Heartland Season 10 Episode 14 Review

We are slowly getting into the home stretch for Heartland season 10 because only four episodes remain. But before we get into wishing that Heartland season 10 went beyond 18 episodes, let’s just recap what happened on Heartland season 10 episode 14.

Warning, spoilers ahead!

The center of attention

This Heartland episode again concentrated on Mallory, the same as it was in episode 13. Only this time Mallory wasn’t alone in the spotlight. Jake was by her side and we finally found out the real reason why she returned to Heartland.

So it turns out that Mallory feeling lost was only part of the reason for her return. The other part being that Jake proposed and she, not knowing what to do, ran back home. But when Jake turned up in Heartland, they talked and decided to get married the next day. Or how Mallory called it, sign some papers at the town hall. But of course, everything wasn’t that easy, as Mallory got cold feet at their engagement dinner and told Jake that she couldn’t marry him.

It spun off to them both making rash decisions about their future. Mallory decided to go back to London as soon as possible. But when she did realize that she still loved Jake after seeing Amy and Ty’s video chat, Mallory ran to find Jake, only to get a reaction out of Jake that she wasn’t expecting. Although he appreciated Mallory finally being honest with him, he still deiced to go to Mexico, leaving devastated Mallory behind. However, since this is Heartland, all didn’t end there.

As Jack was driving Mallory to the airport, Jake came back to tell Mallory that he can’t imagine his life without her, and they both were finally on board with the whole marriage thing. So they got married in a small yet beautiful ceremony at the Heartland barn and drove off to Mexico in Jake’s cousin’s RV. It really was a great ending to this small two episode arc for Mallory and to Heartland season 10 episode 14 as well.

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Lou and Mitch

However, Mallory and Jake wasn’t the only couple who took the next step in their relationship in Heartland season 10 episode 14. Granted it wasn’t marriage, but Lou and Mitch did finally decide to tell everybody about them being together.

But it didn’t go as smoothly as they planned it, as the dinner where they wanted to announce their relationship ended up being Mallory and Jake’s engagement dinner as well, and later morphed into the younger couple’s breakup moment. And that, of course, caused problems in Mitch and Lou’s relationship, because to Mitch it started to seem like Lou will forever postpone their coming out as a couple, just because it wasn’t the right moment.

Luckily, Lou realized that as well and finally told everyone about her and Mitch. So it looks like in the future we will be seeing many Lou and Mitch scenes, maybe even ones of them having another date or Mitch spending time with Katie and Georgie as Lou’s new boyfriend? That would be interesting to see!

From cutting horse to trick riding horse

While Mallory and Jake and Lou and Mitch were dealing with their relationship drama, Amy and Georgie were trying to figure out what’s wrong with a horse that Scott brought to Heartland. At first, they were trying to see if they can get the horse, Tab, to improve on his cutting skills, so his owner wouldn’t need to sell Tab. But when they realized that it won’t work, they switched gears and started to train Tab for trick riding, because that was the only way how they could ensure that the horse ended up in a good home.

It was great seeing Amy back in her element, working with horses and being Georgie’s mentor, and it was also cool to see Georgie do more trick riding. I hope to see more of the two working together in the future because they make a great team.

Last thoughts on Heartland season 10 episode 14

On this Heartland episode, we also saw the aftermath of Georgie and Adam’s break up. And I think it was pretty dead on as to what the first breakup feels like. Not that other breakups are easy, but the first one is always the hardest, because you are fish out of the water, not knowing what to do or how to feel. And I am glad that Heartland decided to portray it from both Georgie and Adam’s point of views.

It showcased all the feelings of the first breakup from sadness to anger to desperation, and it also showed that it is okay to feel these feelings. Which I think is a great reminder for anyone who is going through a breakup or a difficult time and thinking that they need to suppress these feelings and pretend that everything is okay.

Episode highlights:

• Scott being back in Heartland
• Mallory telling Jack and Lou about she getting married in between asking Lou to buy yogurt
• the awkward dinner/engagement celebration
• Mallory outing Lou and Mitch’s relationship to Jack
• Jack scaring Mitch about Tim’s reaction to Mitch dating Lou
• Mallory telling Ty that he looks homeless
• Scott agreeing to lie to Tab’s owner to give Amy and Georgie more time to work with the horse
• Mallory and Jake’s wedding at the end of the episode

Episode let-downs:

• Mallory not being to make up her mind about her and Jake
• Mitch thinking that Lou is avoiding telling her daughters about them

Quote of the episode:
Mallory: “Hello fellow world traveler!”
Ty: “Mallory! I heard you were in town. Look at you, how long has it been?”
Mallory: “It’s been too long. You know, no offense, Ty, but your fashion sense is kind of gone downhill. You look a little homeless.”
Ty: “Well it’s good to see you too!”

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  1. I only have season 10 where can I find the rest of the seasons when will Amazon prime have them .

    1. Amazon Prime Video should have Heartland seasons 1 through 11. With season 12 coming to Amazon most likely this fall.

  2. I’m binge watching the show. And this episode made me really sad. I love Mallory and Jake’s characters so much and seeing them go again really made me so sad. Hope their characters would emerge again soon..😔

  3. Absolutely love those awesome episode . ‘m done 10
    Hope to have more coming soon
    The whole family enjoy those moments
    Great job with Heartland. Absolutely awesome
    Will we have more episode to come
    10 plus stars

  4. please make Mallory and Badger happen again, I thought those two were cute together and Mallory’s first kiss with Badger, Adorable

  5. I love this tv series but one question, why didn’t Scott and Lou get together? Their break up was weird.

    1. Mallory was back in season 10 for two episodes. And as long as a character hasn’t died in the show, there always is a possibility for them to return. So you never know! Maybe Austin and Badger will come back sometime.

    1. Happy to.
      Amy and Lou are sisters. Their dad is Tim, and Jack is their maternal grandfather. Ty, Scott, Mallory or any other characters aren’t related to the Bartlett-Fleming family. If you want to know more specifics about other characters, let me know!

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