The Best (and Funniest) Episodes of Run BTS

The South Korean k-pop idol group Bangtan Sonyeondan – better known around the world as BTS – has taken over the international music scene by storm.

Every year, they rake in multiple awards from both Asian and Western awards shows, and at this point, the only thing missing from their crown is a win from the Grammys.

It’s not just their vocal prowess, insanely difficult choreographies, jaw-dropping performance productions, or devastating good looks that their fans – collectively known as ARMY – love about them, though. They’re not the four-time Billboard Music Awards Top Social Artist winner for nothing, after all.

They also periodically release their own reality shows: behind-the-scenes at concerts/photoshoots, the Bon Voyage series that documents their holidays, the recent In the Soop series, and my personal favorite: the Run BTS variety show!

Watching their shows reminds ARMY that they’re regular people too, and takes them from “worldwide superstars” to “normal, relatable 20-something-year-olds”. It certainly helps that they are just so chaotic when they’re together – in the best possible way!

Their variety show Run BTS has about 140 episodes as of writing, and there are some truly hilarious ones in there! If I had to describe Run BTS in a nutshell, it would be this: the perfect remedy for when you’re having one of those Not So Great Days.

So we put together a quick list of the best and funniest Run BTS episode sets (as most consecutive episodes are connected to each other) that are guaranteed to have you falling out of your chair – and falling in love with each member of BTS.

Without further ado, except for a minor spoiler ahead warning, let’s get to the best and funniest Run BTS episodes!

Episode 24

Why we love it: BTS thought they were being treated to a trip to a night safari, only to be scared out of their seats with a “zombie” invasion.

After being divided into teams, they had to complete missions to win free tickets to the amusement park.

Several of the members get scared easily (Jin, Suga, J-Hope – I’m looking at you), and having zombies jump out at them out of nowhere is always a barrel of laughs.

BTS chaotic energy moment: J-Hope being dragged off the bus to help lift the barrier in front of the bus, only to lose his shoe while running away and screaming for his life.

Episode 33 – 34

Why we love it: We love secret missions! Each member randomly picked a “manito” – someone to receive their pre-prepared gift and also the target of their secret mission for the day.

At the end, they also had to guess who had picked them!

Not only were the games hilarious, but watching them crack up at everything was enough to have us falling out of our seats as well.

BTS chaotic energy moment: Jin and Suga failing miserably at the “Freeze Frame” game, everyone shamelessly cheating off each other in “Find the Difference”, and V offering to sell Suga’s gift to him to ARMY online.

Episode 39 and 41 (ep. 40 is an unrelated New Year special!)

Why we love it: Jin is an MC extraordinaire, and I’d argue that about 95% of the hilarity came from his skills and energy as the gamemaster.

Even with the slight language barrier in the game using Korean puns and wordplay, international viewers will still bust out laughing thanks to Jin.

We also get a rare view of Suga coming out of his shell and dancing maniacally.

BTS chaotic energy moment: Episode 41 is where Jimin’s absolutely iconic “lajibolala” line came from, and that’s all we have to say about that.

Episode 53 – 56

Why we love it: BTS went on a little road trip to spend some time in another house, and their shenanigans were filmed over four whole episodes of Run BTS!

From the bus ride out and grocery shopping for food to their personal downtime, the games and fun never stopped.

The best part, though, was the very end of episode 56: they gathered around a campfire and read poems they personally wrote for the other members. It really tugs at the heartstrings!

BTS chaotic energy moment: J-Hope, Jungkook, V, and Jimin slapping each others’ butts as hard as they can as punishment for laughing first – and then Jin sneaking into the background to watch them.

Episode 63 – 65

Why we love it: It just doesn’t get any funnier than watching ultra-talented, superstar musicians struggle to read notes and play a classical piece using bells.

Their last game in episode 65 is one of the best even to this day! Each of them is given two unknown “forbidden” words assigned by the other members – every time they say the words, they get sprayed with water and the results are hysterical.

BTS chaotic energy moment: J-Hope getting sprayed with water almost every time he opens his mouth because one of his forbidden words is “hahaha” – and he’s known for laughing at pretty much everything!

Episode 81 – 82

Why we love it: BTS has done a couple of arcade/gaming episodes on Run BTS, but this was their first using a virtual reality set-up.

It’s no surprise that the competitive golden maknae Jungkook dominated in every game, nor was it a surprise that J-Hope was terrified on the VR rollercoaster!

The horror game at the end even had V and Jin having minor meltdowns.

BTS chaotic energy moment: During J-Hope’s turn to walk on a plank over the edge of the building (VR, of course) and Jin pushed him over as a prank, and J-Hope fell to his knees screaming and swearing at the top of his lungs.

Episode 83 – 85

Why we love it: The question is, why wouldn’t we be absolutely in love with these episodes? The BTS boys are at a water park and they’ve got every inflatable imaginable: giant slides, rings pulled by a speedboat, and even an obstacle course!

