7 Heart-Stopping TV Shows About Bomb Disposal

Television has brought viewers into the heart-pounding realm of bomb disposal through various series that showcase the intense and dangerous nature of the profession.

These shows delve into the lives of courageous individuals who risk their lives to defuse explosive devices, highlighting the intricate techniques and cutting-edge technology employed to prevent potential disasters.

So, brace yourself for a rollercoaster of emotions as these TV shows explore the risky and terrifying world of bomb disposal, offering a unique glimpse into the bravery required to confront such life-threatening situations.


Trigger Point, ITV/Peacock (2022 – present)

Trigger Point follows the adrenaline-fueled adventures of Lana Washington, a bomb disposal expert with nerves of steel.

She’s the go-to gal when things get explosive, diffusing bombs like it’s just another day at the office.

Lana’s not just dealing with ticking time bombs; she’s got her own set of personal challenges ticking away too. Juggling family drama, work stress, and the constant threat on her own life, she’s the bomb-dismantling pro.

With every episode, you’re in for a wild ride as Lana battles the ticking clock and her own demons, showing how to keep cool when everything around her is about to blow.

Bluestone 42, BBC Three (2013 – 2015)

Bluestone 42 takes you deep into the hilarious and chaotic world of a bomb disposal unit deployed in Afghanistan.

Meet this bunch of misfit soldiers who handle deadly explosives with a mix of skill and humor. The team, led by the eccentric Captain Medhurst, navigates the absurdities of military life while defusing bombs and dealing with the unpredictable nature of war.

The show adds a twist to the intense subject matter by injecting a healthy dose of wit and camaraderie into the high-stakes world of bomb disposal. Get ready for a rollercoaster ride of laughter and tension as the Bluestone 42 crew faces life-threatening situations, both from the enemy and their own quirky dynamics.

Danger UXB, ITV (1979)

In Danger UXB, viewers are thrown back to World War II, where the bombs are dropping left and right, and a specialized unit is on the front lines to defuse the unexploded ones.

Meet Lieutenant Brian Ash, who is risking life and limb to disarm the ticking time bombs scattered across London. As if the Blitz wasn’t enough, Ash and his team face the constant threat of getting blown to bits while attempting to make the city a bit safer.

With each episode, you’re strapped into a nerve-wracking journey, witnessing the gritty reality of bomb disposal during wartime. It’s a tense and gripping ride, showcasing the courage and skill required to dance with danger and dismantle the deadly remnants of conflict.

MacGyver, CBS (2016 – 2021)

In the 2016 version of MacGyver, get ready to join the resourceful and ingenious Angus MacGyver as he leads a covert government organization tackling high-stakes missions.

This modern-day MacGyver is a genius problem-solver with a knack for using everyday items to defuse dangerous situations. Alongside his team, including former CIA agent Jack Dalton, hacker Riley Davis, and his’s best friend Wilt Bozer, MacGyver faces a constant barrage of threats.

From dismantling bombs to outsmarting enemies, each episode is a rollercoaster of inventive solutions and nail-biting suspense. It’s not just about outwitting the bad guys; it’s about doing it with whatever happens to be lying around.

The Bodyguard, BBC One (2018)

The Bodyguard centers around David Budd, a former soldier turned specialist protection officer assigned to safeguard high-profile individuals.

This time, he is in charge of protecting the Home Secretary, Julia Montague.

Battling his own demons, Budd faces the dual challenges of protecting lives and navigating personal turmoil. As threats escalate, the show delves into intense security measures, political intrigue, and the psychological toll of constant vigilance.

While this series does not focus solely on bomb disposal, the latter part of the show features a pretty intense bomb disposal scene with David Budd right at the center!



The Bomb Squad, BBC One (2011)

In The Bomb Squad, cameras roll as real-life heroes on a British bomb disposal team tackle the heart-pounding world of disposal in Afghanistan.

This unscripted series dives into the daily lives of these fearless experts who risk everything to keep their communities safe. Watch as the bomb squad faces a barrage of explosive situations, from suspicious packages to wartime remnants.

The show doesn’t just focus on the nail-biting moments of defusing but also delves into the camaraderie and pressures these professionals face on and off the field. It’s a riveting journey, capturing the raw intensity and genuine challenges of a job where one wrong move could mean disaster.

Inside the Bomb Squad, Channel 4 (2020)

Step into the high-pressure world of bomb disposal with Inside the Bomb Squad, an unscripted TV show that takes you behind the scenes of an elite team of British Army soldiers.

This gripping series offers an intimate look at the daily challenges faced by the bomb squad as they tackle everything from suspicious packages to wartime remnants. Follow the real-life heroes who risk life and limb to keep their communities safe, witnessing the intricate procedures and cutting-edge technology that go into defusing explosive devices.

The series gives viewers a firsthand glimpse into the intense world of bomb disposal and the unwavering dedication of those who choose to walk this dangerous path.

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