Marvel’s Runaways season 2 renewal is official

Marvel’s Runaways is one of the best new shows of 2017. As well as the one that is most critically-acclaimed among all the Marvel shows that premiered last year. So the news that Marvel’s Runaways is getting a second season isn’t really that big of a surprise. But nevertheless, it is always great to hear that a show that you really like and enjoy has been renewed for a season two. So I’m here to announce that the rumors are true, Marvel’s Runaways season 2 renewal is official. The show will be back for at least another season.

The announcement came on Monday, one day before the last episode of the show’s first season premiered on Hulu. Which is amazing, because despite what went down in Marvel’s Runaways season 1 finale, we can expect more episodes, more action and more teenage superheroes in the making. On top of that, the show’s official Twitter account also put up a video confirming that season 2 is indeed happening (video below). The short clip shows all six teens exiting a bus depot and after Nico asks what do they do, Alex answers – we run. Officially crowning the group true runaways and launching them on a journey of uncertainty and excitement.


What can we expect from Marvel’s Runaways season 2?

So, what to expect from the second season of Marvel’s Runaways? Well, you can be sure to see more of everything, since Hulu has ordered 13 instead of 10 episodes for Marvel’s Runaways season 2. Which is three whole episodes more than the first season of the show had. As for when the sophomore season of the show will air. We can only hope that it premieres in late 2018. However, it is not guaranteed, as no dates for the start of production on season 2 have been made public yet.

And when it comes to the plot of Marvel’s Runaways season 2, we will definitely be seeing the six runaways finding new ways how to stay that way and avoid being captured by both their parents and the authorities. Additionally, the second season of Runaways will also most likely be delving deeper into Jonah and the reason why he wants to dig up the creature that has been buried under LA. The parents will probably be hatching a plan on how to kill Jonah. And it would also be cool to see the six teens explore the limits of their individual abilities and skills. For example, it would be amazing to see Karolina and Molly learning more about their powers and where they come from. Nico getting to experiment with the staff. Gert training Old Lace. And Chase and Alex putting their tech skills to good use.

What do you want to see happen in Marvel’s Runaways season 2? Are you excited that the show is getting a second season? And what were your favorite moments of season 1? Leave a comment below and let me know!

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