Killjoys Season 3 Episode 5 Review

This Killjoys episode was all about RAC raids, betrayals, and surprising twists. On top of that, we got some great D’av and John and John and Dutch moments. Along with bad-ass fights and some brain scrambling. Here is Killjoys season 3 episode 5 recap.

Warning, spoilers ahead!

Killjoys mission of the week

With an episode title like “Attack the Rack”, you can be sure to expect an attack on the RAC. But on Killjoys season 3 episode 5, it was our Killjoys team who did the attacking to try and cleanse their RAC station of Hullen. However, the results of their raid were definitely not what they expected.

The episode started with Dutch and D’av kidnapping captains of three nearby RAC stations, to convince them to join their fight against the Hullen. And to do that, Team Awesomeforce along with other Killjoy allies decided to raid their RAC, to show the other station captains what they are dealing with and why they should join them. But the mission quickly went awry. The Hullen were ready for them and ambushed our heroes, killing Killjoy after Killjoy. So Dutch showed off her awesome fighting skills and got rid of the Hullen in the room they were in.

But Hullen were all over the RAC, outnumbering Dutch and co by a lot. So they decided to head to the armory in hopes to at least even out the odds by getting some more firepower. But, while on their way there they got attacked by Aneela’s henchmen. Dutch managed to escape, but Johnny and D’av were captured.

Killjoys season 3

Escape the Hullen

As it turned out, Aneela had sent her men to the RAC to retrieve D’avin. He was supposed to be Aneela’s gift to Delle Seyah. But, luckily Dutch and John prevented that from happening.

Once Dutch got to the armory, granted it wasn’t an easy task in itself because she literally went through shit to get there, she met Banyon there. And thinking that Banyon is Hullen, Dutch stabbed her, so she wouldn’t stand in Dutch’s way. However, it turned out that Banyon was human and as keen on fighting Hullen and Dutch. And after the two made up and Dutch promised to come back for Banyon, she hightailed out of the armory with a bag of weapons in two, including the genetic bomb from season 1. Remember that little weapon of mass destruction?

Meanwhile, Aneela’s henchmen with Radek in the lead were torturing John in front of D’avin to try and get some information about the poisoning of the Arkin pool out of the brothers. But neither of them revealed anything. Even after Johnny got some of his memories wiped from his brain. Yet when even D’av blowing one of the Hullen’s eyes out with his mojo powers wasn’t enough, it was left up to Dutch to save her boys.

In the end, Dutch first rescued Johnny by shooting one of Radek’s goons, after an unconscious D’av was brought to the Hullen ship. And Dutch and John used the genetic bomb to kill all the Hullen that were in the RAC. It was a risky move, seeing as they didn’t know if the bomb would actually work. But it did, and it left Team Awesomeforce and co safely back in Pree’s bar. They lost a lot of agents including Banyon, but at least their RAC was cleansed.

Aneela and Delle Seyah

Unfortunately, not for long, because Aneela had her own tricks up her sleeve.

Killjoys season 3 episode 5 saw the Hullen leader and Delle Seyah getting closer and closer. And seemingly Aneela’s second in command Gander moving further and further away from his place as Aneela’s senior adviser, with Delle Seyah slowly taking his place. On top of that, we once again saw Aneela’s power over the Hullen, when she almost made Gander’s head explode after he questioned Aneela, similarly to how D’av can manipulate the green plasma. I wonder if this means that D’av is as powerful as Aneela? And maybe even Dutch’s key to killing Aneela?

But the real icing on the cake when it comes to the two queens in this episode was finally learning a bit more about Aneela’s plans. It turns out everything Aneela does might just be about Dutch, same as everything Dutch does is to hunt down Aneela. Because at the end of the episode we saw Aneela blow up three of the RACs closest to the Quad to teach Dutch a lesson. Not Dutch’s RAC, of course, because I wager Aneela has other plans for it. But others, that were about to eradicate Hullen from their ranks.

And Aneela also admitted to Delle Seyah, that she wants to take everything away from Dutch, so she is completely alone, just as Aneela was for a long time. And only then Aneel will kill Dutch. Which promises an epic Aneela – Dutch showdown in the season finale for sure. I can’t wait to see what the evil Hullen despot does next. Because, as much as I love Dutch and am rooting for her, there is just something about Aneela that is dangerously exciting.

The designated assholes

On this week’s Killjoys episode, we also got to see more of the two Killjoys designated assholes, Fancy Lee and Turin. As it turns out, the two has been working closely together to hunt down Hullen. But Killjoys season 3 episode 5 changed this close alliance to more of a hate relationship.

While Dutch was trying to save the Jaqobis brothers from the Hullen, Fancy and Turin were back at the Black Site trying to figure out how the Hullen knew about the raid. And they decided that the best way to do so was to interrogate the Hullen woman they captured. For which Fancy volunteer. He showed off some new tech of his to bring the pain to Hullen and make her talk. And Turin and the three kidnapped RAC captains were watching this unfold.

However, once the Level 6 started taunting Fancy with what it feels like to be Hullen and trying to persuade him to become one with the green again, Turin’s trust for Fancy seemed to waiver. And the Captain Cardiff’s voice in Turin’s ear wasn’t helping either. But the real breaking point was when the Hullen woman got the upper hand on Fancy and Turin didn’t blow her up once Fancy got far away from her. It really destroyed the trust Fancy had for Turin and the episode ended with Fancy seemingly giving his designated asshole’s role to Turin.

I am curious of how this Fancy – Turin relationship will play out during the second half of the season. And I also am wondering if maybe Fancy will really consider going back to the Hullen after what Turin did. I hope that he won’t because he is really growing on me and I love his dynamic with Team Awesomeforce. However, with Killjoys, you never know.

Last thoughts on Killjoys season 3 episode 5

I loved the D’av and Johnny scenes on Killjoys season 3 episode 5. Their brotherly banter is always very entertaining. But we haven’t really gotten that much of it this season. So it is nice to see that the brothers are back to their old ways. And back to fighting shit situations with humor. Because if you can’t overpower your opponent, at least make fun of them with your sibling.

Episode highlights:

• the way how the episode started
• Dutch tipping the Female Sexer
• Turin being Turin
• Aneela bringing Gander the pain
• D’av and Dutch’s mission brief to their attack squad
• all the jokes about Turin’s hair
• Dutch’s table killing moves
• Turin not wanting to put Fancy in a box with the captured Hullen
• John and D’av’s brotherly banter
• D’av and John not giving any information to Radek
• Delle Seyah and Gander’s insult exchanging on Aneela’s ship
• Dutch getting back to basics
• Banyon and Dutch’s fight and Dutch finding out that Banyon is not Hullen
• D’av blowing up the Hullen soldier’s head
• Dutch saving Johnny
• Fancy holding his own against the Hullen woman
• John and Dutch using the genetic bomb to kill all Hullen
• Dutch and team not giving up on the war because of one setback
• Aneela revealing her plans for Dutch
• Delle Seyah and Aneela’s kiss at the end of the episode

Episode low points:

• Johhny being tortured
• McAvoy betraying Dutch by telling the Hullen their raid plans
• Turing betraying Fancy’s trust by not pressing the button

Quote of the episode:
Dutch: “I can’t!”
D’av: “Shh. Let them finish.”
Dutch: “Why? We have guns. They have no pants.”
D’av: “Professional etiquette. Cardiff’s a ranking officer.”
Dutch: “Pff, from a different sector. Barely counts. My ears need a shower. And counseling.”

Promo for Killjoys season 3 episode 6:

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