Heartland Season 14 is in Production (+ Season 14 Premiere Date)

It’s been a longer wait than usual to start receiving production news on the latest season of Heartland. However, that day is finally here, Heartland season 14 is officially in production. And here’s everything we know so far about the new season!

Production on Heartland season 14 begins

If you follow us or the official Heartland accounts on social media then you probably already know this. But just in case you don’t, I’m here to tell you that the production on Heartland season had officially begun.

Wednesday, September 9th was the first day of filming the new season.

However, the show has been in pre-production for some time now. Which among other things included writing the scripts, scouting locations (which this season includes High River, Calgary, Longview, and Millarville) as well as developing increased health protocols and production practices to keep everybody safe on set. One such practice was to create a new role on set – Senior COVID Advisor. Looks like the Heartland team isn’t taking any chances when it comes to the health of their cast and crew!

When will Heartland season 14 premiere?

First things first, when will season 14 of Heartland air.

And as of yesterday, we have the official Heartland season 14 premiere date!

So, Heartland season 14 will premiere on CBC on Sunday, January 10th! This means that we’re only a little over a month away from the premiere of the new season! Are you as excited as we are for season 14?

How many episodes will there be in Heartland season 14?

Every year, after it’s announced that Heartland will be back for another season, fans want to know how many episodes will be in the new season. And this year, the episode count was announced along with CBC’s official press release on season 14 being in production.

So, the 14th season of Heartland will have 10 one-hour episodes. Same as it was for season 13. Which nowadays seems to be the norm for many TV shows including Heartland.

Where you can currenly watch Heartland season 13:

Who’s behind the new season?

This new season is produced by Dean Bennett and executive produced by Tom Cox, Michael Weinberg, Jordy Randall, and Heather Conkie, who’s also the showrunner and head writer for Heartland. Alexandra Clarke, Ken Craw, and Mark Haroun are writers on the show alongside Conkie.

On the production companies’ side, SEVEN24 Films and Dynamo Films are producing Heartland season 14 alongside CBC and with the financial support of the Government of Alberta, Canada Media Fund, Ontario Film, and Television Tax Credit, and the Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit.

Who will return for Heartland season 14?

Thanks to social media, we know that most of the regular and recurring cast of Heartland will be back for the new season.

Actors such as Amber Marshall (Amy), Michelle Morgan (Lou), Shaun Johnston (Grandpa Jack), Chris Potter (Tim), who will also be directing some episodes this season, Alisha Newton (Georgie), Ziya Matheson (Katie), Ruby and Emmanuella Spencer (Lyndy), Madison Cheeatow (Jade), Kerry James (Caleb), Kevin McGarry (Mitch), Gabriel Hogan (Peter) and Jessica Steen (Lisa) have all been spotted on the Alberta set. So, don’t you worry, you will see all your favorites this upcoming season!

On top of that, Megan Follows (Ty’s mom Lily) and Jordan Burtchett (Quinn) have also posted images on their socials from the Heartland set. So that’s two more (of probably many) familiar faces that you will be seeing in season 14.

And thanks to Michelle Morgan’s Instagram we also know that this season Heartland will have a new cast member. Actor Aidan Moreno is joining the cast and will be working closely with Lou who (SPOILER ALERT!) now (since the season 13 finale) is the Mayor of Hudson.


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Loving my new digs and my new partner in crime @aidancmoreno This is going to be a fun season @official_heartlandoncbc #louflemming #hlinprod #bts

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Will Graham Wardle be back for Heartland season 14?

This was the question on many fans’ minds ever since the first photos of the cast and crew filming season 14 appeared. Many cast members were spotted back on set but one actor was missing from them – Heartland’s leading man Graham Wardle. So, speculation began that Ty will be killed off and won’t be featured in season 14.

Well, I’m here to put those rumors to rest and tell you that Graham Wardle and therefore Ty Borden will be back for the newest season of Heartland.


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@grahamwardle is back!

A post shared by Official Heartland Instagram (@official_heartlandoncbc) on

As per the latest Heartland blog entry, Graham has, indeed been back filming Heartland episodes in Calgary. And as he explained in his latest podcast episode, due to the pandemic, he actually took a road trip from his home in Vancouver to Calgary where a big portion of Heartland is filmed.

UPDATE [Jan. 11th]: Now that season 14 has officially premiered we know that although Graham Wardle was back on set during the filming of Heartland season 14, it was for flashback scenes, as Graham’s character Ty sadly passed away in the opening moments of Heartland season 14 episode 1 and the rest of season 14 is set one year later. You can hear Graham talk about his final chapter on Heartland in the video below!


Let me know how if you’re as excited to see Heartland season 14 this winter as I am in the comments below! And I’ll catch you in our next post!


  1. Why, why why is Ty gone from the show? It’s not the same without him. What was the reason for this? Hope this is all a dream for Amy and that he is not gone and he’s not coming back as a ghost.

    1. Since Heartland is grounded in reality I doubt that Ty coming back as a ghost is a viable option. It will probably be that we will see glimpses of Ty at least in some episodes through either flashbacks, memories, or dream sequences.

      As for the reason, according to Graham Wardle himself (from his interview that’s available on Heartland’s official YouTube channel), it was time for the actor to move on (a decision he did not take lightly) so the show found a way to keep telling meaningful stories yet also let Graham follow his heart and move onto the next chapter of his life.

  2. They just scattered Ty’s ashes, not sure where you’re getting your information from.

    1. This article was written WAY before the season 14 premiere and only indicated that the actor was back on set filming the season (which he was) not what will or might happen to his character. Now that the new season has premiered, we finally know what happens.

