decades as it follows two illustrious winemaking families in the La Rioja wine region: The Cortázars and Revertes.

The series kicks off with Rafael Cortázar, the family’s black sheep, making his long-awaited return. His arrival causes a series of events that rekindle old family grudges and secrets.

A rollercoaster of dramatic twists and turns unfolds as the two families clash over matters of business, love, and ambition.

The show explores the battles and betrayals that mold the fates of these families and their prized Gran Reserva wines amid the lush vineyards and cellars brimming with aging wines.

Falcon Crest, CBS (1981 – 1990)

Falcon Crest focuses on the affluent and influential Channing family, who control the renowned Falcon Crest Winery in the charming Tuscany Valley, and their ongoing saga of the family’s vineyard empire, which is full of intrigue, betrayals, and fierce rivalries with other influential wine families in the area.

The matriarch of the family, Angela Channing, is the central character of the show; she is adamant about keeping control of the vineyard and preserving the family history.

A web of complicated relationships and power struggles develops as additional characters — including Angela’s ambitious grandchildren, relatives, and cunning business associates — enter the picture.

Land of Wine, SBS (2003)

Once again, returning to foreign TV shows, SBS’s Land of Wine is a South Korean drama series that ran over 16 episodes in 2003.

It tells the story of a man and woman, Seojoon and Sunhee, respectively, who have known each other since they were kids because their families practically lived together.

Sunhee’s family was already in the winemaking business, and Seojoon had deep aspirations to take part in the same industry while still forging his own way.

As they grew older, Seojoon promised he would do just that, but he strayed onto a troubled path along the way to his dream of having his own Korean wine-selling business.

River of Wine, TVB Jade (2011)

The Hong Kong period drama River of Wine is set in the Qing dynasty and follows the trials and tribulations between two families at the center of the series: the Sungs and the Leungs.

At the head of the Leung family is Madam Leung, whose children are set to run the successful family winery. However, two decades prior, he had left his family and was adopted by the Sungs, and he was able to make their winery one of the most prosperous in the country.

Things take a turn when the Sungs’ long-lost son returns, and a feud erupts between both families as a battle for rightful ownership comes to light.

The Winemaker, ZDF (2021)

Another foreign-language show about winemaking is the German miniseries The Winemaker.

Set in the picturesque vineyards of South Tyrol, the four-part series follows Matteo DeCanin, a successful winemaker who gets dragged into his old life when an immigrant is shot in his vineyards.

Turns out that in his past life, Matteo was a mafia enforcer. So when his old friend Nico appears in his village, his seemingly perfect life is sent into a tailspin full of dark secrets, ghastly moral dilemmas, and a murder investigation.

Drops of God, Apple TV+ (2023)

Among the newest series on this list is Apple TV+’s Drops of God.

Loosely based on the Japanese manga series of the same name, this eight-part miniseries follows Camille Léger as she learns that her estranged father has left her the world’s greatest wine collection.

However, to claim her inheritance, she has to compete against her father’s protege, Issei Tomine. So the two go head to head in a series of nearly impossible tests to find out who will inherit Alexandre Léger nearly $150 million-worth 87,000-bottle cellar.

Leverage (Season 5 Episode 13: “The Corkscrew Job”), TNT (2008 – 2012)

In Leverage, a group of specially skilled people work together to take down corrupt businesses, criminals, and people who take advantage of the defenseless.

The team is led by Nathan Ford, a former insurance investigator, and includes a master thief, a hacker, a grifter, and a retrieval expert. Together, they employ their special skills to carry out elaborate scams and plans meant to both exact revenge on those who have abused their power and to bring justice to those who have been wronged.

In the season 5 episode The Corkscrew Job, the client is asking for their help to investigate her father’s death at the winery where he worked, for which she was offered a sketchy settlement deal.



Wine Whoopee with Brandon Anders (2019 – 2022)

The charismatic host of the television program Wine Whoopee with Brandon Anders sets out on an enthralling journey through the world of wine.

