Heartland Season 11 US Premiere Date Announced

It is a good day to be a Heartland fan living in the U.S. today because the Heartland season 11 US premiere date has finally been announced. That’s right, those living in the United States will finally get to enjoy the wonderfulness that is Heartland season 11. And sooner than we thought as well! Read on to find out when does Heartland season 11 premieres in the US!

When does Heartland season 11 premiere in the US?

Heartland season 11 will premiere in the US on Wednesday, February 28, 2017 on UP TV. Which is almost three months earlier than when Heartland season 10 premiered in the US this past spring on the Uplifting Entertainment television channel. And which means that UP is committed to bringing Heartland to the show’s US fans as soon as possible because this family-friendly channel has long been the US home of Heartland. And on February 28, 2018, season 11 of Heartland will also reside on UP TV (unfortunately it isn’t shown on UP Faith & Family as of right now)!

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On top of that, we got news that Heartland season 10 will be finally added to Netflix US this summer. But, unfortunately, there is no news on when season 11 could be up on Netflix US. The most likely scenario is that Netflix will be adding  Heartland season 11  in the US in summer 2019. So it is a good thing that you will be able to watch season 11 on UP already this spring because it means that you won’t have to wait until 2019 to see Heartland season 11. Go UP!

What to expect from the Heartland season 11 US premiere?

But not only that, on the final day of February, UP will actually air first two episodes of Heartland season 11 back to back. Meaning that UP has guaranteed that Heartland US fans can kick off the new Heartland season with not one, but two beautiful Heartland episodes. The episodes airing will be Heartland season 11 episode 1 and Heartland season 11 episode 2.

Heartland 1101 depicts Ty struggling with learning not to control every aspect of his daughter’s daily routine. On top of that Ty’s mom turns up for a surprise visit. Amy and Georgie work with a traumatized champion jumping horse which leads to Val Stanton offering Georgie an amazing opportunity. While Tim and Jack try to help buy Ty a new truck, one that is more suited for transporting baby Lyndy.

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While Heartland 1102 is largely about Georgie confronting her past when she finds out that the drunk driver who killed her parents lives close by. But the episode also shows Jack being jealous over flowers being set to Lisa. And Tim enlisting Mitch to help him with a skunk problem. You can find in-depth reviews of these episodes in the Heartland TV reviews section of TVshowpilot!

So, are you excited that Heartland season 11 US premiere is coming this soon? It sure is amazing news for all Heartland US fans. And means that more people will get to see the latest Heartland season and all the great storylines it has to offer!


  1. I am a hopeless romantic so Heartland became an addiction to me. I watch the episodes over and over again. I get to watch 4 episodes 5 days a week on Light TV out of Miami FL. They only broadcast thru season 10 and then start over with season 1. All the actors and actresses are great but Amber Marshal and Graham Wardle are definitely the best of the best in the roles they play. I can’t help wondering if they had an attraction for each other before they married others.

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