  3. Well,I’m watching season premiere Jan 10 and Ty is dead Its 1year after he dies of a blood clot and its all about Amy grieving and his memorial…very sad. Maybe he comes back in dreams

    1. I think that dreams and/or flashback sequences will probably be the little glimpses of Ty we will be seeing this season since Graham was on set filming something for season 14.

  4. I love the show and characters! Very much agree the positivity helps to distract from craziness of day to day life right now. So hoping Ty doesn’t get “killed off” somehow in Season 14…Ty and Amy are a love story for the ages! And that’s a huge part of the magic that is the draw, and the heart of the show.

      1. It is really sad, indeed, but I have hope that the show will embrace the change and will keep being the Heartland we all know and love.

    1. Dont watch it then.. its very disappointing they did this. The show will not be the same!!

      1. I’m not sure that that’s true. I think Heartland will keep being the show we know and love even though Graham Wardle isn’t a part of it anymore.

        You have to understand (and you will if you watch Graham’s interview about him leaving the show that we included in this article) that Graham has been on the show for 13 years and that if he feels like it’s time for him to move on then it probably is. And I love that Heartland allowed Graham to do that while also managing to turn it into a beautiful story that honored Ty’s journey on the show.

  5. I love this show it has brought so much joy to my life that I feel they are like family to me but when I seen the trailer to season 14 it made me cry that Ty might be leaving they said he was going to be on season 14 but I think it is just going to be him
    In shots like when Jack sees his wife,grand dad in certain episodes and this really upsets me because I have enjoyed all that him and Amy has went through and how they got together and now it might be gone.With the world the way it is a good show on tv was a nice distraction from everyday life .We need it to happy and not sad there is already enough of that in this world.

  6. Great to know Season 14 is coming up in January 2021. Is Luke going to be back on the show. I think it was fabulous to show, fostering children is a big part of life in our countries. Those episodes in S 13 were really great.

    1. Not sure, Sandy. I haven’t seen Lucian-River Chauhan (who plays Luke) in any of the BTS photos cast and crew have shared but that doesn’t mean that he isn’t part of the season. We will just have to wait and see.

  7. I only recently discovered this series in England and have binge watched all seasons, some episodes two or three times. As I am on my own it has got me through the pandemic. I must say that like others I was extremely anxious about Graham Wardle’s appearance in Season 14. Although he has tweeted that he was on his way to Calgary via the road route and has a small clip with his name on the trailer, I am extremely suspicious that he is not going to be in a major part of the series. This seems to indicate that he could be written out which would mean that there will be a lot of heart broken people. As we all know that Ty and Amy are the “heart” of the programme. Not that the other characters are less loved, but we waited 8 seasons to see them get together as a couple and they are now living their dream. Ty has survived so many dramas (contracting a fever, airplane crash, bicycle crash, fall down a cliff, being kidnapped in Mongolia and being beaten up and then shot by poachers) it would surely be a shame to write him out now. I realise that Graham has other projects in his life now and with Covid it will be difficult for the cast and crew to film this season but if my suspicions are founded the writers need to find a way to keep him “alive” for future seasons if “Heartland” is to continue beyond 2021. Notwithstanding the above, I hope Season 14 proves to be as popular as the other 13 regardless of the pandemic

    1. I have watched Heartland every since it started. I have been thru surgery three times with cancer and
      I didn’t have my parents, and it was very hard, and when I found Heartland, and seeing Graham and
      Amber and the rest of the cast, I started watching every episodes, and then I was getting depressed
      and this show has really helped me, even thru the COVID. I want to thank the cast, crew, directors,
      and everybody that is involved with Heartland for making this GREAT SHOWS you all are number 1,
      but I am afraid if Graham does leave the show will not be the same, cause Graham and Amber makes
      this show. I love this show and I could not make without this show. I hope that there will be more
      Heartland seasons to continue beyond 2021. Keep Graham and Amber together and they are
      now living their dream.. I love Heartland.

  8. Is it just me or is there a difference between the Canadian show and what gets shown by the various outlets? Seems like some of the content gets cut out by some.

  9. Cast is truly amazing…! I feel the absolute best series produced.. ever. Ty is crucial , so thank u for putting to rest the rumors of him not returning.Doubtful if I would watch if he was no longer a part of…He along with Amy are seriously “key” to this most incredible series. We have our favs for sure … Grandpa Jack right up there at the tops. It’s a joy to watch such a gifted cast… and family produced in every detail… my heart has been heavy just waiting anxiously…

    1. Absolutely best show ever! Graham Wardle is so important for this show…he and Amber Marshall have had the best chemistry along with all the other story lines…this show is something to look forward too after such a rough 2021

  10. Thank you for the updates. Heartland is such a wonderful show. This is the ONLY show I have ever watched every season and every episode numerous times. I usually start at the beginning and watch all the way through, except for this last time i started with season 8, the buildup to THE wedding. Proud of all the cast and crew, sponsors and supporters that put this together and have dedicated to keeping it alive. Especially Amber Marchall!

    1. Yes, We are retired and live in California. This has been one of our favorite shows and have got so involved in all of the characters. We are so happy that there will be another season. So please let us know.

  11. This is the best show!!! Love the characters especially Amy and Ty; the horses; storyline and music. Cant wait to see season 14. Ive seen every episode so many times that i know the dialogue. Thanks for the update and especially for setting things straight that Graham will be iin Season 14. Would be devastating if not!

  12. so glad there wi;; be a season 14. Not sure where I can get it in Northern New York but will find . Season 13 on got on Faith and Family Love the show EDY

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