Wynonna Earp Season 2 Episode 3 Review

This week’s episode brought us some high school fun, a gory demon, gave us more information on Purgatory’s history and what Waverly is and saw Dolls back in town. It was jam-packed with all kinds of things and events, so without further hesitation, here is Wynonna Earp season 2 episode 3 recap.

Warning, spoilers ahead!

Mission of the week

If episode 2 brought us spiders and ritualistic markings then Wynonna Earp season 2 episode 3 was all about a wish-granting demon. One who grants 10 years of good luck to its victims and then comes to collect their flesh, by making them rip their own insides out. Creepy, a little gory and definitely out there.

Once Wynonna and her BBD team realized that the death of Wynonna’s former classmate had a paranormal element to it, they got to work on investigating it. Wynonna went on a date with one of the dead guy’s friends, Perry Crofte, to try and find out more about his death. And she succeeded, because no too long after their date started, it also ended by Perry running off with another friend named Skip. And once Wynonna got to Skip’s house she found more mysterious symbols and another never-before-seen demon Marzanoik.

However, it turned out that the written-in-blood symbol that was on Skip’s forehead and house door wasn’t a mark of evil. It actually was a guardian symbol to protect him and his friends from the trophy case demon they made a wish to 10 years ago. So Wynonna, Doc, Waverly, and Perry teamed up to find this demon and catch it not kill it since they are going to use it to help Dolls. More about this later in the review.

And they succeeded. Skip and Perry was safe. The demon was back in the trophy. Our team had their demon to cook the drugs for Dolls. And Purgatory was safe, at least from this demon.

Wynonna Earp

Officer Haught

As great as this episode started for Officer Haught, it quickly went downhill from there. And at times I felt really bad for Nicole and her misfortunes. However, after the chat she had with Sheriff Nedley things started to look up again, which means that hopefully in future episodes we will be seeing the luck changing for Nicole Haught.

So Wynonna Earp season 2 episode 3 started with little cheerleading moves display from Waverly to Nicole, which set a great tone for the high-school-centric episode. But, since we all know that Waverly is not quite Waverly these days, she caused some trouble for Nicole kissing her while Nicole was on the job and in uniform. After that Nicole arrested Tucker Gardner, the son of one of the most influential families in Purgatory, which Sheriff wasn’t too pleased about, so he put her on desk duty.

Then Nicole also got into an argument with Wynonna, who didn’t believe Nicole, when she told Earp that lately, Waverly hadn’t been the sweet Waverly we all knew and loved in season 1. And to top it all off, Nicole got thrown around by a demon trying to get to one of her detainees.

Luckily, it was all made better by Nedley. He confessed to Nicole that he intends to make her the Sheriff of Purgatory one day. And it seemed like it finally put things into a perspective for Nicole, which hopefully will help her keep the non-supranational citizens of Purgatory safe and better her relationship with the people around her.

Saving Dolls

So in the mission of the week part of this Wynonna Earp season 2 episode 3 review, I already mentioned how our Scooby gang set out to capture not kill the demon called Marzanoik. And it was all for Dolls. Because Rosita needed demon blood in the purest form to reverse engineer Dolls’s BBD medicine. But it was not easy for Wynonna to not kill the demon, but to only capture it.

At this point, Wynonna is so used to killing demons, that I think she has started to like the thrill of it. So when it came time to not killing Marzanoik, it wasn’t the easiest thing to do for Wynonna. Add that to the fact that the demon offered Wynonna a wish for mercy, and Wynonna’s struggle definitely was real.

Fortunately, it seemed that the combination of Doc telling Wynonna that they need this demon alive since Dolls is out of time, and the fact that Wynonna has feelings for Dolls worked and Wynonna wished the demon back into the trophy case that he came out of. So now the team has a shot at saving Dolls. If the demon that is inside of Waverly doesn’t get to him first, of course.

Last thoughts on Wynonna Earp season 2 episode 3

I liked how Wynonna Earp season 2 episode 3 finally revealed a bit more about Waverly and the demon that has taken residency inside of her. We finally know that when the demon takes over, Waverly doesn’t control herself and doesn’t even remember what happened. So, most likely, Waverly doesn’t even realize that something is wrong with her.

But luckily, Dolls, who was back in Purgatory and in Wynonna’s barn, now knows about Waverly. And from the description of next week’s episode, we can deduct that Wynonna and Doc will learn about her, too, and try helping her. Of course, I doubt it will be easy, but hopefully, by the end of season 2, we will get back the Waverly we love.

Episode highlights:

• Waverly’s little cheerleading dance for Nicole
• Wynonna meeting Rosita
• Mercedes setting up Wynonna with Perry
• Wynonna hazing Jeremy
• Perry and Wynona going on a date
• Wynonna worrying about Waverly and Nicole’s relationship
• Nicole being a good cop and detaining Tucker
• Wynonna making fun of Bryce’s nickname Beach Rain
• Wynonna ranting about that something evil is coming
• Doc telling Wynonna about trying to reverse engineer Dolls’s drugs
• Wynonna kicking some ass to get the trophy
• Nicole trying to protect Skip from Marzanoik
• Wynonna not killing the demon
• Nedley finally looping Nicole in about Purgatory, him wanting her to be sheriff and Tucker
• learning that Waverly doesn’t know about the demon that is inside of her
• Doc explaining Wynonna why he didn’t tell her about trying to replicate Dolls’s drugs
• Dolls being back in Purgatory and learning about Waverly

Episode low points:

• Nicole still being jealous at BBD
• Wynonna not believing Nicole when she told her that Waverly has changed
• the two ghostly demons killing Mercedes

Quote of the episode:
Waverly: “Uuu, where is Perry?”
Wynonna: “Oh, messed-up, emotionally unavailable, possibly involved in a murder Perry?”
Waverly: “Oh my God, you’re going to ask him to marry you?”

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