Heartland Season 14 is in Production (+ Season 14 Premiere Date)

It’s been a longer wait than usual to start receiving production news on the latest season of Heartland. However, that day is finally here, Heartland season 14 is officially in production. And here’s everything we know so far about the new season!

Production on Heartland season 14 begins

If you follow us or the official Heartland accounts on social media then you probably already know this. But just in case you don’t, I’m here to tell you that the production on Heartland season had officially begun.

Wednesday, September 9th was the first day of filming the new season.

However, the show has been in pre-production for some time now. Which among other things included writing the scripts, scouting locations (which this season includes High River, Calgary, Longview, and Millarville) as well as developing increased health protocols and production practices to keep everybody safe on set. One such practice was to create a new role on set – Senior COVID Advisor. Looks like the Heartland team isn’t taking any chances when it comes to the health of their cast and crew!

When will Heartland season 14 premiere?

First things first, when will season 14 of Heartland air.

And as of yesterday, we have the official Heartland season 14 premiere date!

So, Heartland season 14 will premiere on CBC on Sunday, January 10th! This means that we’re only a little over a month away from the premiere of the new season! Are you as excited as we are for season 14?

How many episodes will there be in Heartland season 14?

Every year, after it’s announced that Heartland will be back for another season, fans want to know how many episodes will be in the new season. And this year, the episode count was announced along with CBC’s official press release on season 14 being in production.

So, the 14th season of Heartland will have 10 one-hour episodes. Same as it was for season 13. Which nowadays seems to be the norm for many TV shows including Heartland.

Where you can currenly watch Heartland season 13:

Who’s behind the new season?

This new season is produced by Dean Bennett and executive produced by Tom Cox, Michael Weinberg, Jordy Randall, and Heather Conkie, who’s also the showrunner and head writer for Heartland. Alexandra Clarke, Ken Craw, and Mark Haroun are writers on the show alongside Conkie.

On the production companies’ side, SEVEN24 Films and Dynamo Films are producing Heartland season 14 alongside CBC and with the financial support of the Government of Alberta, Canada Media Fund, Ontario Film, and Television Tax Credit, and the Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit.

Who will return for Heartland season 14?

Thanks to social media, we know that most of the regular and recurring cast of Heartland will be back for the new season.

Actors such as Amber Marshall (Amy), Michelle Morgan (Lou), Shaun Johnston (Grandpa Jack), Chris Potter (Tim), who will also be directing some episodes this season, Alisha Newton (Georgie), Ziya Matheson (Katie), Ruby and Emmanuella Spencer (Lyndy), Madison Cheeatow (Jade), Kerry James (Caleb), Kevin McGarry (Mitch), Gabriel Hogan (Peter) and Jessica Steen (Lisa) have all been spotted on the Alberta set. So, don’t you worry, you will see all your favorites this upcoming season!

On top of that, Megan Follows (Ty’s mom Lily) and Jordan Burtchett (Quinn) have also posted images on their socials from the Heartland set. So that’s two more (of probably many) familiar faces that you will be seeing in season 14.

And thanks to Michelle Morgan’s Instagram we also know that this season Heartland will have a new cast member. Actor Aidan Moreno is joining the cast and will be working closely with Lou who (SPOILER ALERT!) now (since the season 13 finale) is the Mayor of Hudson.


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Loving my new digs and my new partner in crime @aidancmoreno This is going to be a fun season @official_heartlandoncbc #louflemming #hlinprod #bts

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Will Graham Wardle be back for Heartland season 14?

This was the question on many fans’ minds ever since the first photos of the cast and crew filming season 14 appeared. Many cast members were spotted back on set but one actor was missing from them – Heartland’s leading man Graham Wardle. So, speculation began that Ty will be killed off and won’t be featured in season 14.

Well, I’m here to put those rumors to rest and tell you that Graham Wardle and therefore Ty Borden will be back for the newest season of Heartland.


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@grahamwardle is back!