Each challenge was a competition amongst themselves, of course, with V’s “BT —- ever” on the giant slide becoming one of the most iconic moments of these episodes!

BTS chaotic energy moment: Honestly, the entire obstacle course challenge with everyone slipping, sliding, and falling flat on their backs trying to get to the rubber ball first. Especially when everyone teamed up against Jungkook and he still won!

Episode 89 – 90

Why we love it: Because the BTS telepathy is so real here, plus it’s so soothing to see how well they really know their own songs.

After dividing into two teams, their challenges in these episodes involved guessing their song titles and/or lyrics based on the other members’ drawings, charades, and audio tracks played backwards!

And let me tell you – they’re pretty good at it!

BTS chaotic energy moment: It’s a toss-up between Suga’s goofy dancing to avoid the penalty and V just staring open-mouthed at him, and Jimin falling out of his chair (again) and Jungkook coming over to help him up only to trip over Jimin’s feet and fall over himself.

Episode 102 – 103

Why we love it: J-Hope being both MC and judge, first of all, was absolute sunshine.

On top of that, the challenge was to cook the chosen dishes in two teams of three members, led by the BTS resident chefs Suga and Jin.

The thing is, the leaders can only observe from another room and instruct their two team members through a walkie-talkie – one cooking while the other passing on instructions. Cue *chaos*.

BTS chaotic energy moment: When an impatient Jin turned into a rapper when telling V to slide the chicken onto the pan and to use a spatula instead of his hands, followed by both Jin and Jungkook shouting when V picked up a ladle instead. Protect V at all costs!

Episode 112 – 113

Why we love it: Jin is the “teacher” here, and BTS is back in “school”; the members are paired up as teams and each challenge is disguised as a school subject.

Music was playing a recorder and melodica; Korean was a grammar quiz; Art was finding the difference; Chinese was secretly eating behind Jin’s back; and P.E. was team limbo!

Personally, I loved this because I stan TaeGi (V and Suga’s friendship nickname) and they had so many hilarious moments!

BTS chaotic energy moment: Jungkook blatantly cheating off of RM and then having a tantrum when they got the answer wrong! Also, Suga arguing with V about taking another turn at limbo, only to crack and give in to whatever V wants.

Episode 116

The challenge: The theme of the episode was “teamwork”, so the challenges were intended not to pit them against each other but for them to work together to achieve the goal: to clear 5 of the 16 challenges and get to go home earlier.

Needless to say, they were pretty confident, and rightfully so – they worked so well together that they immediately cleared the first two challenges with hardly a hiccup.

BTS chaotic energy moment: In between each challenge they’d get a 30-minute break to eat or play with the various arcade games provided to pass the time.

At one point, there were just so many things happening at once: Jin and Jimin dancing, RM shooting hoops, J-Hope munching on snacks, V and Jungkook doing karaoke, and Suga quietly doing a jigsaw puzzle in the middle of it all. This is also when Jungkook decided to use a, erm, “trick” to score the highest in arcade basketball!

Episode 119

The challenge: We love a solo challenge; there’s nothing funnier than seeing their competitive sides rise to the surface and cause them to sabotage each other.

This time, they needed to collect post-its hidden around the cafe that indicated a “who”, “what”, and “where”, put them together to form one situation, and then take a photo according to what it says. For example, “stretching with J-Hope in front of a plant” was one of Suga’s tasks – that J-Hope ended up running away from!

BTS chaotic energy moment: Okay, I don’t want to spoil how this episode ends because it is just TOO. GOOD. Just pure *chef’s kiss*.

All you should know is that it caused Jungkook to lose it, and anything that gets a reaction like the photo below is bound to be hilarious!!

Episode 121

The challenge: Ah, BTS big brain things. Ever so often, the crew will devise an amazingly complex challenge that involves gathering clues and solving a “whodunnit” type of mystery. This episode is exactly that!

Each member is given a role within the BTS Village (detective, hairdresser, businessman, etc.) and through investigating each member’s home or workplace, they needed to find clues to figure out who broke the village’s precious ARMY headstone!

BTS chaotic energy moment: When they were right down to the last bit of debating who the two-man culprits were! There’s always a lot of yelling (and low-key good acting) to convince the others that they’re innocent, and this episode did not disappoint.

Jungkook was floored that they kept pinning him as one of the criminals!

Episode 123

The challenge: Earlier in the article, I included the Avatar Chef episodes and now we’ve got the latter half of their Reverse Avatar Chef segment!

Instead of resident chefs Jin and Suga relaying instructions to their team members, it’s the members instructing them both through walkie-talkies. And, ooh boy is it a doozy.

This episode has V and J-Hope teamed up and despite it being one mishap after another, their dishes actually turned out pretty well!