Brandon takes viewers on a tour of vineyards, wineries, and cellars in the Hudson Valley region with his upbeat and approachable demeanor.

He chats with sommeliers and other professionals along the way to learn more about the complex procedures involved in making wine and to hear the inspiring tales of the passionate people who devote their lives to this art.

It’s hard not to get drawn in by the histories that shape the wine industry and Brandon’s contagious passion for the beverage.

Oz & James’s Big Wine Adventure, BBC Two (2006 – 2007)

Oz Clarke, a wine expert, and James May, a car enthusiast, are the traveling companions at the center of Oz and James’s Big Wine Adventure who embark on a fun but educational exploration of the wine industry.

Despite being opposites in terms of personalities and interests, they set out on a road trip through various wine regions, meeting winemakers, taking in the cultures of the places they visit, and tasting a variety of wines.

Viewers follow Oz and James as they explore the world of wine through each episode and witness their antics, jokes, and growing friendship.

V is for Vino, YouTube (2017 – 2022)

V is for Vino has a fascinating origin story in the show’s founder, Vince Anter.

Once a rock and roll musician, Vince found his love for wine while traveling to all the bars and restaurants as he pursued a career in music.

Soon enough, he decided to learn more about the wine industry, and thus, the series V is for Vino was born.

Throughout each episode of its five seasons, Vince travels to a different wine region to deliver information on the region and its best wineries in an “info-tainment” format that is both educational and fun for all viewers!

Wine Warriors, Amazon Prime Video (2016)

In a similar format, Wine Warriors aired for just one season of 12 episodes wherein the host, William Browning, delves into the daily routines, struggles, and triumphs of the passionate individuals featured throughout the season.

The series focuses on the wineries in Northern Michigan, where William introduces viewers to 4 hardworking, winemaking families throughout the region.

As he documents their complex and varied processes, we get to learn what really goes into making the wines we all enjoy.

The Wine Show, SundanceNow/AcornTV (2016 – 2022)

The Wine Show has a title that’s pretty simple and self-explanatory: a TV show that showcases anything and everything about wine.

In particular, it tells the story of the people behind the wines – not just their foray into the winemaking industry but also on a more personal level.

The hosts of The Wine Show may have some familiar faces as several actors (Matthew Rhys and Matthew Goode) join TV personalities Amelia Singer and Joe Fattorini as they travel around the world to tell stories of the magic of wine.

It Starts With Wine, Amazon Prime Video (2019)

It Starts With Wine may only have three episodes to its name for now (making it quite an easy, educational binge), but each episode is packed with fun and learning opportunities for novice and veteran wine lovers everywhere.

The show brings together wine enthusiasts – from winemakers, growers, and producers to famed TV personalities, celebrities, and chefs – to take them on an adventure around the globe to explore the different facets of wine and the journey from vine to table.

The three episodes take viewers to Uruguay, Argentina, and California.

The Flying Winemaker, TLC Asia (2014)

While wine is great enough to be consumed on its own under any circumstance, there’s no denying that the experience is even greater when it’s paired with the proper food.

This can differ across countries, of course, and that’s what The Flying Winemaker is here to help us with!

Australian winemaker Eddie McDougall takes viewers on a trip to various destinations in Australia and Asia while showcasing the best of the local wines, how they’re made, and what local dish goes best with it.

Viewers may learn a thing or two about more unique methods and food pairings across the most unassuming of market stalls to the most high-class restaurants!

The Wine Guys: Grape Escapes (2017)

Wine is always best enjoyed with friends!

We get to see this sentiment come to life in The Wine Guys: Grape Escapes as three loud and eccentric friends further their friendship and their shared love for wine as they visit vineyards around the world and strike business deals to bring only the best of the best back with them to America.

Charlie Arturaola is the one with all the knowledge as a self-proclaimed wine sommelier, while Michael Podbere and Chuck Katan bring their business-focused minds to the table.

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