NBC saves Brooklyn Nine-Nine after Fox cancellation

The beginning of May notoriously is a scary time to be a TV show fan. Because that is the time when all the big networks make their decisions as to which shows they want are keeping and which they don’t mind axing. But this past week was especially bloody when it comes to network television because 20 TV shows got canceled across all five of the big networks – ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC and The CW.

And among those was fan-favorite Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Which Fox axed after five seasons. But have no fear Nine-Nine fans. Because a day later NBC came to the show’s rescue and renewed the series for a sixth season. The same cast, and everything.

Which to be honest was quite the stunning turn of events, since reportedly even Hulu passed on renewing Brooklyn Nine-Nine for another season. Nonetheless, if you are a fan of the show, you can be looking forward to Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 6.

Why did Fox cancel Brooklyn Nine-Nine?

When it comes to why Fox decided not to move forward with Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 6, Dana Walden, the chairman of Fox TV Group, cited “a variety of factors”. Among which were things like the fact that they just wouldn’t have space in their line-up for Nine-Nine thanks to Fox having Thursday Night Football in their schedule this upcoming TV season. And the fact that Sunday nights, which was the network’s preferred timeslot for airing Brooklyn Nine-Nine, was already promised to Bob’s Burgers. Yet, Walden also expressed her joy that Brooklyn Nine-Nine did find a new home. And we are also happy that Fox allowed NBC to pick up Brooklyn Nine-Nine for a sixth season. Because otherwise another good series would be lost thanks to TV networks’ oftentimes cold-hearted business decisions.

Why did NBC decide to renew Brooklyn Nine-Nine?

On the other side of this Brooklyn Nine-Nine renewal thing is, of course, NBC. And NBC Entertainment’s chairman Bob Greenblatt also recently explained a bit about how they came to the decision to revive Brooklyn Nine-Nine after its Fox cancellation. Apparently, NBC has been eying Nine-Nine for quite some time, since the series was born in Universal Television rather than Fox studios. And when the opportunity presented itself, the peacock network quickly took the opportunity to reclaim Brooklyn Nine-Nine and slap their NBC logo on it. A decision that no doubt is going to bring a lot of new viewers and therefore money to NBC.

What do we know about Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 6?

Since the Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 6 renewal was such sensational news, we actually know quite a bit about the upcoming Brooklyn Nine-Nine season. For starters, there will be 13 episodes in the season. Giving the show a season that albeit won’t be long but will, either way, let fans enjoy the show for a while longer.

Secondly, all your favorite cast members and therefore characters will also be back wreaking havoc in NYPD’s 99th Precinct and beyond. I’m talking Andy Samberg as Jake, Melissa Fumero as Amy, Stephanie Beatriz as Rosa, Terry Crews as Terry, Chelsea Peretti as Gina, Joe Lo Truglio as Charles, Andre Braugher as Captain Ray Holt among others.

And thirdly, we also know when Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 6 will air. Unfortunately, it won’t be sooner than midseason. But even so, with the guarantee of the show coming back sometime later this year or early next year, we surely can wait a few extra months for the Nine-Nine crew to return, can’t we?

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