Wynonna Earp Season 2 Episode 10 Review

This week’s episode was all about saving Nicole. And each character was doing it in their own way. So did they succeed? And is Officer Haught alive and well? Find out in this Wynonna Earp season 2 episode 10 recap.

Warning, spoilers ahead!

Mission of the week

The mission of the week for this episode was crystal clear – do whatever it takes to save Nicole’s life. However, there were three different ways how the Scooby gang was going about doing that. Let’s start with Wynonna’s way.

Wynonna was all about saving Nicole the responsible way. Without making rash decisions or giving the third seal to the Widows. And the way to do that was to capture one of the Widows, so Jeremy could get a sample of her venom and use it to make an antidote for Nicole. Who got bit by the Mercedes-faced Widow at the very beginning of Wynonna Earp season 2 episode 10 by the way.

And Wynonna enlisted Doc to help her do that. First, they went back to Nicole’s place where the Widow attacked her, to try and find something to help them in locating the Widow. However, while there, thanks to Doc’s vast knowledge of hats, they found out that the Widow has Nedley.

So it quickly turned into a capture and save mission. Doc loaded up his gun, Wynonna complained about not being able to drink and the two busted into the barn where the Widow was torturing Nedley truck first. Doc showed off his truck scaling and shooting skills and they managed to capture the Widow. Which they delivered to Jeremy to cook up anti-venom for Nicole.

Wynonna Earp

Guinea pigs

While Wynonna and Doc were off hunting the Widows, Jeremy was hard at work trying to make an antidote. However, it was easier said than done. And to make sure that his efforts were successful, he needed guinea pigs to test the anti-venom. That’s where Rosita and Dolls came in.

On the tail end of episode 9, we found out that Rosita is a Revenant. And everyone except Wynonna knew that. But on Wynonna Earp season 2 episode 10 that changed, seeing as Waverly accidentally let it slip to Wynonna what Rosita really is. However, lucky for Rosita, Wynonna had more pressing matters on her mind, so she didn’t just shoot Rosita and be done with it. Rather she made Rosita volunteer as test subjects for Jeremy. So we proceeded to see Rosita in great pain, while Jeremy was perfecting the anti-venom.

And just when it seemed that Rosita couldn’t take it anymore, Dolls stepped in to replace her, because his efforts to get some venom for Jeremy to test didn’t pan out. And given that Dolls also isn’t entirely human, meaning that his tolerance to this type of torture is higher than that of humans, he was a good replacement for Rosita.

In the end, since Wynonna and Doc managed to capture one of the Widows and Wynonna had the pleasure to extract pure venom from her, Jeremy managed to create the antidote. Yet, all their efforts were still too late, because Waverly already saved Nicole. Albeit did it in a way that might have deadly consequences.

Ready to do whatever it takes

So, how did Waverly manage to save Nicole, you ask? Well, she made two deals. One with the Beth-faced Widow. The other with Gretta, aka The Blacksmith’s (remember her from season 1?) twin sister aka the Iron Which. And, although these deals did result in saving Nicole, it cost the team the third seal as well as Doc and Wynonna.

The episode started with Waverly going to Nicole’s to apologize, however it quickly turned into a fight for Nicole’s life. At first literally, when Waverly had to fend off Mercedes-faced Widow, who thought that Nicole has the third seal. But then also figuratively, when Waverly had to do everything in her power to save the love of her life. And originally it seemed that Waverly won’t give into the Widow’s mind games and will trust her sister to help Nicole. However, desperation makes you do reckless things. Like, seeking out another witch to help you.

So that’s what Waverly did. She went to Gretta the witch asking for help. And the Iron which did help. She pointed Waverly in the direction of the third seal, which the younger Earp then traded to the Widow for the anti-venom. However, although Nicole was fine in the end, the price Waverly paid for saving her girlfriend was very steep.

Not only did she gave up the third seal, which means that the rising of the Demon Clootie is imminent. But she also lost Doc and Wynonna, because the Iron Witch double crossed Waverly. For the death of her sister, the witch made Wynonna and Doc disappear at the very end of Wynonna Earp season 2 episode 10 using the trophy from episode 3. Which promises a quite interesting episode 11, what with nobody remembering that Wynonna even existed and Doc being at the bottom of the well once again.

Last thoughts on Wynonna Earp season 2 episode 10

Can we just take a moment and talk about the fact that Nicole was married before. In a Vegas wedding no less?

I have always perceived Nicole as being somebody who thinks things through before she acts. However, the fact that she was married before to a woman who she met while rock climbing in Nevada and the two eloped after winning big in slots means that Nicole has layers that we didn’t know existed. Maybe under all that responsible, tame cop exterior, there is a spontaneous daredevil. And if that is true, could we actually see this side of Nicole sometime next season? Please, pretty please?

And secondly, I loved seeing Wynonna and Doc working together again, despite their disagreement about Doc’s ring aka the third seal. Nedley is one tough SOB because he didn’t break even when the Widow tortured him. And it was nice to see Jeremy of all people sticking up to Wynonna for Rosita and Dolls and them being test subjects. It looks like some of the Earp, Doc and Dolls’s badassness is rubbing off on one of the team’s newest members.

Episode highlights:

• Waverly defending Nicole against the Mercedes-faced Widow (and showing off her fight skills in the process)
• Wynonna visiting real Mercedes
• Beth and Waverly’s conversation outside the hospital
• Nicole asking Wynonna to take her off life support if things get bad
• Wynonna consoling Waverly
• Doc and Wynonna teaming up to capture one of the Widows
• Nedly promising to take care of Nicole’s cat
• Waverly finding out Nicole was married and meeting Nicole’s wife Shay
• Dolls’s chat with Ewan
• Waverly and Dolls hug
• Jeremy not wanting Rosita to be the Guinea pig because it will hurt
• Doc’s hat knowledge saving the day
• Nedley talking back to the Widow
• Dolls offering to replace Rosita as Jeremy’s test subject
• Waverly doing everything she can to save Nicole
• how Wynonna and Doc captured the Widow
• Wynonna telling Nedly that he did well
• Jeremy sticking up to Wynonna about Rosita and Dolls having to be lab rats
• Wynonna being happy about Nicole being alive
• Nicole not dying
• the cliffhanger at the end of Wynonna Earp season 2 episode 10

Episode low points:

• Nicole getting bitten and almost dying
• Wynonna threatening Rosita when all she had to do was ask
• Waverly making a deal with the Stone Witch to find out where the third seal is and then giving the Widows the third seal
• the Iron Which double crossing Waverly

Quote of the episode:
Nedley: “What are you? A witch? A Pokémon? You think this is my first demon rodeo? You know, we had an actual demon rodeo?”

Promo for Wynonna Earp season 2 episode 11:

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