Thoughts While Watching: Money Heist (Parts 1 to 4)

So, after months of seeing the hype for Money Heist build up online, I have finally decided to jump on the bandwagon and see what all the fuss is about.

I mean, I’ve seen some great shows that have gained a significant following, and it looked like Money Heist was about to join their ranks. I’ve had at least five different people tell me to watch it, so here goes nothing!

Join me on this rollercoaster and get on my wavelength as I chronicle my thoughts while (binge)watching Money Heist parts 1 to 4 – in the original Spanish, of course, because there’s just no other way to do it!


  • Rio is 100% a long-lost brother of James and Dave Franco. I’m convinced. Fight me.
  • Okay, Denver’s laugh is GOLDEN.
  • Colonel Prieto is a Grade A misogynistic a-hole, and Raquel is a certified badass. That’s all there is to know about that.
  • They’re printing the cash. That. Is. Pure. Genius.
  • What’s up with the Professor and his origami? And his inappropriate questions??
  • OH NO she’s going to get busted for the phone! And DIE?? And all because of Arturo. I DO NOT like him at all.
  • Or not die! YES Denver – you’re officially my favorite character.
  • Also, the guts on Monica Gaztambide, volunteering to get shot in the leg to save her life.
  • WAIT. Raquel is a battered wife, no one on the force believes her, and to top it all off, her own sister is now in a relationship with him? That’s messed up.
  • Unbelievable. The Professor even had a contingency plan for an undercover cop coming in!? To plant a chip in Ángel’s glasses! They even changed their masks! That’s amazing.
  • Oh Helsinki, you big teddy bear. You had one job. All you had to do was clean the car and get it crushed.
  • Yeah, not really surprised that the Professor’s adventure at the junkyard didn’t go too well. Quick thinking pretending to be a hobo, though.
  • Was that the Professor’s first mistake – leaving a fingerprint on the car?
  • Two words: Stockholm Syndrome.
  • Wow, another super close call. And of course, the Professor can speak Russian. I mean, that’s some incredible luck.
  • I’m on the side of the robbers here, to be honest. But Raquel is damn smart and I’m rooting for her too.
  • So. Many. Moving. Parts! I love it. That teaspoon from the Professor. Ángel so close to their HQ in Toledo. Raquel on Rio’s tail with the hidden message.
  • Whew. For a second, I thought Rio was going to give in.
  • That’s not how I was expecting for this date to turn out.
  • The Professor’s busted!
  • Or not? Poor Ángel. Framing him had to be done but nobody wanted that accident.
  • WOW. Wow wow wow. That was an intense shootout. And poor Oslo.
  • I mean, to be honest, I might take that 1 million euros.
  • Woof that was close. He got lucky AGAIN that Raquel’s mom has memory issues.
  • Sergio? I thought his name was Salva?
  • Bella ciao, Bella ciao, Bella ciao ciao ciao.
  • They are going to get everyone’s DNA from that house! This is making me so nervous.
  • Wow, a lot of this plan really relies on the Professor’s ability to predict human reactions, even outside the confines of standard procedures like with the cops.


  • OKAY. Even the Toledo house raid was part of the plan?? Oh, but Raquel’s too smart for that now.
  • Oh, Helsinki. That just broke my heart.
  • Oh snap, they staged a coup! The Professor disappears for 24 hours and of course, everything hits the fan.
  • That’s actually some pretty intense Russian Roulette.
  • Assaulting a police officer to get rid of evidence, that’s new. Extremely. Dangerous. Situation. I have a feeling he’ll figure a way out of there, though.
  • He fed Tokyo to the cops! Don’t tell me the Professor has a plan for that, too.
  • The Professor’s a different kind of brave. He actually injured himself to get out of getting arrested. Bonus! He even got it to help Raquel in her abuse case against Alberto.
  • OH. SH*T. Tokyo. What. Are. You. Doing. Why would you give his name. Why.
  • YAS Nairobi you Queen! Let the matriarchy begin!
  • I may not like Berlin all that much, but he did a damn good job in that interview.
  • A clown diversion. The genius just keeps coming!! Also, I’m loving his steampunk clown disguise.
  • No going back for Monica now! She’s part of them.
  • Smoking gun. Orange hair. This really is the beginning of the end. My nerves. Are. Shot.
  • That was some Fast & Furious-level motorcycle race into the Mint! So intense.
  • But of course, Tokyo’s EPIC return to the lion’s den has to come at a cost. I’m not crying, you are!
  • I can’t imagine the stress Raquel is under with that level of betrayal. But I’ll say it again: Raquel is a damn genius and a badass.
  • That entire episode was a giant emotional rollercoaster!
  • What a redemption for Berlin. He wasn’t my favorite but that’s heartbreaking.
  • They packed the money into kegs, right? I’m calling it: their escape plan was that giant Estrella beer truck.
  • KNEW IT.
  • Not gonna lie: out of the red jumpsuits, these guys CLEAN UP WELL. I mean, Denver in that suit?? Tokyo in the cheongsam?? Skater Rio??
  • Of course he left breadcrumbs for her! Oh my heart.
  • Now I understand why this shows has been a symbol of sorts for anti-establishment. That was all sorts of amazing. I’m in awe and I can’t wait to binge the last two parts.


