Supergirl Season 2 Episode 9 Review

Supergirl was finally back from the winter hiatus and soaring through the sky to save a missing girl. And the first episode back, directed by none other than Kevin Smith, was everything I hoped for and more from an episode titled “Supergirl lives”. So let’s get into the recap of Supergirl season 2 episode 9.

Warning, spoilers ahead!

Baddie of the week

On Supergirl season 2 episode 9 the Girl of Steel had to face a foe that we have seen before, Roulette. It started out as case for Kara the CatCo reporter, who vowed to help a mother find her missing daughter. But it quickly turned into something entirely different, an interplanetary case for Supergirl.

Kara and Mon-El, who tagged along, went to investigate the lead Kara got from Winn about the missing girl. This led them to a human slave trade ring masked as recruitment for a clinical trial. So Kara and Mon-El ended up on a planet nicknamed Slaver’s Moon, which should give you an indication what’s the main export of this planet.

But that wasn’t even the worst thing about all this, the worst thing was that both Supergirl and Mon-El didn’t have their powers on this planet, since it had a Red sun, just as on Krypton and Daxam. So they had to rely on their fighting skills and wit to help them stay alive. Which of course landed them in a cell with all other humans, who had been gathered for selling as slaves by Roulette and her alien companions.

In the end, Supergirl managed to inspire the other humans, by sacrificing herself, so they overpowered the alien guards and locked Roulette in the cell they were previously kept in. And then they met up with the DEO’s rescue team, to get the hell off that planet, proving that Supergirl doesn’t need her powers to be a hero. But from the looks of Roulette, she isn’t done with Supergirl and will probably be back sometime in this season.

Winn’s struggle

Meanwhile Winn, one half of Team Guardian, was dealing with his own issues. After he almost got killed while out saving National City from bad guys with James, Winn had a pretty severe case of PTSD. He told James, that he couldn’t be his sidekick anymore, because thinks he isn’t meant for being in the field.
However, after Alex discovered that Kara is missing and needed Winn to help her on the rescue mission, since J’onn couldn’t go to the Slaver’s Moon, he had to confront these fears. And he did that in an epic way, beating up bad guys from another planet with nothing but a rock. That gave Winn back his confidence and he was ready to get back to fighting criminals with James as the Guardian.

I liked this story line for Winn a lot, because it gave a realistic feel to the show. Most characters on Supergirl go head first into a battle, not showing fear, however that is now how life works. Usually we are afraid of things that had scarred us once and it is not easy to get back to doing them afterwards. But that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t try. Winn tried and it ended up working out better than he hoped. So maybe we all should try, too.


After deciding to try to make their relationship work in episode 8, this episode Alex and Maggie was is full on honeymoon stage of their relationship. And it was great! I loved seeing Alex so happy, because usually she is the tough, bad-ass character who keeps her feelings to herself. Well not this episode, since, as Kara pointed out, she was basically glowing from her new relationship.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t long-lived, because, after Alex discovered that Kara is missing, she broke up with Maggie, claiming that their relationship and happiness was to blame for Kara’s missing. Of course, in reality it wasn’t Alex’s or her relationship’s fault, and luckily she realized that at the end of Supergirl season 2 episode 9, begging Maggie to give her another chance, which Maggie gave. But it seems that Alex still has a lot to work out about herself, for their relationship to truly work.

Kara & Mon-El

Speaking of relationship, this episode we saw more of the friendship developing between Kara and Mon-El, since they got stuck on another planet together.

After we saw Kara and Mon-El kiss in the last episode and then not acknowledge that it actually happened, one might think that their chance at romance was over. But that was not what this episode proved, as we saw their relationship only grow. Albeit it wasn’t quite in a romantic way, it was still growth. And, since every good relationship should have basis of a friendship, it might mean that they are slowly heading in the romantic relationship direction.

Mon-El isn’t the most heroic characters of this show, since he has a selfish streak that most superheroes don’t have. But in this episode it all changed. Mon-El saw how much Kara wanted to help those captured humans, even if she didn’t have her powers, and that she was even ready to die for them, if that meant saving them, which changed something in him. He finally admitted to Kara that he wants to be more like her, and that not only seemed to surprise Kara, it made her look at him in a different light. One that is a bit on the more romantic side.

I just hope, that this relationship isn’t doomed, because we did also see that a Dominator, the same alien that Supergirl and the team fought during the DC crossover week, stopped the other alien from killing Mon-El and even bowing to Mon-El. Does this mean that Mon-El is the prince of Daxam? And why does other hooded aliens are looking for him? Hope this mystery will become clearer soon!

Last thoughts on Supergirl season 2 episode 9

Lastly, we also finally saw someone addressing the whole glasses-doesn’t-help thing in regards to Kara being Supergirl. It was when Maggie revealed to Alex that she knows who Kara really is. It was a funny moment in between the intense conversation the two women had, and was much needed to lighten up things between them. But it was also something I know we all have been thinking, since glasses isn’t quite the best mask to differ Kara from Supergirl.

Episode highlights:

• Kara being frustrated because of the Guardian
• Alex being excited about Maggie staying over
• James and Kara arguing over whose alter ego is better
• Kara pestering Winn about wearing sunglasses indoors
• Mon-El and Kara going to investigate the missing persons case
• Alex gloving from her relationship
• Kara risking her life for others and inspiring Mon-El by default
• Winn getting his confidence back
• J’onn’s yellow sun gift
• Snapper being proud of Kara
• Maggie and Alex patching things up
• Mon-El and Kara’s last conversation

Episode let-downs:

• Mon-El wanting to leave Slaver’s Moon as soon as he finds out that they have no powers on it
• Winn having PTSD from getting punched helping James
• Alex saying Maggie that she can’t date her because Kara is missing

Quotes of the episode:

1) Kara: “Wait, what are you doing here?”
Mon-El: “Oh, I took the day off.”
Kara: “It’s your second day.”
Mon-El: “Yeah, didn’t want to overdo it, so lunch?”

2) Mon-El: “I made a decision.”
Kara: “Sounds decisive.”
Mon-El: “It’s very decisive. I want to be a superhero.”
Kara: “Say what?”

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