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As per the latest Heartland blog entry, Graham has, indeed been back filming Heartland episodes in Calgary. And as he explained in his latest podcast episode, due to the pandemic, he actually took a road trip from his home in Vancouver to Calgary where a big portion of Heartland is filmed.

UPDATE [Jan. 11th]: Now that season 14 has officially premiered we know that although Graham Wardle was back on set during the filming of Heartland season 14, it was for flashback scenes, as Graham’s character Ty sadly passed away in the opening moments of Heartland season 14 episode 1 and the rest of season 14 is set one year later. You can hear Graham talk about his final chapter on Heartland in the video below!


Let me know how if you’re as excited to see Heartland season 14 this winter as I am in the comments below! And I’ll catch you in our next post!


  1. Thank you for the update. Love Heartland. Is great to watch a show that is uplifting, not full of violence, sex and swearing. It is wholesome and we love it. Really hope that Ty and Amy go from strength to strength and the writers don’t feel the need to have something bad happen. Nice to see relationships that stay together and grow. Can’t wait for Season 14. We are from Auckland New Zealand.

  2. I absolutely love this show….it is my daily fix..Just today I am binging on Season 1…yep starting over!
    So thankful there will be another season! I really have watched so much I have practically memorized the scripts!

  3. I would love to watch 12 and 13 why isn’t it on Netflix! I know 14 won’t be out until next year. I read somewhere that someone said it is on Netflix in Canada is that true ? So why don’t we get it here in the United States? Netflix needs to put it out if it’s out? Thank you Cindy

  4. Our whole family is hooked on Heartland.
    Ages from 10 to 72, we all love this family saga. ❤️

  5. I am so excited for season 14 to come out!!! I’ve watch all a3 seasons twice and starting over really love the show and am praying it continues with a season 15 and many more!!! Great family movie and great actors 100%

  6. Can’t wait until season 14 airs. Looking forward to the new story lines and seeing the fantastic acting by the entire cast.
    Heartland gives us viewers a sense of peace and happiness which is greatly appreciated during such uncertain times in the world today. Not to mention, the scenery is absolutely breathtaking in Canada. Best wishes to the Heartland cast and crew during production. Please stay safe and well.

  7. Cannot wait for the new season but living in the U S, it maybe later for us. We started watching a couple of months ago when we found it on BYU channel. Fell in love in the beginning. Not sure what season we are watching now or how many we have seen. Thank you for good story lines and great cast.

  8. I love Heartland!! I have watched it over and over again!
    Such an uplifting story with wonderful characters.
    I love all the characters and hope they return for season 14.

  9. I have watched Heartland so many times, I guess you’d say I’m obsessed with it. Can’t wait until Season 14 is out and I get to see my favorite couple Ty and Amy, along with the rest of the crew that make up this amazing show. No other series has affected me and millions of other fans in such a profound way. ❤️ ❤️

    1. Such a beautiful well written show. Absolutely my favorite series. ❤️❤️❤️

    2. Hopefully a lot of Ty and Amy? Seems Graham thinks 10 full episodes is more than he can handle. At least that’s the way it’s been for the last 4 years ?

    3. Me too. I think this is my 8th time watching all seasons. Nothing else to do, but surprisingly I discover something new every time. LOL Heartland

  10. You are partially correct about Graham Wardle. He will be in S14, but nothing has been said that he will not be killed off. I hope he isn’t because Heartland without the Family Borden.

    1. That’s true, Leslie. I’m just hopeful, I guess. On the podcast, he sounded like he enjoys shooting the show a lot, which hopefully means that he will want to continue playing Ty as long as Heartland is on air.

      1. 👍 👍👍I like your comment. Amy and Ty are the heart beat of Heartland ❤️. Stay safe and blessed.

    2. Hear
      The Borden family, Ty, Amy and Lindy, are the heart of Heartland! Without them the show would not be the same.

  11. Yes can’t wait for season 14 looking forward to it love this show so much

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