Lucifer Season 4: What Can We Expect?

When Lucifer Season 3 came to a close, fans were left way, way up in the air. Nobody knew what was going to happen next and with so many open storylines, literally, anything could happen. So when Fox announced that they were canceling the series, there was an uproar. How would we ever know how Chloe would handle finally seeing Lucifer’s true form? How would Dan deal with Charlotte’s death – and how would this affect his already brittle relationship with Lucifer? What about Amenadiel, who finally has his wings back?

With so many questions still left unanswered, fans rushed to social media to start a viral campaign to #SaveLucifer. Who would have ever thought that the devil would need saving? Well, streaming bigwig Netflix swooped in to save the day, ordering another 10 episodes for season 4 (the previous three seasons are now available to stream on the platform as well).

So will we finally get answers in the upcoming season? The new trailer seems to hint at at least a couple of things, making it all the more exciting! So, here’s are some of the questions we desperately need answered in Lucifer season 4.

Warning! This article contains Lucifer season 4 spoilers. Continue reading at your own risk.

How does Chloe deal with seeing Lucifer’s real, devil face?

This is probably the most burning question on everybody’s mind. Co-showrunner Joe Henderson explained that a huge part of the season 4 arc will involve Chloe, who now knows the truth, learning to deal with the fact that her partner – and the man she’s finally grown to love – is actually the Devil.

Lauren German, the actress behind Chloe’s character, said in an interview with TVLine that seeing the truth with her own eyes “is terrifying to her” but at the same time, “there’s also some relief.” After all, Chloe spent much of the first 3 seasons trying to figure out exactly who Lucifer was – right from the pilot episode where she asks the vital question: “Who the hell are you?” And now that she finally knows, she’ll have to learn to deal with working with – and loving – the Devil. German also revealed that fans will see Chloe working to discover the answers herself.

What does that mean for Chloe and Lucifer’s romantic relationship in Lucifer season 4?

After all, they just kissed again, for God’s sake! Or maybe we should be saying “for Devil’s sake!” instead? In any case, we’ve been waiting 3 seasons for them to finally admit their feelings, only to have that rug pulled out from under us with the revelation of Lucifer’s true form. Talk about unlucky timing!

Actually, Henderson unveiled that Cain (Lt. Pierce), played by the ever-gorgeous Tom Welling, was really intended to be the catalyst for Chloe and Lucifer to “face the truth about each other” and push them to where they need to be in their relationship. In the season 3 finale fight scene, Lucifer finally used his wings again regardless of how much it hurt him, just so he could save the woman he loves.

That means that season 4 will also expound on the epiphany that both Lucifer and Amenadiel had about being in charge of their own destiny. Lucifer coming to terms with his devil face coming out unexpectedly will force him to reflect on why that happened. Was it because he killed Cain and enjoyed it? Is that who he really is? Does he have no hope of becoming a better man?

So while it looks like their relationship is building a much stronger foundation in season 4, we may not be seeing much, ah, physical intimacy just yet. Sigh.

That’s pretty amazing character development – what about everyone else?

In the aftermath of Charlotte’s death, both Dan and Ella will be dealing with the loss in their own ways. According to Kevin Alejandro, his character will really be “wrestling with his demons” as he deals with the anger he feels after Charlotte’s death. Much in the same way that Lucifer will be struggling with facing who he really is, Dan will be doing the same – is he a good cop or a bad cop? On top of that, the enmity he feels towards Lucifer will only heighten as a result of him blaming the latter for his loss.

Ella will also be dealing with Charlotte’s death in her own way. Actress Aimee Garcia hinted at the use of “drugs and rock ‘n’ roll” as her character’s coping mechanism. It’ll certainly be interesting to see easy-going, religious Ella taking a walk on the wild side.

And Maze will have a character arc of her own. Both Henderson and Lesley-Ann Brandt have hinted at Maze’s development in season 4. With Brandt herself disclosing that Maze’s character will be on a journey to find love. We all thought that maybe there was something brewing with Amenadiel – or maybe even Dr. Linda Martin – but we have yet to find out who this special someone will be.

Now that Cain is out of the picture, who’s the new kid on the block?

After Netflix picked up Lucifer for season 4, co-showrunner Ildy Modrovich revealed that there would be a new character from Lucifer’s past to “mix everything up”. Fans speculated that perhaps it was another one of Lucifer’s brothers, come to stir up even more trouble.

But, if you’ve seen the official Lucifer season 4 trailer, then you know that the new character is Eve. And that she might bring a subplot of romance to the series. Are we going to see an Eve-Lucifer-Chloe love triangle? There’s no confirmation of that. But German expressed her excitement at the sensual energy and “unique vibe” that Inbar Lavi brings to the show with her portrayal of Eve.

Speaking of sensual vibes, one thing we know we can count on, thanks to Netflix’s lighter restrictions on sex and violence, is that we’ll be seeing a more accurate portrayal of just that. Modrovich has spoken out about the strict rules they needed to comply with at Fox. And how now they can have blood that’s more real and horror that’s more horror-y.

So, how excited are you for Lucifer season 4? Sound off in the comments below. And don’t forget, you can catch the whole fourth season of Lucifer on May 8, 2019, when it will become available for streaming on Netflix.

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