This year’s Arrowverse 3-way crossover announced

The Arrowverse crossovers have become a well-loved fall tradition for the fans of The CW hit superhero shows. It started with Invasion!, 2016’s Arrowverse crossover that introduced Supergirl in the joint The CW superhero universe. Last year, we saw The CW kick it up a notch with Crisis on Earth X that featured such milestone moments as Barry and Iris’s wedding and the death of Professor Stein. And this year The CW is treating us once again to a crossover. A bit smaller in size and scale, but a crossover nonetheless. Want to find out more about the upcoming Arrowverse 3-way crossover? Then suit up and read up!

The basics on 2018’s Arrowverse 3-way crossover

When it comes to the whats and the hows of this year’s Arrowverse 3-way crossover, as I mentioned before, it will be a smaller crossover event than the previous ones. Predominantly because it will only feature three of the four Arrowverse shows. That’s right this year only Supergirl, Arrow and The Flash will take part in this DC crossover event. Previous two years DC’s Legends of Tomorrow joined the crossover fun. But sadly this year that won’t be the case.

So why won’t Legends of Tomorrow be in the Arrowverse crossover this year? Legend’s showrunner Phil Klemmer explained that Legends of Tomorrow won’t be part of this year’s team-up simply because there was no room for Legends. After all the crossover will introduce a brand new character to the Arrowverse universe. Feature Tyler Hoechlin as Superman as well as Lois Lane, who is yet to be cast. And will focus more on the characters and their stories rather than big alien invasion or alternate universe antiheroes as per previous two crossovers.

Introducing… Batwoman

A while ago news broke that Ruby Rose has been cast as The CW’s Batwoman and will be introduced during the annual Arrowverse crossover. And while there were many different fan reactions to this news, the fact that Batwoman will join the band of superheroes that are already featured in the Arrowverse universe remains. And with the official announcement of the crossover event, Batwoman’s introduction to The CW’s superhero universe is closer than ever. But that is not the only Batwoman-related thing that the crossover will initiate.

On top of Batwoman’s first appearance in the DCTV universe, the superhero team-up event will also serve as a test drive for a brand new The CW superhero TV show featuring Batwoman as the lead character. Since the network is developing a Batwoman TV show for the 2019/2020 TV season. Will the Batwoman series actually come to fruition, time and probably the success of the crossover will only tell. But for the time being, the upcoming Arrowverse crossover will mark the beginning of Batwoman’s journey in The CW’s superhero universe.

When will this year’s 3-night Arrowverse crossover air?

If all this made you as excited for the new Arrowverse 3-way crossover as we are, then you would probably like to know when will it air, wouldn’t you? And according to The CW’s tweet, the dates for the  Arrowverse crossover are December 9, 10 and 11.

The Arrowverse crossover 2018 will kick off with The Flash season 5 episode 9 on Sunday, December 9. Will continue with Arrow’s season 7 episode 9 on Monday, December 10. And will conclude with Supergirl season 4 episode 9 on Tuesday, December 11. For this crossover event, The Flash and Supergirl will trade places, since during the 2018/2019 TV season Supergirl’s regular night is Sunday with The Flash airing on Tuesdays.

So what do you think about the upcoming Arrowverse 3-night crossover? Are you excited to meet Batwoman? Or sad that Legends of Tomorrow won’t be part of the event? Sound off in the comments below or tweet us. We’d love to hear what you have to say!

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