Wynonna Earp Season 2 Episode 8 Review

Time travel ruled this week’s Wynonna Earp episode because on it we saw Wynonna going back in time and learning about the Earp curse. Meanwhile, Dolls was trying to prevent the Widows from killing the Earp heir. And Waverly, Nicole, and Rosita were throwing Wynonna a baby shower, which didn’t end that well. Here is my recap of Wynonna Earp season 2 episode 8.

Warning, spoilers ahead!

Mission of the week

The central plot of Wynonna Earp season 2 episode 8 was all about Wynonna going back in time and finding out how the Earp curse started and what the deal with the three seals is.

The episode started with Wynonna going to her doctor’s appointment and then hightailing out of there, terrified realizing that she really is going to be a mother. Only to be kidnapped (but not really) by Juan Carlos, who gave her a chance to find out the truth about the Venomous Vixens aka the Widows. And she, of course, took it, which sent her on a vision quest back in time when the Earp curse started.

Wynonna Earp

A Chilly vision quest

While in the past, she witnessed Doc telling off Wyatt Earp’s friend Robert (aka Bobo), who came to deliver Doc a message from Wyatt. Robert expressed Wyatt’s wish for Doc to go to Purgatory with him and help Purgatory’s Padre Juan Carlos stop the mad-man Sheriff Clootie from killing Purgatory’s citizens. But Doc refused.

After that little tidbit, Wynonna was thrown to Purgatory, where she found out that Wyatt had apparently shot Sheriff Clootie. And afterward, the demon had threatened something awful to Wyatt. Say a curse? And now Clootie’s three wives (Constance and two others) were looking to revenge their husband.

Then another location shift happened and Wynonna found herself in the chapel again. Only this time she was a witness to Constance Clootie locking the other two Sheriff Clootie’s wives (aka the Widows) in a box. And then Wynonna observed a conversation between Robert, Juan Carlos, and the Stone Witch. In which they revealed that the seals are to keep Constance’s demon husband in his tomb. And it all slowly started to make sense. The curse, the seals, the Widows, everything.

But before Wynonna could return from her vision quest, she had to learn one last piece of crucial information – where is the third seal.
To do that she had to see Robert tell Constance about how Wyatt shot him by accident since Sheriff Clootie used Robert as a shield. Which meant that before Robert became Bobo, he was a really good man, who met his unfortunate death by accident. Then Wynonna learned that Constance put Doc in the well to punish Wyatt for killing her sons. And lastly, Wynonna had to witness Constance revealing to Robert that the third seal is her wedding ring that Doc now wears. The same ring that gives Doc eternal life.

Dead, and not dead again

How’s that for a fancy way to reveal everything we wanted to know about the curse, the seals, and the Widows? The writers did a phenomenal job on Wynonna Earp season 2 episode 8. And even the end of Wynonna’s vision quest was amazingly unexpected.

After Doc didn’t give Robert the immortality ring and Robert left Doc in the well, we saw Robert on his death bed back in the church. And since he was dying, he could see Wynonna. Only he took her for an angel. But just as Wynonna was confronting Robert about leaving Doc in the well, which, of course, led to all the events that happened in season 1, she started choking on smoke. The Widows set fire to the church where Wynonna’s physical body was located. So Robert consoled Wynonna as she was dying.

The last word Wynonna said to Robert in the vision quest, after he asked what her name was, was Waverly. This way efficiently guaranteeing that her sister is safe from the Revenants. And the Wynonna died, only to return to the real world, where Dolls gave her CPR and brought her back to life, so she could tell him everything she learned during her walkabout.

Girls nothing special Nacho night

On this episode, Rosita really surprised us (and Waverly and Nicole) by suggesting they throw Wynonna a baby shower. Granted, it probably stemmed from Doc and Rosita’s conversation about Doc wanting her to spend some quality time with the Earp sisters, since Rosita is his lover, while Wynonna is his possible baby mama. But nevertheless, it was a great bonding moment between Rosita and Waverly.

The shower, to which Wynonna, unfortunately, didn’t make it, started a little awkwardly. But soon enough the mocktails turned into real cocktails and Waverly and Rosita were closer than ever. Heck, they even had nicknames for each other. But nothing ruins a celebration more than finding out that somebody lied to you. In this case, Nicole lied to Waverly about not seeing the DNA test results at the police station, when in reality the test had already come back and Nicole even opened it.

This betrayal really put a damper on the baby shower, because Waverly left, leaving Rosita and Nicole in an awkward silence. So the bonding quickly turned into something else. Yet, despite not knowing where WayHaught stands and will they repair their relationship, Wynonna Earp season 3 episode 8 still gave us a lot of solid WayHaught and Rosita and Waverly moments, which just makes me happy. Because I think that Rosita truly is a great addition to the show and the character dynamics.

Last thoughts on Wynonna Earp season 2 episode 8

I love how much Dolls cares about Wynonna. No, scratch that, I love how much he loves her! After episode 6 it seemed that Dolls and Wynonna will never get back to where they were before Dolls found out Wynonna is pregnant. But this episode proved that wrong. And then some.

On Wynonna Earp season 2 episode 8 we saw Dolls go to great lengths to protect Wynonna. First from Juan Carlos, when he thought that Juan was a treat. And then from the Widows. On top of that, Dolls even ended up saving Wynonna’s life. And the cute scenes of them in bed afterward was the cherry on top of a very delicious WynDolls cake. Can you tell I’m Team Dolls? Sorry, Team Doc. But I still love Doc, too. I swear!

Episode highlights:

• the Earp sister conversation at the beginning of the episode
• Doc and Rosita’s scene
• Wynonna’s doctor’s appointment
• Dolls’s concern for Wynonna
• most WayHaught scenes this episode, except the fight one
• Rosita surprising Waverly and Nicole by announcing that they are throwing Wynonna a baby shower
• Dolls interrogating Ewan
• Wynonna trying to tell Dolls where she is
• Wynonna going on her vision quest and finally learning everything about the Earp curse, the Widows & the seals
• Dolls and Juan Carlos working together to keep the Widows from killing Wynonna
• Wynonna telling Robert that her name is Waverly
• scene where Waverly reads her DNA test results (hopefully, next episode will explain if she is or isn’t an Earp)
• Wynonna and Dolls’s conversations and cute moments in bed (yay, #WynDolls!)
• Dolls telling Wynonna that she kind of died
• seeing Bobo resurrect in the last seconds of the episode

Episode low points:

• Wynonna freaking out during the doctor’s appointment
• Nicole lying to Waverly about the test results
• Robert leaving Doc in the well

Quote of the episode:
Dolls: “Sheriff? Sheriff?! Sheriff! Sheriff!? Sheriff?”
Sheriff Nedley: “Whoa, that’s enough with the shouting. This ain’t no Ed Sheeran concert.”

Promo for Wynonna Earp season 2 episode 9:

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