Wynonna Earp Season 2 Episode 9 Review

Home-cooked dinners, creepy dolls, hot tub hangouts, kidnappings, raids and big reveals. All this happened on the latest Wynonna Earp episode. So if you want to know more about it, keep on reading this Wynonna Earp season 2 episode 9 recap.

Warning, spoilers ahead!

Mission of the week

This episode was vastly different from most others because on in Wynonna wasn’t going on a mission with Doc, Dolls, Waverly or anyone else. No, she lured Doc to the homestead with a promise of a home-cooked meal to get his ring.

As we found out on episode 8, Doc’s ring is the third seal. However, since it also is the thing that keeps Doc from aging, he was very reluctant to give it to Wynonna. And that even wasn’t Wynonna’s only problem on Wynonna Earp season 2 episode 9. Because, on top of fighting with Doc over the ring, some sort of supernatural being made them voice the thoughts they never would say out loud otherwise. Which wasn’t the best thing, given that their relationship was already tense.

When the two arrived at the homestead, Doc gave Wynonna a creepy painting and Wynonna attempted to cook them dinner. But after the food was on the table, Wynonna didn’t waste any more time and told Doc about the ring, the third seal and what she wants to do with it. Yet Doc wasn’t too keen on what Wynonna revealed him, and they proceeded to have a big old fight.

However, the fight was interrupted by them hearing a noise in the house. And it turned out to be a creepy doll that had come out from the painting and wanted to steal Doc’s ring. Luckily, even when fighting Wynonna and Doc managed to work together. So they shot the doll, made up, and Doc gave Wynonna his ring so she can break the third seal, kill Demon Clootie and end the Earp curse once and for all. With Doc by her side Sick plan, Wynonna!

Wynonna Earp

Rosita is what?

Meanwhile, Waverly was still angry at Nicole and drowning her frustrations in a bottle.

After Nicole announced that a dead body had turned up, she, Waverly, Dolls, and Jeremy went to the crime scene. Only to discover that it was Tucker Gardner. But when Tucker’s sister Beth tried to justify Tucker’s actions and Nicole interrupted her by trying to explain to Waverly how disturbed Tucker actually was, Waverly got even madder at Nicole. And then proceeded to drink her anger away. Luckily Rosita was there to cheer Waverly up with a newly acquired SPA gift card.

So the women found themselves sitting in a hot tub. Yet when Waverly couldn’t sit still, Rosita told her to relax and take care of herself for once. So they got talking and the Champagne was flowing, which was bound to result in some bad decisions. Bad decision number 1 – Waverly texting Nicole some nasty stuff. Bad decision number two – Waverly kissing Rosita. However, that wasn’t even the most shocking moment of this whole Waverly Rosita story line.

After the kiss, Rosita left, and when Waverly went to apologize for kissing her, she found Tucked leaning over Rosita’s dead body. It turns out Tucker wasn’t dead after all and he only faked his death to get away from his sisters, so he could kidnap Waverly. However, Rosita also wasn’t dead like we thought because she was the one who saved Waverly from Tucker after (gasp!) she revealed herself as a Revenant.

Side note: I totally called Rosita being a Revenant in my episode 2 recap. I feel so smart right now!

And, surprisingly, Waverly wasn’t running to tell Wynonna about Rosita, because (double gasp!) she thinks she is half-Revenant herself. So it seems like the Waverly and Rosita womance is continuing on.

Dolls and Jeremy team up

While Wynonna was dealing with Doc and Waverly was getting kidnapped, Dolls and Jeremy were still working to find the Widows. And this time they actually succeeded.

Dolls figured that to find out who the Widows are, they should go back to where the Widows broke the second seal. So the two found themselves in Shorty’s basement, where Jeremy discovered a fingernail. And, since earlier Jeremy had seen that Beth Gardener was missing one, Dolls and Jeremy realized that Beth is one of the Widows.

Knowing this they decided to go to the Gardener house and Dolls went exploring. Where he found himself in a bit of a situation. In the house, Dolls discovered the bodies of the real Gardener sisters, got attacked by the Widow in Mercades’s skin, which resulted in some awesome action shots, and Jeremy got to test his Widow vapor shield, which didn’t fully work. But at least now our team knows who the Widows are and can finally be one step ahead of them.

I loved seeing Dolls and Jeremy working together. They are such an opposites, yet they make a very good team. And the dialogue between the two was the comic relief this episode needed. Because, frankly, it had a lot of angst. Not that that is a bad thing, as Wynonna Earp season 2 episode 9 felt like a very character-driven episode that let us explore these people a little bit deeper.

Last thoughts on Wynonna Earp season 2 episode 9

How bad-ass it is that this show doesn’t make Wynonna stand on the sidelines just because she is pregnant?

Usually, pregnant women are portrayed as being in a delicate state, which forbids them from doing many things. And a pregnant woman fighting is an absolute taboo. However, Wynonna Earp season 2 episode 9 opened with Wynonna and Waverly sparing. Waverly was wielding batons while Wynonna had no weapon. Yet Wynonna still won and showed off some sweet-ass fight moves, including a backflip. Which hopefully once and for all proves that being pregnant isn’t some limiting thing and that just because of it you don’t have to completely change your lifestyle and who you are.

Episode highlights:

• Wynonna and Waverly’s training session with Dolls as their trainer
• Dolls awkwardly giving Rosita the SPA gift card
• Waverly being there for Beth Gardener
• Nicole trying to reason with Waverly
• Wynonna’s reaction to the painting Doc got for her
• Wynonna feeding Doc her home-cooked meal
• Waverly drinking alone and Rosita cheering her up with a SPA night
• Wynonna telling Doc why she needs his ring
• Rosita telling Waverly to relax
• Doc admitting to Wynonna that he doesn’t want to give her the ring because he is afraid that then he won’t be able to protect her
• Jeremy and Dolls figuring out that Beth Gardener is one of the Widows
• all Jeremy scenes this episode (I love him!)
• Wynonna not letting Doc out of the door
• Doc revealing why being in the well was the torture Constance chose for him
• learning that Rosita has 3 PhDs (impressive!)
• Jeremy explaining why he talks so much
• Waverly telling Wynonna she loves her when she thought Tucker will get his way
• finding out that Rosita is a Revenant
• Jeremy saving Dolls from the Widow’s vapor
• Wynonna’s comment about them already having a Dolls
• Wynonna telling Doc that she needs to break the seal because of their baby
• Doc giving Wynonna the ring on one knee (swoon!)
• Waverly not telling Wynonna that Rosita is a Revenant
• discovering that Waverly might be half-Revenant
• Rosita convincing Waverly to go to Nicole’s and apologize to her

Episode low points:

• Waverly still being angry at Nicole over Nicole trying to protect Waverly
• Tucker kidnapping Waverly
• Wynonna and Doc fighting

Quote of the episode:
Doc: “Stay with me.”
Wynonna: “I’m pregnant, not helpless. Split up. Just don’t shoot any of my decorative pillows. I’ll never find the right color combination again. You repeat this convo you die.”

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