Timeless two-part series finale is happening

Just when you thought that the fans of NBC’s time-traveling drama Timeless (nicknamed the Clockblockers), couldn’t be more awesome they go and prove themselves again. Because after countless social media posts. As well as real-life show saving efforts like the #SaveTimeless helicopter banner that was flown during the San Diego Comic-Con, the fans got NBC to surrender and give Timeless a two-episode series finale. It might not be another season. But the Timeless two-part series finale will make sure that the fans get the closure they need. So really, it’s the next best thing, don’t you think?

Timeless cancellations and the #SaveTimeless movement

Timeless is no stranger to cancellations. In May of 2017, NBC canceled the series after only one season. But after the show’s fans expressed their infuriation with the network, NBC reversed their decision and handed the series a 10-episode second season.

But while Timeless has a huge cult following, it wasn’t enough to save the show. Their season 2 ratings were worse than those of season 1 and NBC once again axed the series. Despite Timeless season 2 ending on a huge cliffhanger. And again, Clockblockers went to work.

Yet even after many trending topics on Twitter, it looked like there is no hope for Timeless season 3. Especially after the show’s executive producer Shawn Ryan told the fans that all efforts to shop the series around and find a new home for it have failed.

However, there was one bright spot in this see of bad news. In the same series of tweets, Murphy also mentioned that Sony Pictures TV and NBC Entertainment are in talks of possibly doing a two-hour wrap-up movie for Timeless.

And despite then it being a farfetched dream, it looks like the studios responsible for producing Timeless did come to some sort of compromise. Because on July 31 we got the confirmation from the show’s other executive producer Erik Kripke, that the Timeless two-part series finale is, indeed, happening. And that Timeless will have an ending that the show and its fans deserve.

What we know about the Timeless two-part series finale

Since the announcement of the two-hour Timeless series finale just broke, not much is know about it. But we can tell you a few things.

First and foremost, the Timeless two-part series finale will deliver an ending to the series that will resolve many of the show’s mysteries. But more importantly, we will see our crew follow future Lucy and Wyatt into the unknown in efforts to save Rufus. Since Rufus’s death and the arrival of future Lyatt with a plan to save the Lifeboat’s pilot was the big cliffhanger that the second season left us on. So, you guys want to get Rufus back, or what? I know we do!

The second thing that was announced about the two-part series finale of Timeless, besides the fact that it will be, you guessed it, two hours long, is that all the show’s stars will be back and reprising their respective roles. I’m talking about the show’s leads Malcolm Barrett, Matt Lanter, and Abigail Spencer. As well as the rest of the supporting cast including Claudia Doumit, Sakina Jaffrey, Paterson Joseph and Goran Višnjić.

And thirdly, we also roughly know when the Timeless series finale will air. Because according to TVLine, the two-parter will begin shooting in October and will air sometime in December. Right on time for the holidays. Isn’t that a nice gift from NBC and Sony to all Clockblockers out there?

So what do you think about NBC un-cancelling Timeless the second time? And what do you want to see happen on the Timeless two-part series finale? Sound off in the comments below or tweet us. We’d love to know!

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