BTS chaotic energy moment: Their team was supposed to make kimchi sujebi, a soup-based dish with hand-torn noodles. In true “I don’t know what to do in the kitchen” fashion, the dough was a complete disaster without enough time to rest. Jin even called it an octopus because it was just a giant, sticky…blob.

This episode also has a very rare glimpse of a frustrated J-Hope, which makes it even funnier.

Episode 126

The challenge: The crew prepared 14 games, some with solo tasks while others had them competing in pairs, and their mission was to complete all 14 before being allowed to go home.

The punishment for the member who came in last? Complete a successful domino trail saying “BTS”; if the dominos stop, he’ll have to start over. Lots of whining, and a whole lot of yelling.

BTS chaotic energy moment: Every single time Suga failed or lost at one of the games and whined (which happened pretty much every time), but absolutely rocked that last one (in the next episode) and still managed to go home first.

Episode 127

The challenge: We just had to include the continuation of the previous challenge because it was too difficult to choose between the two episodes!

Now the members are well into the second batch of challenges, some of which include blowing a bubble through a hoop, flipping half-filled bottles of water, and the last one everyone (except Suga) got stuck on: flicking the bottle caps out from under the upturned bottles.

BTS chaotic energy moment: J-Hope having an existential crisis, saying “I am a singer but why am I doing these things?” had me wheezing!

Then him cracking up and just losing it in the hoop challenge was a riot.

Episode 128

The challenge: As sad as I am that Suga is absent from this episode while still recovering from his shoulder surgery, this episode still had me laughing uncontrollably.

There were three games: the first was to guess the liar, the second to guess the song played by harmonica, and a stop-go relay race of sorts.

This episode celebrated the Korean New Year so everything – even the punishments – was good, lighthearted fun.

BTS chaotic energy moment: Can I just say the entire 41 minutes of it? Randomly calling Suga to choose between RM and Jimin as the liar, J-Hope shamelessly stealing V’s (correct) answer in the harmonica game, Jungkook’s giggles as J-Hope caught up to him in the stop-go game, and of course: V smoothly planting a swift kiss on Jin’s cheek as he got too close.

You could even hear the crew members laughing so loudly throughout the entire episode!

Episode 132

The challenge: After dividing into two teams of three, they had to debate over a random topic; there were 7 rounds of 11 minutes, with each member taking turns to be the debate moderator.

The twist? They would be endlessly barraged with either a fountain of water over their heads or water jets straight to the face every time they said the “forbidden word” or “forbidden action”.

Needless to say, it was a neverending water assault over both this episode and the first half before it!

BTS chaotic energy moment: Sometimes, they would intentionally trigger the water jets just for kicks, other times it was because they couldn’t figure out the forbidden actions.

Also, their debate rebuttals just kept getting more and more ridiculous. Between RM arguing that rice grains have “grain rights” and Suga diving into the wordplay origins of kelp, by the 4th round absolutely nothing was making sense anymore.

Episode 134

The challenge: This is the second installment in a three-part series, and it’s the episode that featured the two dance challenges.

First, they had to guess which of their songs was being performed by a non-dancer in the video; second, they had to continue guessing but the choreography instructions were simply written down – they had to make sense of it first!

BTS chaotic energy moment: As dance leader, you’d think that J-Hope would have these challenges in the bag. The fact that he kept getting his answers wrong, on top of Jin’s teasing, made his mistakes all the more hilarious.

Watching them completely misunderstand the written instructions for their dances was definitely the highlight, though! Not sure what V was trying to do in this photo, honestly.

Episode 137

The challenge: Suga is still missing from this episode (I’m sad) but this means the three teams are evenly divided with two members each: Jimin and Jungkook, RM and V, and Jin and J-Hope.

Their goal is to accumulate points through a series of games; these points will allow them to claim food prizes and use these as bets to double their points. Bet a snack and get the answer wrong, however, and you lose the betting snack. The winning team gets a set of prime Hanwoo beef!

BTS chaotic energy moment: Definitely when Jungkook, V, and Jin jump up at the same time to answer the question, with Jungkook just SCREAMING their team name at the top of his lungs.

The show’s editors superimposed a pterodactyl on top of his face and, I mean, that’s an accurate comparison.

Special mention to when Jimin and Jungkook get another correct answer after he uses a “chance” lifeline to ask his mother for the right answer (and again, he just yells into the phone to thank her).

I’m not going to lie – narrowing this down was tough because each episode has its moments of pure comedy. I mean, the members of BTS are hilarious enough on a regular day but when you put them in a playful, often competitive, environment, the chaos explodes. Apparently, they’re not just born singers – they’re natural comedians, too.

Which is why you should definitely jump onto VLive right now and stream every single episode of Run BTS from start to finish. And Hopefully, as Run BTS continues to air more episodes, we can keep updating this list!

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