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Although most of the shows we cover on the blog are series airing on television, we recently had the privilege and honor to see all the episodes of a new YouTube web series called Freelance and thought that it was too good not to be shared. Besides, for a while now YouTube has been the streaming platform of choice for many talented creators. So why not highlight an amazing project that’s current, topical and feels so momentous?

Background on Freelance

Freelance is a five-episode webseries written and directed by Allison Flom, and executive produced by Lizzie Frankenthal and Maya Bakhai. It took these three women five months to produce this show, which was shot over seven days this past November. But their effort paid off. Because starting today everyone can enjoy all five episodes of this captivating webseries on YouTube.

At the core of this miniseries are six New Yorkers and each of their unique experience of trying to make a living as a freelancer. The story takes place on one Monday afternoon and highlights all the less-than-glamorous things that come with working from home. Including the loneliness that tends to creep in. And prejudices that people with a traditional work schedule have towards freelancers.

The captivating pull of Freelance

Freelancer. A profession that’s glamorized by the media, idolized by teens and misunderstood by many. But the reality is that nowadays more and more people either chose to or are forced to work as freelancers. And it’s not glamorous or easy. Fortunately for them, this webseries, appropriately titled Freelance, highlights all those struggles and brings into focus just what it really means to work from home.

From the moment we meet Laura, one of six series’ protagonists, until the last shot in episode five of Laura and Josephine talking the show manages to maintain its mundane, almost jaded undertone. Yet it also somehow manages to pull you in and make you root for the vibrant characters you meet in the short nine minutes of the first episode of the series. And that’s no easy task to accomplish. Yet, Freelance manages it with ease.

Many perspectives, one community

It also manages to show in how many shapes and forms freelance workers come these days. Which is another standout feature of Freelance. And I’m not just talking about the race, gender or sexuality of the characters. I mean, it’s amazing that the series does show New York in all of its diversity. After all, it is a melting pot of cultures and nationalities. Yet, Freelance also showcases the range of careers a freelancer can have and the many different experiences each of them creates. From a photographer and an aspiring actor to a financial consultant for nonprofits. This show has it all. 

But at the same time, Freelance also conveys that although your experience as a freelancer might be vastly different from someone else’s in the same position, the fundamental things about what it’s like to work from home still remains. Which means that you’re not the only one feeling those feelings of loneliness, sadness, and anxiety that many freelance workers have. And that those feelings are as valid as any other emotion. Because although your career largely influences your life, it doesn’t define who you are. And neither do those emotions.

Different kind of funny

Lastly, Freelance is just fun. And has a very distinctive sense of humor that will keep you on your toes. Which really is the best type of humor you can have in a show. Because when it comes down to it you don’t want predictable jokes and slapstick comedy. You want unexpected moments that will make you laugh out loud and scenes that make you giggle one moment and feel something completely different the next. And luckily, Freelance delivers on all of this. Letting you get a glimpse into just what it’s like to be a freelancer not only on the surface but also on a deeper, emotional level.

The verdict

If you’re looking for a new webseries to watch then I definitely recommend you to check out Freelance. It’s a story about flawed humans experiencing life’s highs and lows and feeling real, uncensored emotions. It will have you laughing and crying. And rooting for the characters whose lives play out on the screen.

But above all, it will show you the reality of what freelancing is like and how at times sad, scary and frustrating, yet also rewarding it can be. Which will, hopefully, break down any preconceived notions about freelancers you might have. And make you realize that freelancers are not some undecisive millennials unable to hold down a steady job. Rather, they are experienced, well-rounded professionals, who will surprise you with their skill and tenacity if you just let them.

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