Killjoys Season 3 Episode 2 Review

This Killjoys episode brought us new nerds, more Hackmods, and Team Awesome Force finally back together. Want to know what went down on this episode? Then keep on reading this Killjoys season 3 episode 2 recap.

Warning, spoilers ahead!

Killjoys mission of the week

If the first episode of season 3 was all about destroying the nearby Hullen hive, then this episode was about finding a new team nerd. Not a replacement for Johnny, of course, but someone, who could help our team win the war against Hullen and Aneela.

The Dutch and D’av portion of Killjoys season 3 episode 2 started with them going on a simple mission for Turin. However, it quickly turned into a mission, where they desperately needed Johnny’s skills. So afterward Turin informed them that they are to test the field readiness of some RAC scientist, who could potentially help them during missions while John is on his “Emo Walkabout”. Which is why in this episode we saw D’av and Dutch bring along three nerds on a mission with them.

And as per usual, the seemingly easy mission had some serious complications. They got infected by an unknown pathogen, and Dutch had to risk her life to save them. Yet, even that wasn’t enough, because the nerds didn’t manage to stop the decontamination process and they all got burned alive. But, then it was revealed that it was just a simulation, everybody was safe and Turin welcomed two of the nerds into the inner circle, while Zeph was booted by Turin.

However, Dutch recognized Zeph as a valuable asset to them, which is why Dutch went to talk to Zeph in person and welcomed her on board the team. So it seems that Team Awesome Force in expanding beyond Dutch, John, D’av, Pree, Alvis, and Fancy. Which I really appreciate, because it was about damn time the team got another bad-ass female member.

Killjoys season 3

The Hackmod mysteries

Meanwhile, John was trying to get to the bottom of what’s going on with Hackmods in Rat City. At the end of the season 3 opener, we saw Johnny carrying an unconscious Ollie. And just as I expected, he brought her to the Hackmod bar and demanded them to both fix Ollie and tell John why Havigan set them up. But we quickly found out that it wasn’t Havigan’s fault. Something bigger was at play here. So naturally, John decided to go explore it.

It led him to a skin morphing facility masked as a surgical SPA run by Viktoria Modesta’s Niko. And as it turns out, Niko isn’t quite in the market of helping basics try on a different skin. Rather she has created her facility to get her revenge on the people who turned her and all other Hackmods into what they are now. And, since John stumbled upon this and Niko did not appreciate it, he was on the verge of getting skinned himself.

Luckily, Ollie came to John’s rescue. And while she was distracting Niko, John got free of Niko’s restraints, called the other Hackmods, and they all put an end to Niko’s revenge plan on Hackmod owners. Unfortunately, John and Ollie parted ways after that, with Ollie staying with her new-found Hackmod family and John returning where he belongs. But nevertheless, it was one hell of an adventure, and probably just what Johnny needed.

Ollie and Clara

One of the biggest shockers of Killjoys season 3 episode 2 was the fact that Ollie and Clara are one in the same. From the very beginning, it was suspicious that Ollie had Alice, Clara’s shotgun arm. And once the episode introduced the skin suit story line, it was clear that that is where the whole Ollie and Clara plot line is going. But, nevertheless, it was still great to see this development and awesome to see the way actress Tommie-Amber Pirie played this reveal.

The emotions that she showed when John was explaining the fact that Ollie is Clara were incredible. And I am glad that the writers decided to go in this direction once they realized they couldn’t get Stephanie Leonidas for season 3.

Meeting the big bad

But this episode didn’t just bring us the adventures of Dutch, D’avin, and John. During the last minute of Killjoys season 3 episode 2, we also got to finally see a bit more of Aneela. Moreover, we got to hear her talk and get a glimpse of what’s she like. And we also learned that Delle Seyah is, in fact, alive and kicking on Aneela’s ship. But, surprisingly, she looked very surprised and humbled to meet the big bad of Killjoys season 3. Which probably means that this season we will see a much more submissive and servant-like Delle Seyah.

Last thoughts on Killjoys season 3 episode 2

I loved that the show didn’t take too long to reunite John with his brother and Dutch. At the end of Killjoys season 3 episode 2 we saw Johnny return to Lucy. And although Johnny returned still very early in the season, I think the show gave him enough time to figure out his feelings and his motivations, so that when the war comes, he is ready to be there and help Dutch win it.

Episode highlights:

• John caring for Ollie
• Dutch and D’avin missing John and his nerdiness
• John deciding to investigate what’s happening in Rat City
• Dutch and D’av going on the mission with the three nerds
• meeting Nico
• John’s interactions with Nico
• Ollie finding the skinned bodies
• John realizing Ollie is Clara and telling that to Ollie
• Ollie’s reaction to finding out that she is Clara
• Dutch having to risk her life to save them, again
• D’av telling Zeph that he is not into her
• Ollie saying that just because they are Hackmods, they are not monsters
• Ollie being a bad-ass
• Zeph knowing that it was a simulation
• Dutch welcoming Zeph to Team Awesome Force
• John promising to call Ollie when he needs her
• Johnny returning to Lucy and to D’av and Dutch
• really meeting Aneela for the first time and learning that Delle Seyah is alive

Episode low points:

• Yoki unknowingly bringing the explosive to the Hackmod bar
• Turin not wanting Zeph on their team
• John and Ollie parting ways

Quote of the episode:
Dutch: “C’mon, let’s go traumatize some lab rats.”
Turin: “Yeah, this time try not to explode them.”

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