  • Ugh, can’t believe Arturo is back! Looks like he’s an even bigger d-bag, milking it for all it’s worth.
  • YES YES YES the gang is back together!! #ProtectRio Ooh and with new faces, too! So excited!
  • That is an amazing way to get the public on your side.
  • Omg Lisbon is doing origami too! That’s oddly adorable.
  • The torture head honcho is an extremely pregnant woman?!? That is x100 more terrifying.
  • So early in the heist and there’s already a hiccup and the professor is hyperventilating. This Gandía is going to be a problem I can feel it.
  • Would you just look at all of that gold!!
  • It’s a toss-up on who’s going to ultimately mess up this plan: Tokyo or Denver. Or Palermo?
  • That exchange between Nairobi and Palermo about chasing impossible love and bravery was so raw and emotional and I’m in pieces.
  • Wait omg is that Neymar? LOL.
  • Alicia Sierra is terrifying!!
  • That is some BOMB negotiation skills!!
  • I’m not even gonna pretend – that is definitely 100% me sobbing, watching Rio come back and all that public support. I am SOBBING.
  • I wonder how much of Rio’s torture is based on real-life facts. I mean, I’m sure extrajudicial torture like that happens.
  • So…she gets everyone together to organize a heist to get you out, and then you dump her. I mean I get it, you’ve been tortured. But…that was painful.
  • Christ, I literally jumped out of my seat when Raquel was found. But ok, not the police. Thank god.
  • Woof Tokyo is spiraling baaaaad.
  • They have covered all bases, that is amazing! Even a fake escape! I’m floored. LOL SOFIA.
  • Oh damn, she’s using emotional tactics to break them. First the bear and now her actual son??
  • What is going on!!! I am freaking out!

Part 4

  • Who is this pretty hostage they keep zooming in to?
  • Ho-ly. Crap. An unguided surgery by barely-medically-trained robbers.
  • Bogotá’s face as he watches Denver crash his relationship into a wall was probably all of us watching that train wreck.
  • Tokyo you genius!!!
  • Marseille is low key hi-la-ri-ous!
  • Ugh Palermo you traitor!!
  • Called it! Gandía is going to be the monkey wrench this season.
  • Arturo is disgusting!! What a pig! I hate him so much!
  • Oooof paella, bread, and wine sounds magnificent right about now.
  • Bogotá is so PURE.
  • Oh. My. God. Juanito is now Julia!! So wholesome!! And she’s undercover as a hostage! CURVEBALL. SHE’S MANILA.
  • Oh God. Nairobi. I have a horrible feeling about this. I mean, getting your head pushed through a door and your hand shot isn’t likely to end up well.
  • Woah Alicia seriously scares me. But I still can’t decide if I like her or not.
  • She was supposed to start a family, have a kid with the Professor!!
  • * endless string of profanities that I need to censor *
  • Don’t tell me he’s actually going to get out! If Gandía isn’t dead at the end of this heist, there’s no justice!!
  • Nice, Denver. You actually got him pretty good with that grenade.
  • A public funeral. I’m sobbing harder than I did at the Red Wedding, Jesus.
  • YES Denver. That’s the kind of strength we all need in a man, tbh.
  • Meanwhile, Arturo needs to die. There, I said it.
  • Prieto, y’all are screwed. I. Love. It. This is so satisfying.
  • Oof, Alicia getting thrown under the bus. Just another cog in the messed-up system.
  • SO. GOOD. SO. SMART. Get the public riled up!
  • Huhu Berlin and Palermo.
  • Okay, I kind of like her. She’s taking every single person down with her and I love it.
  • I am so excited to see how they’re going to pull off Lisbon’s jailbreak!!
  • YES MANILA. Should have shot him a little further up, in my opinion, but oh well.
  • AH. So that convo with Tamayo was all part of the plan. So Gandía’s not getting out. What a relief!
  • Omg, it’s Denver!!
  • Holy crap. So many moving parts. So. Freaking. Smart. Such a genius. But also why bring Lisbon to the Bank instead of to the Professor?
  • Oh man, Alicia is good. How’s the Professor gonna get out of this one?? Is she going to join the gang too??

This was, by far, one of the most addicting, entertaining, amazing TV shows I’ve ever watched! Really easy to binge, and so many things are happening at the same time that it’s hard to imagine there have been fewer than 40 episodes so far. I cannot wait for the next season!


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