Heartland Season 10 Episode 1 Review

This review contains spoilers!

I cannot believe that we are already into double digits for Canada’s favorite family drama, and even if it is the case, and it is, just check the title of this review, this TV show seems to be getting better and better.

I have to admit, that some of the past “Heartland” seasons really weren’t my favorite, however, I continued to watch this show and my devotion to it was rewarded. Last season was probably my favorite one, because basically all the character arks were great, but based on the premiere episode, I have a feeling that by next season I will be saying the same thing about season 10.

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First things first, I have to address the beginning of the episode. It started with not one but two interesting storytelling tools – a dream sequence and a time jump backwards. The dream sequence was beautifully shot and I loved how it incorporated some of the liberty horse training that Amy was doing in previous seasons. And although by the end of the episode it becomes clear why Spartan runs away from Amy at the end of that dream – Amy having fear about not being able to ride during her pregnancy, since riding horses is such a big part of who she is – they could have left in only the first dream sequence and go without the second one, as it seemed a little bit excessive. When it comes to the time jump, it is nothing new in the world of TV shows, especially at the beginning of seasons or kicking of some multi-episode plot lines, but “Heartland” did it so well that it had me confused up until the ending of the episode. More on that later.

One thing that makes “Heartland” the TV show we all know and love is the ever so present bickering between Jack and Tim. And the season 10 premiere episode didn’t disappoint on that part. Not only we got some good old Jack and Tim fights, with them both being stubborn and slightly unreasonable, but we got to see Mitch thrown in the mix, too, which made the ordeal all the more interesting. Of course at the end of the episode both father-figures worked together to give Amy a beautiful baby cradle for her the newest addition to the Bartlett-Fleming (-Morris-Borden?) clan, but I bet you that the peace between those two won’t last for long.

If we touched on the subject of Mitch, the Heartland ranch’s new ranch hand, we cannot forget the obvious attraction between him and Lou. In the last season we saw them flirt, then Lou telling him that she can’t be in a relationship with him, but despite that even in just this first episode we can see that there probably will be something between them come the end of season 10. With those two beautiful people and the chemistry and sexual tension between them, how could there not be? Just seeing Mitch supporting Lou on her new business venture, Maggie’s clone in Brooklyn, New York, made me ship them so damn hard.

Then we also need to talk a bit about the youngest generation of Heartlanders. I love how from the very beginning this show has catered to all generations from young to old. “Heartland” deals with variety of issues peculiar to all generations as well as different matters that many families go though from aging, to divorce to adoption to first crushes, first marriages and remarriages. That is what makes this show not only such a great family drama, but also a role-model for other family shows, because they are able to showcase basically every issue people are struggling with, that way giving everybody something to relate to, but still staying true to the “Heartland” as a TV series feel. And to all teen viewers out there, this season won’t be disappointing as we find Georgie dealing with having a boyfriend and all other things that teenage life entails, on top of becoming more and more integral part of the Heartland ranch and maybe a someday partner for Amy in horse training.

And I will finish up this episode review with the already previously mentioned confusion. Maybe confusion isn’t the best word to use, but, believe me, I am using it only in the best sense of the word. The “Heartland” writers really made me believe up until the ending of the episode, that Amy and Ty, too, were having twins, not just the mare, and that the mare’s pregnancy and all the complications that came with it was an analogy to their future. But as it turns out that wasn’t the case. Tamy is having only one baby, and the great turnout of the mare’s pregnancy with both of the foals surviving made Amy and Ty see that, although their life will change, they will be just fine. All that is left to say is bring it on, season 10!

Highlights of the episode:

• The ploy to make us think that Amy and Ty are having twins
• Katie when Jack and Tim were bringing out the baby cradle
• Amy and Ty as married couple and soon-to-be parents
• The music in the episode

Let-downs of the episode:

• The dream sequence being shown twice
• Lou and Tim meddling into Amy and Ty’s life

Quote of the episode:
Mitch: Oh, is that another text from you know who? How many it has been in the last half hour?
Georgie: It’s called communication. It’s what makes a relationship work.
Mitch: You don’t say.

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  1. Perfectly written I agree totally with all of the above observations . I totally love this show except for Tim being so annoying and Lou bugging in . All ages can relate to this show even if you are not in to horses. Actors are terrific.

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