Heartland Season 10 Episode 7 Review

This review contains spoilers!

Sunday came and went and we got another new Heartland episode. It is sad to see, that we are nearing the halfway point of Heartland season 10, but at the same time I am happy and excited to see what else this incredible season will bring us. So without further ado, let’s just jump right into the review of Heartland Season 10 Episode 7.

The episode as always started with beautiful Alberta vistas and Amy driving her husband’s truck through them. We clearly can see that she is missing Ty very much, especially now that their baby is growing and she has to make decisions about the birth and such without Ty there to help her, however, it looks like Amy is also determined to not let that get her down. She is still working with horses and still enjoying her life, and luckily this episode she also seemed a little more confident in her abilities again. I didn’t like to see her doubting herself, just because she is pregnant, but it looks like the Miracle Girl confidence is slowly returning in Amy and she is feeling more secure not only in her work, but also in being a mother.

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Speaking of Amy, this episode we also saw a recurring trend of Lou bothering Amy about her pregnancy and nagging her about making big decisions. Of course, Lou is partly right, because Amy is getting closer and closer to the birth of her and Ty’s child, however, I think that Amy is the type of woman, who doesn’t stress about every single thing like Lou does, which also means that she takes this pregnancy one day at the time, and when it will be time, she will also do what needs to be done, like sign up for pre-natal class. And I also loved to see how Amy decided not to find out what they are having, which Lou was shocked about, but that is just the way Amy is, and Ty, too, because at the end of the episode we see them video chatting and Ty saying, that he too, doesn’t really want to know what they are having as long as the child is healthy.

Interestingly enough, Heartland Season 10 Episode 7 focused more on the other Fleming sister Lou, not Amy like it usually is, since is the episode Lou was dealing with both her new love interest Mitch and her ex-husband Peter. Quick side note, can I just say how nice it is to see Peter on Heartland again? I think Peter’s character always nicely balances out the other characters and makes the story a little more exciting, too. Now back to Lou. Like I said, this episode she had to deal with the two men in her life. First, she was worried about Mitch and their relationship, since she misunderstood him and though that Mitch is giving a horse to Lou personally, not for her dude-ranch. And then Peter arrived giving Lou a whole other set of problems with Lou having to tell Peter about her new Maggie’s 2 venture as well as about Mitch and that whole ordeal. It really was intense to see Lou agonizing over Mitch all episode and then on top of that arguing with Peter about her new business opportunity. Luckily at least one of the man gave a peace of mind for Lou, when Peter told her that now it is time for him to stand by Lou while she goes off to New York to peruse her passion. And did you see how disappointed Peter looked when Lou told him that there really was something between her and Mitch? I think he still is very much in love with Lou and I have as suspicion, that we will be seeing their relationship change again over the course of season 10. I just don’t know for better or for worse..

The other man in Lou’s life, however, looked like he is either not actually that interested in Lou or just not ready for the relationship, as it seemed like he really, genuinely gave the horse to Lou just for her dude-ranch and didn’t notice how Lou thought that it was for her personally. And the look on Lou’s face at the end of the episode said it all, she really thought there was something between them but she apparently was completely wrong. Now I am interested to see what that will mean to Lou and Mitch’s relationship as well as to Lou and Peter’s bond.

As long as we are on the subject of Lou and Mitch, this episode we also learned a little more about Mitch and his past. And it was great to see, because we finally understood why he looked so much in pain at times, like when he was fishing by himself of when he was holding the gun but couldn’t take the shot. I wonder where they will go next with the character, now that Peter will be in the picture more, too. Will Mitch be written out of the series, or maybe it will be the opposite and Mitch will become a more permanent part of Heartland.

Last thoughts on Heartland Season 10 Episode 7

Finally, I have to talk about Georgie and Adam this episode, too. In the last episode we saw them have their first big fight as a couple and it continued on through this episode, however, after Peter gave Georgie some much needed fatherly advice, she figured out a way how to get Adam to talk to her again, which lead to them making up. But of course, it wouldn’t be a Georgie story line, if she didn’t do something reckless and didn’t rope Adam into it, too. This time it was barrowing a car from the animal reserve and driving all the way to the clinic with just a learners permit and without adult supervision. And even though they had the best intentions at heart, it still was a dangerous and stupid move. Adam’s dad, who stopped Georgie and Adam on their way to the vet clinic before they were able to get too far, made a good point when he was dropping off Georgie at Heartland. He said that this type of behavior is not only inappropriate, but also starting to become a pattern with Georgie, which hopefully won’t be so, because I would like to see Georgie mature a little bit more and to really grow out of her phase of doing reckless and unlawful things, because there are better ways to go about certain situations. Will it happen this season? I don’t know, but in real life there is only so much one can get away with until some more drastic measures have to be taken, and I wouldn’t like to see that on Heartland.

Highlights of the episode:

• Peter being back on Heartland
• Amy really showing her baby belly
• Georgie working it out with Adam
• Mitch telling Jack about his cousin
• Lou working with Venus
• Lou and Peter finally talking and figuring stuff out
• Adam’s dad this episode
• Amy and Ty’s conversation at the end of the episode

Let-downs of the episode:

• Georgie persuading Adam to drive the truck by themselves
• Lou blowing up at Amy

Quote of the episode:
Adam’s dad: Now, I do have to say, that’s the first time I’ve ever taken a pig into custody.

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    1. I liked Lou with Peter, too, but you got to admit Lou and Mitch do have good chemistry.

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