Madam Secretary Season 3 episode 13 Review

This Madam Secretary episode might not have been the most action-packed, but it still packed a serious emotional punch. So let’s see what challenges and frustrations did Madam Secretary season 3 episode 13 brought us.

Warning, spoilers ahead!

Crisis of the week

This episode The State Department team was trying to finally get the Iran-Israel Peace Deal signed and done with, but it presented a lot of challenges before it actually happened. From previous Madam Secretary episodes we know, how hard Elizabeth and the rest of her team worked to finally make this peace deal a reality, however, it wasn’t until this episode that we were shown the toll on all of them that these efforts have taken.

We saw everyone from Elizabeth, to Daisy, Nadine, Jay, Matt and Blake overworked and tired. However, that didn’t stop them from persevering and still do their job as best as they could.

After Iran didn’t like the wording in the framework for the peace deal and Elizabeth and Jay couldn’t get both sides to agree on terminology and the terms of the deal, it seemed like the peace negotiations were over. But as always, Elizabeth had a last minute idea, how to possibly save the peace deal and how to definitely save the soccer match between Iranian and Israeli teams.

So everyone got to work, pulling favors left and right to make it happen. And in the end, it was all worth it. Not only had they established a bit friendlier relationship between the leaders of the two countries, Israeli Prime Minister Aaronson and Iranian President Najid Shiraz, but it looked that the peace deal might be on again thanks to Jay.

All is well that ends well, however, I have a feeling that this won’t be the last we hear about Iran-Israel peace deal. Unfortunately, thanks to the award season, the show is taking a small hiatus, so we will have to wait until February 26 to find what other complications the peace deal presents for our team.

Henry’s work

Henry also had his own set of challenges to deal with on Madam Secretary season 3 episode 13. He was helping to prep an ATF agent Ian Conroy, who as about to go undercover in a militia group. But it didn’t go that well since the ATF agent didn’t really take Henry’s efforts seriously. Well, at least we thought that.

After Henry refused to be Ian’s handler, Ian took it upon himself to finally study up on what Henry was teaching. But it wasn’t the only thing he did. He also ambushed Henry in a parking lot and delivered a very believable take on being an apocalyptic Christian, one that for a moment there had me (and Henry) thinking that Ian had really converted. Luckily, it was just an act to get Henry to help him, and Henry agreed. So it looks like that will be the focus of Henry’s work for the next Madam Secretary episodes.

Jay’s appreciation

This Madam Secretary season 3 episode 13 finally let Jay’s character shine. Over the course of the show’s 3 seasons, almost all the members of Elizabeth’s team have gotten their time in the limelight, so it was only appropriate for Jay to finally get his turn, too.

In this episode, we saw how hard Jay works and how much he sacrifices on daily basis for the important work he is doing. In Jay’s case, this sacrifice was his family, his wife and two-year-old daughter.

I know I have already mentioned, how I love the realness of this show, and nothing is more real than relationships failing because you are so dedicated to your job. And it was only proven by that heartbreaking scene where Jay’s wife told him that she needs time apart. It was sad, it was real, and hopefully it is not permanent.

Last thoughts on Madam Secretary Season 3 Episode 13

Can we take a moment and appreciate the fact that they included Elizabeth’s Nobel Peace Prize nomination in this episode? In reality receiving a Nobel Peace Prize is a huge deal, and the fact that the show decided to even nominate Elizabeth for this prize in the fictional world of Madam Secretary is also a huge deal. Especially, since she is a woman and the lead character of a huge network show. In the real world, there is a huge gender gap among the Nobel Peace Prize laureates, because only 16 women have received it oppose to 88 men. And if this show is trying to highlight this issue, even if it is in a subtle way, is not only commendable but also astounding.

Finally, I also wanted to mention the truly incredible performance Sebastian Arcelus, who plays Jay Whitman, gave on this Madam Secretary episode. He managed to make me laugh and cry all in a span of one 40 minute episode. Truly amazing!

Episode highlights:

• Elizabeth’s Nobel peace prize nomination
• the dialogue between Elizabeth’s overworked team this episode
• Daisy flirting with the guy from budgeting to get what she needs
• Jay and Elizabeth’s persistence this episode
• Henry and Elizabeth at the party
• Elizabeth rallying the troops to make the soccer match happen
• Blake spying on both sides of the piece deal during the soccer match
• Alison and Elizabeth’s talk at the end of the episode

Episode let-downs:

• Elizabeth overreacting about what she is being called on the Internet
• Jay’s wife wanting to take a break

Quote of the episode:
Daisy: “Wow. Look at that. A personal life. I used to have one of those.”
Jay: “Yeah. Me too.”

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